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Friday, May 11, 2012

My Zalora Wishlist~

Y'all know that i am not into fashion.
I'm into cosmetics & nails but not really into clothes & accessories. But that doesn't mean that i do not appreciate beautiful things. One of the main reason i guess why i'm not that into fashion is that being a plus-size lady, my choice is limited.

Oh, i know that now we have a lot of shops/brands that cater to plus-size woman. But for some reason i find that the products that they offer are just not into my taste. I'm more into casual style yet the ones that i mostly see  if not too elegant, they would have too casual it looks drab already.

When i saw Zalora's ad, i was mighty curious with it. I checked out their website & goodness gracious! They have big sizes especially on their shoe selection!
Finally! A website that doesn't discriminate on big people! (LOL!just joking)

Zalora got you covered from head to toe! I know that Zalora offers a lot of products from clothing to home & living but the things that really caught my attention are their shoes & accessories.

I'll tell you my wishlist after spending countless of hours browsing their site.

Let's start from the head going to the feet selection.
Starting from the eyes...

I always make sure that i protect my eyes no matter what i do.
I use computer 80% of the time that's why i just had to use computer glasses. I also got my eye lubricant so when i feel that my eyes are dry & itchy i can put on the lost moisture. when going out, i make sure that i never forget my shades. I always make sure that one of the thing i check is if it has UV protection.

This shade not only looks stylish but it offers 100% UV Protection!
Rectangular frames suit my round face better than rounded ones. It gives my face an edgier look.

Then for my ears.
Yes, it's a must for me!

"Music makes the people come together".... as what Madonna says. (you'll know what generation i came from if you can guess what song this is instantly!haha). Plus, music makes me feel good. So music is an essential part of me. You will see me walking on the mall, or anywhere i go, with a headset/earphone on my ears 80% of the time. So this is a must for me.

Look at that cute yet sturdy design. It just looks so comfortable!
I can already picture myself with this headphone on my ears for a long time. haha!

Then a bag to make sure that i have all my stuff in.

This is when it got a bit tough. I choose my bag not for the style or color, but i actually choose my bag based on its materials. I rarely buy bags. II can't even remember the lats time i bought one just because looking for the perfect bag is very hard. 

The first thing that i look for is a wide strap. 
I'm not talking about those 1-inch wide (is that even wide?lol!) i'm talking about something that's at least 2-inches wide! Why? I put a lot of things on my bag & lugging them for a long time takes a toll on my shoulder. I have to have a sling bag that has a wide strap to make sure that doesn't put a strain on it. If you're like me, make sure that one of the factor in your bag buying is this. I don't see a point in buying a pretty bag that you won't even use just because you're not comfortable in using it,ne?

Next, is it roomy enough for my stuff?
Again, i carry a lot of things so i have to make sure that it is big. Then, finally, the materials it's made of.

Those are the things that i consider.
Bag-buying is not something that you can just do half-heartedly. You have to not only consider the style or price, but other things as well.

Finally, the shoes!

I have big feet. Looking for a pair of shoes that would cradle my feet & give it that snug fit is like looking for a needle on a haystack! That's how difficult it is. I may not be much into clothes but i want to make sure my feet is well-taken care of. I walk on hours all over the mall looking for a good pair.

That's why when i go to certain shops first thing that i would ask the sales associates is "Do have a size 11?" (yeah, i know!it's big!what can i do? im a big lady!haha) & if they said "wala po" then i won't bother looking at their goods because i'll just end up turning pea-green with envy. 

So, here comes, Zalora, with a great selection for us, ladies!
Here are my choices:
For comfort, this would be the one!


Doesn't this shoe just spells C-O-M-F-O-R-T?
Who says that you have to sacrifice comfort over style? This one looks chic enough for work & a casual stroll in the mall.
I'm all for comfort so this one is calling my name!

Then, the last thing on my list...
& this one is really just a wish! haha

Doesn't this wedge sandal looks simply dee-vine?!
I can't don stilletos but i can get away with wedges. This one looks so chic & elegant. I think it looks great in whatever kind of get-up that you will be putting on!

I'm not stylish but i appreciate beautiful things & these things amongst all the other things that i have seen on their website are beautiful!

What do you think about my choices?
Do you have an experience like mine? haha!
Do you have specific factors you consider when you buy things?
Care to share?

Have a great day,ladies!
Jaa ne~

this is my contest entry for the Nuffnang contest. 

1 comment:

saccharine0158 said...

i'm also very tall and i have size eleven shoes. -_-
goodluck sis! i hope you win! :D go, go, go!!


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