Friday, August 07, 2009

tag & award

I've been tagged before but lazy ol' me just keeps on forgetting to do this...
& it caught up with me na...
Sorry about the laziness,girls..hehe

I'll get the tag done first..
i was tagged by Shobe, JBreezy, Tish & Kryztal...thank you,girls!

it's the '10th pic on photo folder' tag...
* Open your first photo folder
* Scroll down to the 10th photo
* Post that photo and story on my blog
* Tag five {or more} friends to do the same

So this is the 10th pic on my pic folder...

It's an old pic of me...I took it when my former boss asked us to submit pics of us with headsets because he is going to put it on his website...For those who doesn't know, im an online english teacher. I worked for companies before, but now im just a freelancer & im my own fun fun!

For some reason i like this pic even if its blurry (i used my old webcam, that's why)...this was actually during my pre-'im-crazy-about-make-up-days'...I remember not using any make-up at all when i took this because my webcam is blurry so, if ever, they won't see my dark under eye...that was just my greatest worry before.. (-_-")
looking at this pic made me realized that i don't have any blemishes at all...

"Is make-up the cause of zits?!" -> question running at the back of my mind as i go over my photo folder..

Ok, now for the ladies who would be doing this...
Now let's go with the award....

Ems of Beauty Inside and Out gave me an award... sweet!
thank you so much,hun!

Ems is one of the sweetest girls around..she always leave sweet comments on post & is really very thoughtful. Im glad i stumbled upon your blog,hun!

Rules of acceptance:

1) Acknowledge the person who sent you the award.
2) Nominate 7 other blogs.
3) Share your 7 personality traits so we can get to know you better.

7 personality traits: this is a toughie...
  • Im an optimist
I seriously am...i try to be positive as much as i can. I believe in the saying "If life throws you lemons, make lemonades". No use in thinking over negative will just get you down. Which is teh exact opposite of when i was a teenager...i think its just normal to be a pessimist as a teenager,right?But as you grow up, you tend to look at things differently...

Now my favorite beauty 'maxim' would be "If life throws you lemons, slice it in half then rub it on your elbows & underarms"...hehe...but it works,right, ladies?

  • Im a mirror
Im a perfect example of "tell me who your friends are & i'll tell you who you are". I act like how my friends act. So if im noisy then chances are, the crowd im in is noisy too... I try to change this one, but i think its pretty hard to...

  • Im loyal
I was talking to a friend before about astrological signs & i mentioned that im Libra & he went over to wiki & looked at the traits there (but now im trying to find it but i can't)..if i remember it right loyal is one of the traits that librans have & i have to say that this is true.

As what most people know, i have been with my bf for 7yrs & still counting & he is my first bf ever. This might not be fair, but at first i really don't love him. He is just a very hard-working & responsible type of guy... & with 2 yrs of courting me, i finally said yes to him & we started dating..

Love just came after a couple of years..yep!years...all through out i can just dump him because i don't love him but i stuck with him through thick & thin...not because of love but because of loyalty...Now i have to say HE IS THE ONE for me..& we have a very solid foundation that nothing can tear us pretty sure of it!one that is built by friendship & trust.. ^_~

  • Im trust im a bit gullible
Yeah, i know this is not a good one, but i am! Good thing that bf is the one who tells me not to trust easily... We make a good team...we balance each other
he's the peanut, im the butter..
see what i mean...

  • Im romantic
Blame it on romance novel. I grew up reading romance novel...One reason why bf took 2 years in courting me before i said yes is the fact that i was looking for the 'sparks' that's described in romance novels....dang! If i believed in those things, im pretty sure i would grow up to be a spinster...not that im 50 yrs old

Bf is not romantic..heck i don't think he have any romantic bones in his body...the first flowers that i got from him was after we've been together for 5 years..what's up with that?! But then he is thoughtful & that compensated for his lack of romantic side.

But yeah, im a romantic at heart!

  • Im a listener, not a talker
If a friend have a problem, i go to her & hug her...that's it..i don't go around asking what's the problem. I want them to open up on their own, not by force. I would probably ask them "is everything ok?" if they said 'no'..then i probably would reply as "awwww....i hope you feel better asap" instead of "what's the matter,hun?you can tell me everything".

I know that there are times where we wanted to just be alone...& i respect that

*counts traits*
just 6?!

this is hard...
can you believe that i googled up some website to take a look at libra traits just to answer this one?!

*counts again*
i really need one more...
*goes over to the next tab*

Since i took the effort in going over to the next tab, i figured that i should put the:
  • I value fairness & equality
Now this is true. I hate it when i see people taking advantage of others. I always go by the 'give & take' policy. I believe that experience is the best teacher..if you did not receive any material thing from something, then you would gain experience from it that helps make you a wiser person than you were before

at last im done!
this is one of the "hardest" award that i!
but i still thank Ems for this

Now, on to the 7 lucky ladies: (but i want 9!)hehehe
Hope you all have fun with this & hit me up when you've finished this!


My-My said...

oooooooooh!. . .time to really think. This is exciting. Thank you for tagging me. :D

xoladiihoneyxo said...

I loveeeeeeeeee the picture and I noticed you changed your profile picture!! =D

make-up may be the reason for zits.... MAYBE!

liar liar, pants on fire! You said I'm on the list and I'm not on the list! hahaha. saved?

xoladiihoneyxo said...

by the way, you're gorgeous and cute looking so natural!!! =D

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

thanks for tagging me thia!anyway dami nating traits na same.

gracie said...

naku naman.. bkt yung pa binigay mo day?? mkikitang salvahe ako harhar! thanks for tagging me! i'll do it later dito ako sa mall.. basahain mo yung cbox mo

Jbreezybaby said...

did i really get tagged? I don't see my name lol. but anyhow, congrats on ur award :D

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Heeeey, sweetheart! I got your package today!
Thanq so soo sooo much!! I loveee everything!
Really can't wait to try my goodies out!

If you give me a little bit time I'll be get for ya ( sweet secret ) some stuff and send to you :)

I like this first pic with you! You looks so gorgeous!

tinedangganda said...

wow, you're also an Online English teacher!!! same here, I'm working for a company now but I'm still homebased, I used to be my own boss.. but gave up with Korean students.. not paying enough, now teaching Taiwanese and they are so generous...

Anonymous said...

i have a friend she is an online teacher as well. she teaches koreans and japanese. malaki kita niya.

i like the "loyal" trait thiamere.
librans are very good people, very polite, and yes very loyal.

my favorite cousin is a libran, and she is the nicest person in my life. kahit may family na siya now, visit siya sa akin, cook nya ako ng food :( awwww i miss her

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

oops i mean thanks for giving me the award hehe mwuah

Tali said...

Nice post was a v.interesting read!!

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