Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekend Nail: Customize Framed Nail Art

In my case, i choose a butterfly design so i call my design as Framed Butterfly. An easy-to-do nail art!

This design is yours to personalized. You can basically do any kind of designs that you want! You can use decals or stamps or freehand design. The choice is endless!

Mostly i do my nails on my own now, unlike before where i have to take pics every step of the way. If you notice, whenever i post my picture tutorial i just compile them in 1 picture to make it easier & also to save space. So, you may see a different design/color on the tutorial picture compare to the finished work. It also shows how you can customized any designs that i have made on your own personal preference.

The key to make this nail art stand out more is to choose contrasting colors. Though in this case, i wasn't able to since i just decided to make do with what i have on my nails when i did it. I used my Midnight Fantasy as a base.

Gosh,i love holo polishes! haha!
Don't we all?

Click the picture for a bigger image.

1. Start with your choice of base. This time i choose a pink holo base (my own franken too). You can choose glittery bases too! I'm sure it's gonna look fab!
2. Make a wide rectangle (for long nails or square for short nails) with your choice of frame color. Choose one that is in contrast with your base color, or any color you prefer.
3. Once your rectangle (or square) is ok, then apply the color outside the shape to make a frame like in number 3.
4. Apply your design. I choose a Hello Kitty decal just because my base is pink. You can use decals, stamps, fimo or freehand design on the rectangle. Just make sure that you don't crowd your design near the frame.
5. In my case, i painted swirls on the edge of my shape. If you are not confident enough in doing swirls by hand, you can just put dots (on the edges of the frame or on the frame itself), big or small lines (vertical or horizontals), hearts, etc. Again, it's your choice. This is entirely up to you.
6. Then of course, make sure you apply top coat!

Your very own customized nail art!

You don't need to be a professional to do this, with a nail art pen & decals, you can have professional looking nails in no time!

This is a cute nail art this Mother's Day,no?
Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there!

Have a happy celebration!
Jaa ne~!


Reika Amakura said...

OMG!! I never thought of that! I love the white swirls against the black background. I think if you made it something like a lace pattern, but I dont know how :( , will make the nails look gothic lolita! cool!

Isabel said...

wow.. what.. how.. pfft.. *speechless*

Thiamere Brea said...

guzen da yo.
it was just pure coincidence since i just really wanted to have a more rounded frame compare to rectangle when i was halfway but since i don't want to repeat everything so i thought that i could get away with manipulating the shape of the frame with swirls.

it worked!

Thiamere Brea said...


i could just picture the facial expression with that comment!

Dawn said...

Woah. Never thought of doing this design. Might try this one time! :D

rmcandlelight said...

Amazing! So beautiful...I love swirls and I want to be able to do them well. I have to practice :)

Rachel Bronstein said...

Hi! I'm Rachel from Argentina. I've recently discovered your blog. Wow! What awesomes technicques!!! Well, I love holos too but in my country doesn't sell any holographic nail polish :( Can you tell me where can I buy some Spectraflair?
I started to following you!
See you :D

Hazel said...

i love it!! and wow your nails are REALLY long! haven't tried the holo polishes.. but gosh, it's so pretty! :)


Thiamere Brea said...

practice makes perfect,ne?
i'm not yet that good in swirls so i would have to practice more too!

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