Friday, May 11, 2012

franken polish:jawbreaker (NOT!)

I made this one just a few minutes ago & this is a late addition to my Yummy Sweets collection. You can check out the rest of this collection HERE.

I thought that the ecru one is my favorite of all, but i just had to change it to this!
This one is really pretty!
It's a white matte with a sweet dose of multicolored round glitters with a few touches of hexagons too!
I'm glad that this turned out really really well!

Well, i was informed by my nail art groups that there's another polish called jawbreaker. I guess i'll just have to change the name then.

On a sad note, i broke my masterpiece!

I told myself that i would be keeping this intact but accidents do happen sometimes.

I just have to do better the next nail art,ne?

Have a nice day!
jaa ne~!

1 comment:

arra jurado said...

so saaaaaaaaaaaad naman nyan, :((

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