Thursday, October 04, 2012

MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powder in Truth & Light

I just want to get this out of the way so i'll make a short review...

I'm trying to make up for my lost blogging time by posting up some of the products that i had been using but just haven't made a review on. It just dawned on me that my pictures are accumulating all because i haven't been blogging as much as i want to.

Ok, first things first, this product that i bought late last year as a part of my Christmas gift for myself... haha!

I have been a fan of any face products that has a cooling sensation. I said before the time when this was first released on the Venomous Villains Collection that i will be getting it by every time i drop by MAC, it's not available. I was so happy when they decided to permanently have this one. Yay!

MAC claims that it is formulated with 70% water...

They have 3 shades available which are Truth & Light, Honey Rose & Cajun.

Cajun is too dark for me, while Honey Rose is more of a shimmery finish rather than a blush.

Truth & Light, while it is a sheer shimmer, you could easily use it as an all-over powder as long as you don't put too much. It is really finely milled so it can easily blend on the skin without it being too shimmery unlike other highlighters. It sinks on your skin that would result in a dewy finish rather than shimmery so that's really good!

I'm sorry, hunnies, but i lost my pics of it so i'll just be linking this post over to Temptalia so that you can take a look at the swatches. Pls click HERE to be directed to it.

I used mine as a finishing powder.
Yes, i can dust it all over my face .. yay for that!

I would hesitate using this if i still have a bad skin condition but since my skin is way way better than before, so i can get away with sheer shimmery product as a setting powder. I will not recommend it if you have large pores, acne marks/scars & also fine lines. Since this will just enhance things that you wanted to hide.

It works great as a subtle highlighter if you dust it twice on the area that you want to highlight.
I prefer using my Drizzlegold in highlighting though because it has a better shimmer effect compare to this. I think Honey Rose is better suited for highlighting than this.

As for the cooling sensation, it's not that strong. I was expecting that it would provide something like a chilling sensation! hahaha!
This is more of like a breezy sensation if there is one. lol!
It still feels nice though.

Now, one thing about this is that it has a funky smell.
I guess it got something to do with it being made up of 70% water. It doesn't smell bad but it has that different smell & it gets stronger as time passes by. It's not really bad but it just smells different. i can't explain the scent though... hmmm...

That's it! haha!
Told you this would be a short review.

  • has a cooling sensation
  • dual-purpose; can work as a highlighter or setting powder
  • its MAC so packaging is sleek & sturdy
  • a bit expensive - $30 a pop
  • has a funky smell
Will i recommend?
Sure, especially if you are a fan of products that has cooling sensation but otherwise, you can just buy a cheaper highlighter. hehehe

This was my last MAC purchase. 
I'm not that much into cosmetics these days because my nail art addiction is currently the one that's active..haha!

Are you a fan of products that has cooling sensation?

Hope you all are enjoying your day!
Jaa ne~!


JoanneCuaycong said...

Funky taste huh? That doesn't sound good. Great review though! :)

Chriselle Sy said...

Taste? Natikman mo to sis? ano lasa? haha :S And interesting naman nito. Ano kaya feeling..

Thiamere Brea said...

how stupid of me..hindi ko napansin na taste pala natype ko
thanks for the heads-up!

Thiamere Brea said...

that's so embarrassing! It's smell..haha!
i wonder why i ended up typing taste when i was doing the pros & cons.

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