Thursday, December 15, 2011

Weekend Nails:Rose Patterned nails

Just a short post...

Here is the tutorial for the nail art that i had on my last post.

I have to say that it's not really that difficult to do. It will just require you a steady hand & the thinnest detailing brush that you can get your hands on.

I used acrylic as my medium in this nail art.
I used a dotting tool that has a fine tip & a sable detailing brush.

Click the pic for a larger image...

1. Add a uniformed dots as a background.
2. Do swirls to form as roses.
3. Using a C/V shape pattern, a darker shade of the same color of your swirl at the bottom to act as the sepal.
4. Add stems & leaves with your green color.
5. Put dots in the middle of the flower as the bud.
6. Finish it off with blings if you want to.

Just some notes to remember when i did this tutorial.
I just remembered to add dots on the middle of the roses right after i put on the rhinestones so you'll see how messy it looks already when i put the dots.

Also, i used white acrylic as my base color here since i just did 1 nail for the tutorial so you'll see that it cracked when i applied top coat because it was still a bit wet when i finished it. 

It's better to use polish on dots because it would give you a better looking dots. since the consistency of polish is thick, it will produce a dot, as opposed to acrylic. You'll see how haphazard my dots are. Anyway, it's not like the dots are the point of this look. It just a background pattern, but if you want it to look perfect, then use polish when making dots.

I think it's better to have the stems in just 1 direction unlike how i did it the first time. Having the stem in just 1 direction will give it a better look. I just don't like to do my nails over again, but just trust me in on this. hehe

I used faux pearls as an added bling. It's ok to not apply it if you don't have it.

There ya go!
Do tell me when you have tried this nail art,ok?
I would love to see how you did it too

Simbang gabi will start tomorrow!
How fast time flies! Can you believe that Christmas is already next week?

Hope you all are enjoying your day!
Jaa ne~!

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Jennifer Huang said...

Oh wow, you make this look so easy to do! I really want to try out your nail art now ^^ Where did you get all your half pearl rhinestones? I can't seem to find them in such large quantities! :O

Thiamere Brea said...

hope to see your version of it

i got the pearls from
you can take a look here:
it will last you for a lifetime!

Linda Tran said...

very pretty... do you do it on both hands??? =O

Thiamere Brea said...

yes,i did!
finally! it was a success.. LOL!

how are you,sweetie?
oh my, it's been a while since we talked!

Therese Bertheim said...

really super cute nails! Love the design! you are so clever!

Therese Bertheim said...

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