Friday, August 03, 2012

BFF Challenge:Animals

I almost forgot to do my nail art challenge. haha!
This time the theme is Animal chosen by Kerrie.

You all know that i love my pets. I am an animal-lover.
We've had Charlie for a long time now & now he already got white "beard". He is a very gentle & loving dog. So is our Queen Sassy!. I call her Queen now just because she lays around like she owns the place plus the fact that when you step around her without saying 'excuse me' or even greeting her, she'll sink her teeth on your legs! LOL!

So since i don't have the luxury of time drawing cats & dogs on my nails so i just have to settle for something quick so that means it's gonna be paw prints!

This is an easy nail art. It just took me 15 minutes to finish up.
You can easily do it too!

My stupid camera is acting all weird again. I hate it when it's gloomy, even the flash of the camera makes my hands look...weird. Just focus on the design,ok? hehe

I'll try to do a proper tutorial for paw prints next time.
I'm gonna leave you a picture of Charlie deep in his sleep & dreaming. lol!

This pic cracks me up every single time i see it!

I love my pets!

You can check out these ladies doing the same challenge with me:

Have a great day!

I'll announce the winners of my giveaway later on. So stay tuned


Bec DeadlyDivine said...

cute mani! and adorable puppy!

Anonymous said...

that's s cute!!

Thiamere Brea said...

copied from blogger comment:

that's s cute!!
By Onika Chan~ on BFF Challenge:Animals at 8:16 PM

Chriselle Sy said...

If it took you 15 mins to do that, it would honestly take me an hour!! That's how out of practice I am with nail art. Haha!

♠ aiMee Bunbun ♠ said...

so cute :3 reminds me of the cartoon dalmatian coz its white nd black <3

Iya Boto said...

Cute! i love the paw prints! reminds me of blues clues! :)

Sis, I must say that your nail arts are getting more and more fantastic! You are so creative and good at freehand :)

Kerrie Black said...

I love this!

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