Thursday, July 05, 2012

Franken Polish:my midnight holo polishes

Just a short post...
I have been receiving countless of questions about how i made my midnight fantasy. I'll be sharing my formula for my very own franken...

Kireii ,de sho?
Everyone loves holo polishes!hehe

Just look at that holographic goodness!

Anyway, enough about those pics & let's go to the real deal.

Orly Space Cadet + BSJ Polish (OMG!im sorry but i don't know the shade because it doesn't have a sticker). They should be added with the same equal amount. I kept on adding both polishes even though it looks like Space Cadet doesn't have much.

I know it's difficult to get your hands on these 2 polishes but you can make my Midnight Tryst. The only difference is that Fantasy is almost golden while Tryst is just a couple of shades darker but they are both gorgeous! These are my to-go polishes!

I used Ebalay 009 as my base & i just added spectraflair on it! You can purchase Ebalay HERE.
This is how the base looks like with black polish underneath.

You can just add a couple drops of black polishes on the bottle to achieve that almost-space-cadet look.
Swatch as you add black polish so that you won't over do it, then add spectraflair!

You can buy Spectraflair from Lori over on Facebook.
I'll talk about Spectraflair on my next post so keep tuned,ok?

Have a great day,hunnies!
jaa ne~!


Marias Nail Art said...

Aww, this is really gorgeous, well made!

irene carillo said...

nice holo...this made me wanna try to mix my own holo

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