Saturday, July 21, 2012

BFF Challenge:Book theme

Another nail art challenge!
Bear with me,girls. I know that i am not able to blog regularly about other things, it's mostly because i have a lot of things on my plate lately. I promise, i'll get back to blogging one of these days. I'm just happy that i joined the BFF challenge. It keeps my blog alive for the meantime.hehe

The theme for now was chosen by Pram. It's all about books.
I have been a bookworm ever since. I love reading! I can't live without books, actually.
I love romance novels~!

I was originally planning to do something by Bertrice Small (seeing as she is one of my favorite author) but the cover of her books are mostly real paintings with beautiful women. Not that i could not do it (but i probably can't.haha!) it's just that it won't look good on short nails & blending colors would take lots of time.
So i just have to give it up.

Next is the 50 shades trilogy since i just finished reading it.
In fact, i already have painted my black base last night. It's just that for some reason when i was already drawing it I can't seem to quite get the colors. You know how i fret about my designs if they do not look like the original image. So out with it.

Since i'm running out of time (it was already 11pm), i knew that i just had to make something easy.
Then i remember Diary of a Wimpy Kid! Now that's more like it! hehehehe!
So, after 15 minutes, im done with it! Here ya go~

I just had to outline them with the color of the cover so that it would at least be about the book & not just the characters.hehehe

Have you read this?
I love it!
The kid in me giggles every time i read Greg's adventure!

Presenting the Heffley family~

Here's the main character~ Greg Heffley

Being a middle schooler is not easy, definitely not!
Greg enters the world of middle school & that's when the fun started for him.

Rodrick~the big brother

Being the eldest kid in the family has its merits... as what Greg keeps on saying.
Clearly Roderick also agrees with him!

Manny ~ the youngest kid

Manny can get away with everything since he is the baby!

Dad ~

Dad loves his civil war figure collection & hates Roderick's friend.


Mom writes an article in parenting in the local newspaper.
Guess what she mostly writes about?

I hope i was able to get them well drawn, if not exactly alike at least.

How about you?
What book have you read recently?

I can't wait what my ladies had done with their book nail art.
You can check out these ladies doing the same challenge with me:

Hope you all have a great weekend,hunnies!
Jaa ne~!


A Little Polish said...

So cute! Awesome artwork :)

mseggplant said...

this is amazing! love the nail work :)

Sally Morgan said...

I did 50 shades of grey! Love the wimpy kid one though, you made it look really good.

Anna Ho said...

looks cool! I was curious on how you did it :3 I could never use my left to draw directly on my right lol

emtha said...

Oh my goodness, this is so stinkin cute!! Great job!

Kerrie Black said...

How cute/great is this! I love seeing all the great mani's in this challenge!

Pram K Blackler said...

Oh My word, this is genious, what a fab idea, I love this manicure.

mestizay said...

omg that is soo cool! ang coolet.:)

Thiamere Brea said...

copied from blogger comments:

omg that is soo cool! ang coolet.:)
By mestizay on BFF Challenge:Book theme on 7/29/12

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