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Friday, October 26, 2012

Glamworks Permanent Hair Dye Color in Medium Brown

I tried coloring my hair once again after several failed attempts.

I know that it's really hard for me to change the hair color unless i have it bleached but you can't blame a woman for trying especially if there are already several white hairs peeking every now & then.

I'll not go into the woes of aging.
You'll just know what im saying about once you start seeing the natural signs of aging coming at you slowly but surely.

On we go to the product review...
I saw this when i was walking along the aisle of Watsons & was surprised with how cheap it was. It's only Php49, which is more or less $1. I even told my self that with this price, it sure will just ruin my hair. It may end up making my hair all brittle & dry & will smell as bad as... the durian fruit. hehehe

Y'all know how i hate the smell of hair colorants.

Well,i'll tell you first hand that this product is not as bad as what i thought it was. Just read on to know what i think about it...

It comes in 3 shades... black, dark brown & medium brown.

Feel free to read the description & ingredients.
Just click it to enlarge the image

This is what's included in the kit.
The solution & 2 plastic gloves.

The pack contains the shampoo & the fixative, separated inside so when you pour it in your palm.
When you squeeze it on your palm you'll end up with 2 products & you'll have to mix them together before you start massaging it on your hair.


Since this is a shampoo, there will be bubbles on it.
I think the process is just like how bubble hair dyes pretty much work except that this one needs more work because this is not foamy to start with so you'll have to massage it more than bubble hair dyes.

They provided a picture at the back..though it's not really helpful to start with because how the heck can that color be dark?

Sorry,i don't have before pictures, but anyway it's not hard to imagine how my hair looks like prior to application because i told you that i have a jet black hair (which is a pain to color without having it bleached).

Here's the after picture...

Hmm... well, there's a tinge of brown somehow, methinks.. or am i just fooling my eyes?
Ok, another picture taken outside...

uh... yeah, i think there's a teeny tinge of brown.. somehow.

The effect is not that obvious on me because i said that my natural hair color is really very dark but i believe that there is a slight color change. For a product that is only Php49 each, this is more effective than Etude's Bubble hair dye imo.

Since this is just a shampoo, you would have to deeply condition your hair afterwards so you have to buy a good hair mask together with it. One more thing, it says that it's ammonia-free but i still smell the scent of ammonia. If you weren't bothered with the scent of ammonia when you use bubble hair dyes then you won't have any problem with it.


  • really affordable - Php49 only
  • locally available
  • easy to use
  • limited shades (3 shades only)
  • there's a lingering scent of ammonia (of course!)
  • could leave your hair dry (so you have to condition after)

I want to really say that it works because i think it does it's just that since it's hard to show you the effect, i'll leave it up to you. I would suggest that you try this if you are on a budget though. What's there to lose?

By the way, i used 2 packs on my hair because i have a really long hair. I applied this on dry hair though. I've been reading the whole pack to see if there is a mention about the application but i can't find any mention so i just decided to apply it on dry hair. Maybe it will work better on wet hair?

Make sure that you check the ingredients list to see if there is any/one of the ingredients that you are allergic to.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave it on the comment box & i'll get back to you asap.

Hope you all will have a great weekend!
Jaa ne~


Missplpify Missplpify said...

The color looks so beautiful on you Thiamere! Its like, you're a natural brunette!



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Onika Chan~ said...

wee great review!! I was planning to buy this!!
such a great help! ^_^

EV said...

Love the way it turned out~ & you have a nice blog~



carmiscaprice said...

At a super steal price of just P49?! Oh wow! Thanks for sharing :)

Followed you through GFC
I hope you could follow mine too

April Hollie said...

glad to know that stuff works. I have jet black hair as well and never once tried to dye my hair. especially since that is super cheap ^_^

Rhia Song said...

Hi Thia!

I have been reading your blog for a month now, simply because that I find it very informative and entertaining. Alam mo, ang pinakafavorite kong post mo ay yung kung pano mo nilabanan ang acne. It's not that long, for me. Napakainformative talaga at bilang isang babae na nagkakaroon ng occasional pimples lalo na kapag puyat, sinunod ko lahat ng steps mo at masasabi ko talaga ng effective! :D

I'm so glad that I've stumbled upon your blog. Madami akong mga beauty blogs na nabasa, but yung mga sinusuggest nila, hindi naman suitable sa skin type natin mga Pinay. Mainly because these bloggers were either Korean, Japanese or American.

Ikaw ang isa sa mga favorite beauty bloggers ko, swear. :)

Anyway, ngayon lang ako nagkalakas loob na magcomment kahit matagal ko na gusto mag-comment kasi ngayon lang ako nagkaroon ng blog. :)

Anyway, if you have the time, you can visit my blog anytime. Though hindi pa nga lang ganoon kaganda ang template kasi hindi ko pa siya naayos ng bonggang-bongga.

Here's my url:

I mostly write about book reviews. :)

So much love, idol. :D


Thiamere Brea said...

im sure you'll like it because it's so easy to use

Thiamere Brea said...


Thiamere Brea said...

that's so cheap & very easy to use it pa. just pour it on your hair & massage it. that's it

Thiamere Brea said...

this is a good product to start with.
super kulit kasi ng hair ko so nasasayang lang pera ko buying expensive dyes that just doesn't work on me.
i learned from experience to just stick with cheap products muna until masanay na hair ko from coloring.

Thiamere Brea said...

thanks for the really sweet comment,hun.
im glad that you found it helpful.
at least alam kong may saysay ang pag ramble ramble ko kahit pano.

welcome to the blogging world,hun!

Thiamere Brea said...


Anonymous said...

What happens if somehow it was not mixed well or it did not bubble as much? It did not color my grey hair though I left it on for an hour.

MakeMoneyOnline said...

it's kind of warm when mixing in a container, is this normal? or I really have to mix them just by using my gloved hand? Help! I'm afraid it might ruin my hair or scalp. Thanks

Thiamere Brea said...

that's normal,i think.
i have tried a couple of hair dyes & when you mix them oxidation occurs hence the warmth that you feel because of the chemical reaction.

Emma said...

Hi. It says there that you have to APPLY ON SLIGHTLY WET HAIR and that you have to MASSAGE IT ON HAIR FROM ROOTS TO TIPS, LEAVE IT FOR 20 TO 25MINS (30MINS IF HAIR IS OILY)If you read and followed the damn instruction well the ending result would have been better.

I used the same product just yesterday and I'm happy with how my hair looks when I used the medium brown. My hair used to be really black and now it looks brown. I love how the brown-ness of my hair looks natural. But yeah, it kinda dries the hair so I used conditioner.

stephanie joy said...

Im now using. Glam hair dye light brown. And I mixed it some conditioner, because my classmate used this same hair dye color also. But for him, the color is good enough to his hair, it looks brilliant. And end process of his hair dyeing. Using the galm works. The color of dye is very visible to him. Because he has a light hair. But my point is I dont think so if it work to my hair, because I have a. Very dark hair.


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