Sunday, December 18, 2011

Peel-off polish... yay or nay?

A question to my pinay readers...
are you aware that we have peel-off polish here in the philippines?
I'm sure 90% of you will say "really?"... haha!

I have actually checked Honeybee's website before because i guess as a nail art lover/polish lover the novelty of owning something unique is so great.

I'm glad i did not let my impulse take over me at that time because little did i know that it is available here!

Presenting the Allue Fairy Tale Collection!

According to HBC:
Allue is the first complete & dependable brand of affordable, high-quality products that are mildly formulated to suit the delicate neds of tweens ages 8-15, who are in the advent of many beautiful first experiences. Its products range from scents, make-up, skincare, hair & make-up accessories.
The packaging for the Allue line is so girly & cute! Perfect for tweens. I think this line is old already but people are just not aware of it.

Compare to regular polishes, the scent of this line is definitely different. It's not the 'bad' type of different,ok? It is actually a 'good' type of different. It smells nice. It's because it's not solvent-based.

It doesn't have Butyl & ethyl Acetate. It also doesn't contain the 3 toxic ingredients which are DBP (dibutyl pthalate, Formaldehyde & Toulene. That's why the main marketing point of peel-off polish is that it's safe because it doesn't contain any of those ingredients.

Since it smells nice i can even apply this on an air-conditioned room without worrying about the awful smell that regular polish leaves behind! I can't apply regular polish on my room just because i hate the smell. ugh!

It can be easily peeled off...

You can easily change the color of your polish without using polish remover!
What i like about this too is that it dries fast! I like fast dry formulas because i don't have the patience to wait for my nails to dry because i'm a busy lady. This one is definitely something for ladies-on-the-go.

Now, let's go to the swatch...
I like the shade names, it's so girly too!

First is the Portia Pastel which has this glitters with milky pink base on the bottle but dries clear on the nails.

I'm sorry for my swatch because i'm not able to capture the beauty of the glitters. The glitters emit an iridescent sheen that looks really pretty! I love this shade! Highly recommended!

Then next would be the Moira Magenta which is a very cute barbie pink. I don't think it's magenta though... is it? It's a nice pastel  pink with an iridescent sheen so it doesn't look flat.

How cute is that color?!
Me likey a lot!!! My second favorite!

Then Fiona Fuchsia. It looks fuchsia on the nails but not on the bottle. Maybe it looks more magenta-ish on the bottle. Anyway, magenta & fuchsia is basically almost the same,ne? The main difference is their undertone because magenta is purple while fuchsia is pink but in this case i would digress it by saying that it really looks fuchsia on the nails.

Same with Moira Magenta, it is also iridescent. I like this added iridescent on the shades because it makes them more interesting.

Then last is the Laura Lavender.
My least favorite of the bunch. I like the color, you'll even see the obvious iridescence on the bottle.
But why do i not like it? Simple...

It's streaky...
I don't like seeing those obvious streak marks from the brush as you apply. Though i have to say that it doesn't look as bad when it dries but somehow it miffed me. haha!

I think this line is really nice.
Not including the fact that it is just sold for Php 25 each (less than a dollar), it is definitely something for polish lovers to try.

Though i have a little problem with it.
I find it weird that it applies like a butter but it dries with an uneven finish if you apply it alone. It's like it is about to crack...

Applying a base coat will definitely help give it an even finish. I don't have a problem with Portia Pastel because as what i said, it dries clear so all will be left will be the glitters but i'm having that problem with Moira Magenta & Fiona Fuchsia. More so on Fiona Fuchsia. I can't seem to get it right.

I'm not sure if it's just me though.
So for those who have tried this line, can you tell me if you have the same problem that i encountered?

But that won't deter me from liking this collection.
Just because they are unique! They are a delight for a polish collector plus it's really cheap! It's only Php25 (less than a dollar) each!

I'll just make an update later on how it fares but im still saying that i am liking this collection!
So,what do you think?
Yay or Nay?

Hope y'all have a great Sunday!
Jaa ne~!

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aileen mecina said...

nice! ang cute ng colors hihi! :)

miss pretty said...

♥ pink!!! cute!!

Clair said...

Very interesting concept. I should check out one of the shades soon-ish hahaha. I like the Moira Magenta. :) Thanks for sharing this, Thiamere. <3

allaboutjyl said...

Thanks for sharing this.....Just to let you know, I purchase this few weeks ago but little did I know its a peel off polish!!! (i know, stupid me~) Thanks so much for sharing this info...its really helpful...Now I am aware its a peel-off polish...hehe...thanks so much..=)

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