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Monday, May 07, 2012

Weekend Nails:Flowery Stripes

I was sick the past couple of days so i wasn't that active online.

I'm still not 100% ok but at least i already feel like human. haha
I just want to share my weekend nails. The only part of me that was cheery the past couple of days was my nails the rest were blah!

I just used acrylic nails for i cut my real nails since it was stained bad from the polish that i used when i swatched it. Don't you think it looks pretty?

The sad part about this is that the difficult thing to do in this design are not the flowers. the flowers are so dang easy, but putting on the striping tape took most of my time!

Do you want me to make a tutorial on this nail art?
If so just tell me & i'll do one for you.

Here is a closer look so you'll get to see the white flakes on the black part.
Kirei de sho?

Hope you all have a good start for this week.
I hope that i would also be feeling better later to have my classes, but i think i'll try not to.
I'll just have it tomorrow, i guess.

Have a great day,ladies!
jaa ne~!


Dawn said...

Niiiiice. I looooove this! It's both feminine and edgy! Much much much love for this nails! If I have nails like this and I'm having a bad day, I'll just look at my nails too! ♥ :D

arra jurado said...

where do you buy those acrylic nails? i saw kasi some nails sa watsons but it says two days lang max na susuotin.

Thiamere Brea said...

sa saizen,sis
i think depende kasi yan sa kung gano ka kadalas gumawa ng mabigat na bagay at pagbasa ng kamay. it also depends on the glue,sis.

basta maayos ang pagkakakabit mo tatagal yun. ang problema kasi sa ready-made faux nails hindi mo makita if there are bubbles insides. it could also affect on how sturdy it is e.

kaya mas preferable na you buy the one that has no design yet para kitang kita mo kung maayos ang pagkakakabit mo

Thiamere Brea said...


i admit, the whole time that i was bedridden my nails are the only ones that cheered me up. lol!
buti na lang i did my nails before i was too sick to get up before. haha!

arra jurado said...

ganun pala iyon, ang layo ng saizen namin sana makakitaako ng alternative,ang pricy din kasi sa watsons and di ko type mga designs masyado. thanks ♥

Thiamere Brea said...

you can try buying online. hanapin mo si Rolando Wong sa facebook. he has a lot of nail related products & he got lots of fake nails din

i think 120 for the price of 100pcs of fake nails.
good deal yun kasi i bought mine at 88 for only 50pcs e.

arra jurado said...

ang cheap naman nun! grabeeee waaa thanks . naexcite ako haha.

Thiamere Brea said...

make sure that you have a good glue & also a glue remover.
para in case naisipan mong tanggalin you won't damage your nails by frequent tugging & pulling.

the one from saizen is good.
but if you can't get that ask sir roland kung meron syang debonder kamo

arra jurado said...

Saw his page, and my store pala sila sa Divisoria.since malapit lang school ko dun baka puntahan ko. baka maraming cheap thrills din! thanks a lot!!! may natutunan ako debonder. haha


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