Thursday, August 30, 2012

BFF Challenge:Cath Kidston

We're down to the 2nd to the last BFF Challenge.
This is Sally's week & i love her chosen themes! Cath Kidston & Flowers!
Cath Kidston for now...

I do not really know who or what is Cath Kidston so i did some googling & when i found out about it. I fell in love! It screams girly & you all know i love girly prints!

So, here's my version of a CK nail art~

You have to check out Cath Kidston to know what i'm talking about!
It just screams homey & cuteness!

This is an easy nail art, except for the thumb but the polka dots & that flower bud is easy.
Again, i promise to make a tutorial for it once my camera is up for it.
Just a couple more & i'll be able to send it to the service center. I'll be without a camera for a while but i guess it's ok.hehe

A close up look of them...
The thumb~

 I love this design!
I'll make a tutorial on how i did the rose sometime.
 Then the rest of the nails~

What do you think?
I got lots of compliments about my nail today! I'm just grateful that no one insisted that these are stickers or else i will be slapping their faces..LOL!

You can check out these ladies doing the same challenge with me:
Sally Of Nail Pron

I'm looking forward to the last challenge because i adore flowers.
Don't you all?

Have a happy day!
Jaa ne~!


LacquerDreams said...

omg i love this! your thumbs especially!

MIchael said...

wow! so beautiful!! ^__^

Iya said...

Really really beautiful. The design is so intricate and well-drawn! Ang galing mo talaga. :D Perfect! But I think the pictures didn't give justice to your very beautiful nail art design!! A clearer macro shot siguro?

Ang ganda talaga! Super like!!!!!!


Lydia S said...

Wow these look amazing!

Chriselle Sy said...

Grabe sis ang tindi mo! Ganda!!

Angie-OurPaintedWorld said...

Love these nails! One of my favorite mix and match nails to do are variations on Cath Kidston designs!!!

krissy said...

So awesome and pretty!! And they're not stickers?? WOW! Can you do my nails this way din? :D

oh!beautiful! said...

i want thatttt!!!

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