Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Wet n Wild Night Prowl alternative

I love Wet & Wild's Night Prowl.
It's a black jelly with lots of bright purple glitters. It's one of those polishes that looks good even on short nails. Not all polishes look good on short nails,right? It's frustrating when you cut your nails really short & can't seem to find a polish that seems to look good.

But this one is something that looks really nice especially for those who are fair-skinned. So i'm really glad that i was able to own one. Thanks so much to Jenna of Sirenasparklestar!

I don't think this is available in our local Wet & Wild though. Too bad for those who wanted to have this...
But wait! I have good news for you, girls.

I was browsing my stash a week ago, looking for polishes that i will be using for frankening when i happen to take a look at my OMG polishes. Lo and behold! I saw what looked like an alternative for my favorite polish.

OMG is one of the local polishes that i really like!
It's cheap & it dries fast too. I have all the OMG polishes.

Now the shade that i am talking about is the Happy Hour.

I'm not saying that this is an exact dupe of Night Prowl because the main difference is the glitter size. If Night Prowl has obvious glitters, Happy Hour has ultra fine glitters.

This is a swatch of them side by side. I painted my pointer & middle nails with Happy Hour (HH) & the ring & pinkie with Night Prowl (NP).

While NP is a 2 coater, HH needs 3+ coats but then again it dries fast so it doesn't matter. You can get away without a top coat using HH but you can't skip topcoat in NP.

Why? The glitters are chunky.
See how smooth HH is compare with NP? This is swatched without any top coat

This is a better picture to see HH better.

I like how those ultrafine glitters seem to just peek out of the black jelly.

So, if you can't get your hands on Wet & Wild, go for OMG! It's just a fraction of the price! I can't remember the exact price but i know that this is less than Php20 while WnW is sold here for Php100-200 each.

Hope you all are enjoying your evening!
Jaa ne~!


Jade said...

Halos magkapareho na sila.... galing...

arra jurado said...

The Happy Hour looks more expensive and jellyish. where do you buy OMGs? it's my first time seeing this brand. ♥

rhaindropz said...

a dupe!!! ^_^ problem ko lang yung pagremove ng polish na may glitters.. good thing i found Bobbie Nail Polish remover, bonus pa na scented sya!!! ^__^

Thiamere Brea said...

yes,it is!
that's why i'm glad that i have found it on my stash.

Thiamere Brea said...

de sho?
i love OMG!
you can find it on hortaleza,sweetie
i don't think watsons carry OMG e

Thiamere Brea said...

you can try the foil method when removing glitter polishes. it works really well

pop champagne said...

ooh pretty nail polish color! wet n wild is pretty popular here.. I'll take a look!

Banannie said...

woww! with top coat magkamuka na talaga sila! i love OMG nail polish!

Dawn said...

Oooo nice! OMG nail polishes are really good! And they're very affordable! ♥♥♥

Thiamere Brea said...

de sho?
talagang kinumpleto ko ang OMG polishes. hahaha!

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