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Friday, August 17, 2012

BFF Challenge:Coffee

Once again, im late in posting the bff challenge.
tsk tsk tsk!
Before, i start my story, let me tell you first that this theme was picked by Emma.

I have a valid reason the last time because i was feeling poorly but this time that's not the case. I am just having a hard time doing this nail art. I know what i am all set out to do before. I have really been thinking of water marble just because i love looking at latte art but i really can't do water marbling. I have tried everything but it just doesn't seem to work on me. I have watched tons of videos, asked lots of people & read many blog posts but i still can't get the hang of it. I altered water temperature, room temperatures & different polishes but to my disappointment.

So, i just had to use acrylic to try the marble effect that i wanted to do.
It's still a fail though. hehehe
but i tried! lol

I don't drink coffee just because my body can't handle caffeine so whenever i go to coffee shops, i only order matcha (it means green tea) latte, i love it! So i only have to use the color green since i only drink matcha.

Let me tell you, im not really satisfied with this but i'm so dead set on marble effect so this will do for now.
This was my inspiration behind this:

I'll make it up on the next theme which would be textured. Now, that is gonna be really interesting! hehehe

You can check out these ladies doing the same challenge with me:

Hope that you will have a good start for this weekend!
Jaa ne~!


♠ aiMee Bunbun ♠ said...

love the colors coordination :D ang yummy parang green tea hehe :)

englishka said...

Your nails are very nice :) Your blog is great, I'm Pole and I learn English. I'm looking for people who help me in study :) I'll be grateful for every comment. I can see that you live in Philippines, I'd like to go over there. Would you like to follow each other? Greetings!

Dawn said...

You might not be satisfied with this one but I really, really like it! Nicely done! ♥


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