Monday, August 06, 2012

Benefit Benetint Review

A non-nail related post!

Anyway, im trying to dispel the gloom that i feel by diverting it to blogging. I was scrambling on my pictures to look for something that i can blog about & i just found one product that seems to scream at me. I guess this is something that a lot of people already know about so i just didn't bother posting about it. But now i'll elaborate more about it. hehehe

I'm not a blush-user. In fact, i only have 2 blushes, i think.
I already have uneven skintone & i'm tired of seeing my face red so i try not to put any flush on my face when i do my make-up. But i find that this product is something that i am liking ever since i got it.

You can read the description & ingredients here:

I got this when i won their contest before so i'm really pretty sure that this is 200% genuine.
You have to be wary of purchasing products online since there are a lot of fake Benefit products out there.

Housed in a glass bottle that has a tiny brush at the end. You can easily make sure that you have minimal amount when you applied it. It's completely buildable so you can go from a really subtle flush to a charming bloom whichever you want.

Contrary to what i first thought that this is something that you need to work on quickly because it might leave a stain on 1st contact, it isn't. You have plenty of time to work this on your skin to build the color that you truly wanted.

I'll not do face pictures for now because my camera is still not up to taking face pics. It can only take nail pictures (crazy,no?) since i have a problem with the zoom lens of it.

I applied 3 dots of it on my skin. 

Well, the first 3 dots didn't do it for me. I had to apply 3 more because the color was so subtle my camera is having a hard time picking it up so this flush is what came out after adding more.

Did you notice how there are no marks left from the 3 dots that i applied first?
I think i fairly remember trying out bench's cheek tint & i ditched it later just because you can see how you applied it. It is easily absorbed by the skin that red marks will be left on the skin that had the first contact with it.

Benetint doesn't leave any unwanted marks. it gives you enough time to spread it evenly.
Since this is a tint, it stays on your skin for a long time!
Awesome! I didn't experience any breakouts or anything from it so it's nice. It smells of roses. I usually prefer my products fragrance-free but this one doesn't really smell that bad so i can abide with it.

I mostly use my fingers in applying this, it leaves my finger with the color too, but i can live with that.

  • it really leaves you with a sexy flush!
  • stays on for a long time
  • no irritation whatsoever
  • last for a long time (12.5 ml would last you for as long as possible!hehe)
  • smells nice (especially if you love rose water!)
  • locally available
  • expensive but so worth it! (Php 1,800 each)
Do i recommend it?
For someone who doesn't like any red tint on mt face that much, this is something that i'm glad i was able to try. So i really really recommend it.

You can follow Benefit Philippines' updates on their Facebook page.

Have you tried cheek tints?
What are the ones that you had tried?
Care to share?

Hope you all have a great day!
Jaa ne~!


Nicole Paler said...

benefit products always amaze me, but it's too high for my budget :( anyways I did a Blog awards post and I tagged you :)

Isabel said...

Does this work on lips?

Thiamere Brea said...

im not sure, i haven't tried it yet but they didn't mention about it being used for the lips though.
it'll be better if it could...hehe

Chriselle Sy said...

Cannot afford! Hihi masyado itong mahal for me !

shobe said...

ganyan din nangyayari sakin,whenever i put on lip and cheek tint the mark where you first apply it wouldnt rub off.kaya parang may pemples ako na maga.hehe.gusto ko yun SEXY FLUSH pwede ba ilagay sa katawan to haha

♠ aiMee Bunbun ♠ said...

i only use tints on my lips, im not usually comfortable to use them on my cheeks because i have oily skin, i dont use cream blushies too, powder blush ln tlga huhu

Cookiie said...

Have you tried this on your lips? The formula seems really simple but effective, so I wonder how it works on the lips. :o

Nikki said...

I agree, this stays pa until you remove it! I love the scent and I feel special every time I pat the Benetint on my cheeks :)

Breena Estillore said...

Parang nail polish lang :D Interesting :D

Anonymous said...

The box says it's a lip and cheek stain..

Thiamere Brea said...

copied from blogger comments:
The box says it's a lip and cheek stain..By Anonymous on Benefit Benetint Review on 8/19/12

Thiamere Brea said...

yeah!thanks for pointing that,hun!
greatly appreciate it!
goes to show how stupid i can get though. but i still won't use this on my lips.i prefer my signature lip color, which is mac speaklouder, as my tint.

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