Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Weekend Nail:Colors of Fall~

Thanks for the birthday greetings!
I was bowled over with the greetings that i received not only on my facebook but also on my email. Thank you, ladies. I feel so loved~

I decided to do a nail art to celebrate my birthday.
So this is my birthday/fall nail art. hihihi

After a long time of not being able to do a nail art tutorial, i'll be posting one..finally!

This design from from a japanese nail art magazine that i saw.. i just can't quite remember if it's Nail Up or Nail Max though.

This is a freehand design & it's not that complicated as it looks though. Here is a step by step guide of how to do both of the designs.

Let's start with the black one first~

1. On a black base, make a line by using dots. Start in the middle so that you\ll be able to get the line straight.
2. Then draw an aztec flower using diamond shapes next to each other. Click the image to make it larger for a closer look.
3. Fill it with your desired color.
4. Then draw a dotted line at the bottom of the flower.
5. To fill in the space at the sides, you can add diamond dots like in the picture.
6. Finally, using a yellow or gold polish, add dots like in the picture, also the center of the flower.

Then on to the other design...

1. Like in the 1st design, you start it with a dotted line.
2. Draw a thin W under the line, this will serve as your guide so make sure that it looks even. Start at the middle.
3. Add the triangles on each V, making sure that it won't touch the W that you made. Be precise.
4. Draw a thick W under your first W.
5. Refer to the 2nd pic of this post for the flower. Do the same steps that you did, but this time in reverse. Start with a thick W.
6. Then the thin W.
7. Don;t forget the triangles~
8. Put wide V's at the sides so that it won't look bare.
9. Finally, put a dot at the center of the flower!

See... not that difficult!
It just takes time & practice but it's definitely something that you can do!

By the way, i already have an instagram!
Yay to that!
Add me if you want to @thiamere

Hope you all like it!
Have a happy day~
Jaa ne~!


Chriselle Sy said...

Galing naman nito sis. Gusto ko din mag nail art kaso di na talaga pwede. Makutkot kasi ako sa hands ko. Hay!

Nikki said...

Super pretty Thia! Super type ko to! :)

Breena Estillore said...

Super cute sis! :D I love it! :)

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