Monday, July 02, 2012

Rainbow Favorites Challenge:PURPLE & PINK

Last part of the Rainbow Challenge & i am soooooooooooo late! OMG!

I already made a recent post about my favorite plum polish. But this time i'll be sharing my favorite purple holo!

I own a couple of holo polishes but this one is something that always dazzled me when i put it on.

Milani 3D Holographic in Hi-Res!
Here's a blurred shot to appreciate the awesomeness of the holo chunks!

My camera is not that good in capturing holo effect.
In fact, my camera is not cooperating now.
I can't seem to capture good pics lately. So please bear with me. *sigh*
The service center for my Samsung is quite far from where i live..tsk!

Anyway, here is my favorite pink for now...
It's from Catherine Arley in 645.

I know my pic is awful... but this one is a really gorgeous pink speckled polish.

I have to do a separate swatch post when i had my camera fixed.

Well, with that The Rainbow Challenge is over.
I'm so looking forward to the next Ultimate Blogger Challenge!

Hope that you had a great start for this month!
Jaa ne~!

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irene carillo said...

Wow the Milani Holo in HD is absolutely beautiful ^_^

Khaye Umayam said...

wow... san mo sis binibili yang mga holo polish mo?!? i want tlga ksi.. :(
btw, did u check the klik sand polish? :D ganda sis.. :D

April Hollie said...

Milani holo is so pretty! I want!

Anna Ho said...

Hi-Res is one of my fav!

Cookiie said...

I luuurv the Milani holographic polishes, I have the pink and golden one and I really had to restrain myself from getting them all haha. I get what you mean that it's hard to capture the holo effect, seeing it directly is just a lot more impressive haha.

Khaye Umayam said...

OMG Sand Polish pla un sis.. hehe

Thiamere Brea said...

may sand polish na din ang omg?
i have to check that!yung klik pa lang ang nattry ko e
ilan ang shades nila?

Khaye Umayam said...

6 shades ata un sis.. 2 lng nga nakuha ko kasi out of stock n ung iba.. i have the red & green :D gusto kong i-complete ung collection nila n un.. :D

Thiamere Brea said...

ichecheck ko yan!
san mo nabili?wala na kasi yung grand central dito e.dun pa man din ako nakakakita ng new collections ng local polishes..

Khaye Umayam said...

sa market2 ako bumibili sis.. hehe.. or try mo sa landmark.. pero not sure kung meron dun sis.. :(

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