Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Meet my Sassy (lots of cat picture!) + another nail art

I was supposed to take a picture of my nail art against the white fur of our cat but she moved facing the camera so i got her face instead. haha!

So meet our green & blue-eyed cat Sassy~

More pictures at the end of this post. I just want to make sure that i would at least be able to mention my nail art before i go gushing about our cat. hahaha!

I just did my nails again just because i'm having a grand time taking advantage of my long nails. I just feel like having a really colorful nail art so i came up with this.

Though i'm in doubt about the yellow flowers though. I think i should have used a stronger color,no?
Anyway, i already removed this nail art. I am already thinking of another nail art. haha!

This is the base color that i used. Looks really pretty,ne?
I never did like orange but this one is something that i could get away with.

I love how it doesn't look flat.
The shimmer on this polish gave it that dimension.

On with the cat story....
We picked Sassy last January 23 under a car in front of my parent's house. She was mewing endlessly & my brother & I thought of adopting her right there & then. That was also days after our dog, Lassie, just died. We all are feeling sad when Lassie passed away. That's why my mom decided on the name "Sassy". It's also a way to remind us of Lassie.

Anyway, she was really tiny & she doesn't know how to drink milk on a saucer yet. Since it was an emergency i tried looking for a makeshift milk bottle that is tiny enough to fit her small mouth. I saw my cuticle oil bottle so i immediately got rid of the oil & tried my best to get rid of every lingering oil. As soon as she got the hang of using it, she latched on it & drank all the milk.

Poor kitty, she was so hungry.

This was how she looked like after feeding. See the traces of milk on her mouth? Kawaii,de sho?

I'm not strangling her,mind you. I just had to wrap her on a towel because she kept on clawing my hand when she smells the scent of milk.

Look at how cute her face is!

She loves to snuggle in between sheets because it keeps her warm. Kittens need warmth most of all.
We all did our research about how to raise kittens because we were dog-people. We learned how to make her pee & poop, train her how to use the litter & groom herself too.

Another snuggle picture... hehe

soooooooooooooo cute!!!! hahaha!
She loves drinking milk on the bottle!

I can't remember when this picture was taken but i guess it's somewhere between 1-2mos. I call it the "Monapusa". Pusa is the tagalog word for cat. Just like a painting,huh? haha!

She now has her own bottle & she is still drinking her milk with it.

Now, she is 3 months old & she knows how to eat. She fights with other cat, though we were always there to save her, of course. hahaha!

She is not a kitten anymore because she is really big already. LOL!
The first time that she got her collar she was so curious with it because it has a bell & it tinkles every time she moves but it grew on her. She loves her collar now.

She somewhat acts like a dog too. She greets me 'good morning' & her ears perk up every time she hears our gate opens. She loves to sleep the most & she gets grumpy when she is disturbed. haha!

Charlie sometimes get jealous over Sassy so they end up fighting too. Sassy can stand her ground & Charlie most often ends up the losing party. My Charlie is a real gentleman...i mean gentledog. haha!
Though they do sleep together sometime, like so.

There you go.
Now you know our cat story. haha!

Do you own a cat?
What's your pet story?

Have a great day,hunnies!
Jaa ne~!

*all pictures of Sassy was taken from my personal Facebook account


Camille Orate said...

My gosh!! Super cute!! I love your cat! The other pic with the bigger bottle, nakataas pa yung paa!! Gigil!! Haha! I have 2 cats too, chuckie and mimi. Might post their pics one of these days :P

Dk Nurul Hanisah Pg Said said...

Awwww, that is so cute. I love the pics of her holding the milk bottle!! So cute!! I have a kitten. we call her Ming Ming :) she likes to bite every part of the body, I really don't know why. It'd bite our toes and sometimes it bites my elbow too!! Even after she's been fed! But she's adorable :DD

Thiamere Brea said...

sassy only does that when my little brother is 'playing' with her. though he doesn't really play with her. he kisses her endlessly.. haha! & i guess just like little kids, she hates being cuddled too much! she would get annoyed at my brother that she will start biting him.

though she still suckle on my fingers when she is sleepy

Thiamere Brea said...


will be waiting for that!
do notify me when you put it up na ha.
i always thought i am a dog person but when we had sassy we came cat people na din!

Crystal Gale said...

Oh, your cat is so cute. You can bring her at PAWS when she reaches 6 months to have her spayed so that she can be healthier and live longer. Dogs and cats who are spayed/neutered lives longer according to studies. and also, you won't worry with a lot of unwanted litters...female cats can breed anytime they want haha ^_^

I have cats too and they are so adorable like yours ^_^

Clair said...

I want to meet your kitteh :3 So adorable!

Thiamere Brea said...

yeah,im keeping tabs na nga & i've marked our calendar e.
although hindi talaga sya namin pinapalabas mahirap na baka kasi mahawa sa ibang cats or what.sabi nga din lola ko.baka daw maging paanakan na ng pusa bahay namin pag nagkataon.

i think CARA has an office in recto,no?
layo kasi marikina para sakin e

Anastacia said...

Wow! Ur nails are very nice and long!! So good length! Aweeeee! The kitty is so cute!

Reika Amakura said...

OMG!! If only you could hear me.. I was like awww.. and ooh! on the pics! so cute!

btw, we both have odd-eyed kitties! so cute! Im also a dog type person and just recently adopted a white kitty.. i named her sasha.. and right now i cant use my left hand coz sasha has it. hehe! she's only 3 months old..

Thiamere Brea said...

she also suckle on your fingers?
ang cute nila tignan no?
hnd mo maalis basta kasi she will grab it back & won't let go!

Erin Joan Yang said...

Awww...that cat is soo cute. I can relate with having a cat in the house. Our first cat was a white one with blue eyes and she was a darling. Always malambing and loves to cuddle, unlike our other cats. Unfortunately, she just disappeared and didn't come back. But she left us with her sons and daughters plus some grandchildren---so we have around 6-7 cats plus 2 dogs outside our house eheheheeh

But, really, your kitty is sooooo kawaiii :D

Reika Amakura said...

she doesn't suckle anymore but she demands na I touch her face.. If I stop, she'll meow then she'll go silent when I touch her face na.. hehe! cute talaga!~ <3

DeAnna Stewart said...

I love your pictures!! I just named my new kitty "Sassie Blue". Did a name search and YOU came up. We haven't reached the...hang out with the dog...place just yet but, I hope it will go as well. Thanks for posting

DeAnna Stewart said...

I love your pictures!! I just named our new kitty Sassie Blue. When I did a name search, YOU came up. We haven't reached the "comfortable with the dog"stage just yet but, we are hopeful. Thanks for posting :)

Thiamere Brea said...

how sweet!

i would love to see a picture of your cat as well.
i'm sure that they'll get along well.

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