Saturday, July 28, 2012

BFF Challenge:80's nail art

80's nail art chosen by Bec...
whoo hoo!
I haven't done retro, well,except if you'll count my retro dots (which i don't!) so this theme is also challenging as well.

I had spent lots of hours researching what designs i could do but for some reason i can't find any. So i wracked my brains up thinking of 80's related stuff. The things that kept on popping on my mind were Madonna, Michael Jackson, Kylie Minogue, Chaka Khan, etc...
Then i remember that people love disco-ing (is that a word?) to these tunes so it's disco fever days!

Hence i came up with disco balls!

This is an easy nail art but i have to say that it takes a lot of work!
You have to perfectly line the glitters to make sure that they will look like a disco ball.

But this is a very fun nail art!

Look at my thumb & pinkie!
Love holo glitters!

Oh, if you're planning to do this nail art, i used hexagon-shaped glitters. Start at the center,ok? So that everything is all lined up nice & even~

I did it. You can do it too!

It takes a while to finish but believe me when i say that the outcome is ridiculously beautiful!
Pop in your hot pants, fluff out your hair then strut your stuff!
*Kylie Minogue's Lucky playing in the background*
Now time to party!

You can check out these ladies doing the same challenge with me:

Hope you all are having a great day!
Jaa ne~!

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April Hollie said...

so pretty! it reminds me of a disco club. hehe

Cookiie said...

Wow, how long did it take you? It looks very pretty!

Chriselle Sy said...

Sis, ang ganda naman nito! Kaso parang ang hassle! Hehe.

Kerrie Black said...

So pretty i need to get some of that glitter

Ahleessa said...

Oh wow, the nail art is so cool! It is totally 80's which I love. :) You're really good with nail arts I must say.

Pram K Blackler said...

Oooh, love the disco bal idea. Bling bling.

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