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Monday, August 20, 2012

Ebalay Nail Polish in A06

My favorite duochrome polish!
Another Ebalay swatch for you all. If you haven't tried duochrome polishes, you have to. It's like having 2 color on your nails all at the same time.

Again, duochrome polishes look best underneath a black base, so this swatch is done under a black polish.

It looks a glittery plum on a certain angle but once you tilt your nails & it caught the light, then that's when the magic starts!

Look at that green-ish tint almost screaming at you!
Here's a close-up for your inspection

Duochromes are great,no?

You can get this at or go straight to this LINK. You can use the code BLGA124TH10 for a 10% off.

Hope you all are enjoying your day!
Jaa ne~!

Product sent as sample. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. Opinion shared is personal view & is no way influenced by the company. Use at your own discretion.


Chriselle Sy said...

Ang ganda naman nito. Duochrome :D

Shen said...

Pretty! I remember wanting a duochromed car... now I don't need a car to get a duochrome anything, having them on my nails is super easy.

Parang mas apparent ang duochrome nito compared to the ones I have. :)

Nikki said...

the color is super unique!!!

Dawn said...

COOOOLLLL! Ang gandaaaaa! I want! ♥


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