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Sunday, July 01, 2012


I'm having another giveaway in partner with HBC. This time we'll focus on your facial needs.

I know how tough it is to look for products that will work on your skin. I have tried countless of products (my long-time readers & friends could attest to that!) just to clear my skin. I have tried imported products too but sadly instead of it helping my skin all it did was make it worse!

You can go over my previous post about what products i have tried. It was then that i figured out that imported products might not work for me just because i have a different skin type & i live in a tropical country. Unless it's just a basic soap that could only cleanse your skin.

If only i realized that from the start, i could have saved myself countless of time, effort & money. Been there,done that. Now, i'm wiser. hehe.

I'm giving you girls a chance to try out products that is specifically suited to our skin.

Let's get to the mechanics of the giveaway
July 1, 2012 – July 31, 2012
Philippine-based readers only
The Prize:
2 winners will each receive: Hortaleza, M.D. clear soaps in 4 variants + Beauty Certificates for 3 sessions of FREE Diamond Peel (worth P600 each)
Prizes will be claimed at the nearest HBC store
To join:
·        Follow my blog on GFC
·         Like On Beauty Stuff and what else on Facebook
·         Like HBC on Facebook
·         Tweet about the giveaway (sample tweet: "I want to win HBC’s Hortaleza, MD freebies @tweet_hbc!")
·         Reblog/ repost your contest entry on your FB and tag HBC and On Beauty Stuff and what else
The entry
Simply answer the question:
Tell me your skincare woes.
If you were to write a wish to a Beauty Fairy what will it be?
Include the links of your tweet & repost on the comment together with your GFC & Facebook name for me to validate your entry. Don't forget to leave your full name & email too!
Selection of winners
1 Best Answer & 1 by Electronic Raffle
Winners will be contacted via email and will be given 48 hours only to reply with their details.
Looking forward to your entries,ladies!
Don't miss this giveaway. Who knows if this is really the answer to your skincare woes.

Hope you all have a great day!
Jaa ne~!


Reika Amakura said...

GFC: Amakura Reika but sometimes it says dark_oracle21. Idk why x_x
Facebook Name: Reika Amakura (I liked the 2 pages) :)
Email: dark_oracle21(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)ph
I'm sorry. I don't have a twitter account.
FB post:

My skin care woes? I have a lot that's why I followed your blog. I have pimples whenever its that time of the month. My face is also a combination of dry and oily. Plus, I think my skin is showing signs of aging coz I can see my laugh lines. x_x

I would wish to the Beauty Fairy to ban all the skin care products that gave people like me false promises and hope. Naah, just kidding. :) We wouldn't know unless we give it a try first. Tsk. :(
I wish skin care products gave true instant results. It would be great to have clear skin after 1 wash! Haha! Sounds like a tag line from a commercial, ne?

Keene Slither said...

GFC username: aida
FB Name: Keene Slither
Twitter Username: @slither1004
FB Post:
Tweet Link:

My biggest skin concern are these blackheads all over my nose that just don't go away! I scrape all the gunk out (gross, I know, sorry), but they'll just come back within a few hours and are so annoying and ugly :( Pore strips + acne medicine do nothing for them. Beauty Fairy please help me, what I'm gonna do? Some advice please. Cant take it anymore.

Aida Villanueva

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arra jurado said...

GFC: Arra Jurado
FB Name: ArraJurado
tweet link:

FB post:

My skin care woes? I have a very oily skin. I get oily skin even after a shower, what more if I do strenuous activities. I also get a lot of pimples, I remember experiencing from mild to severe acne when I was in high school. And though it had lessened, it left me with post-acne marks, and enlarged pores because of scarring. I also don't know how to get rid of the blemishes and roughness.

So Beauty Fairy if ever you were real, I wish to have beautiful and glowing skin. LOL. but that's just too much. what a fairy cannot do anyway? But I just wish she would help me in finding my holy grail beauty product.... :)

RubySalazarPapio said...

fb name:Ruby Salazar Papio

fb post:

My skin woes, i have pimple scar on my face and it is deep.. How can i prevent from breaking out again..

Breena Estillore said...

GFC: Breena
FB name: Breena Reubee Estillore

Watching korean movies, series and korean music videos makes me wish I have beautiful skin as them. Koreans are known for there beautiful porcelain skin. I'm so envious because I have pimple marks on my cheeks. I've been to several dermatologist and my pimples and acne scars did disappear. However, going to dermatologists can be a hassle and pain most especially to the wallet - specifically my parents' wallet.

After months of visiting the doctor, I stopped going because it's so expensive. I had to have 2 sessions of diamond peel every month and the price wasn't a joke. Of course, I loved the effect of diamond peel. It immediately made my skin smooth and the scars were immediately lightened. After I stopped going, the pimples came back and so did the scars. I hate the scars because they take a long time to disappear plus they are dark so they are very visible.

I want to have blemish free skin. I'd love to win free sessions of diamond peel. Who doesn't, right? My wish to a Beauty Fairy would be to have beautiful skin. It's really that simple. I just want my scars to disappear and I'm sure diamond peel is the key to that. :)

Ida said...

GFC: Ida
FB: Ida Lamban de Roma
Twitter: MakeUpnBeautyPH (I tweeted about the giveaway there)

My major skin care woe is acne. =/ Dry skin, blackheads, and hyperpigmenation I can deal with, but acne flat out sucks. I thought my acne problem was over, but recently it's come back with a vengeance! I just hate it but try not to think too much about it or let it get me down. It's difficult to ignore it completely though because I review beauty products almost everyday.

So if I could make a wish to the Beauty Fairy, it would be for me, and for my daughter, when she's in her teens na, to never have acne! If that were to come true, I'd be pretty happy. :)

VintageKawaii OnlineShop said...

Facebook: Vintagekawaii Onlineshop
Twitter: @quiam
GFC: notyourordinaryteacher
FB post:

I am bothered by the dark spots caused by my pimples and chickenpox scars. Beauty Fairy, please grant my wish and give me
H-Hortaleza, M.D. clear soaps
B-Beauty Certificates for Diamond Peel
C-clear and smooth skin :)

Hazel Grace Bellen said...

GFC: Hazel Grace Bellen
FB: Hazel Grace Bellen

My major skin problem is uneven skin tone and oily skin. Maybe it is because of too much exposure under the sun and the pollution in Manila. My skin is dull and uneven. I come to know it when I had free skin analysis during the pond's face my love event. Maybe series of diamond peel will make my skin tone even. Please help me Beauty Fairy in achieving fairer and more even skin tone.


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