Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Week 7 giveaway winners~

How was your Christmas celebration,hunnies?
I hope that it was a very memorable one.

Sorry i was late in announcing the winners of our week 7 giveaway. I have had a very busy holiday preparations that i am hardly online at all!

Holiday is not yet really over since we still have new year's eve & also the new year celebration.

Let's get down to business....
Winner 1: Aida Villanueva
For me, fabulous looking nails can complete one's look, some women don't go shy in spending monies on manicures that will leave their nails looking enviable. Here are some tips to have a fab looking nails: 

1. Your nails are true reflection of what you eat. Eating fast foods will in no way make your nails healthy and strong.

2. Hand lotions help to moisturize the hands and strenghthen the nails, so be sure to use them after your hands have been in water.

3. Ensure that you do not use nails or blades to remove nail polish this will do a lot of damage to the nails.

4. You can put your nail polish in the freezer so as to keep the nail polish smooth and perfect for the next use.

5. An inexpensive and quick way to fix dry or brittle nails is to use petroleum jelly. Ensure that you carry a small jar everywhere, massaging it into your cuticles and nails as you deem fit.

6. While filing nails, begin with the sides and brush towards the center, using light stroked in the samae direction. Please try as much as possible to avoid filing nails back and forth, it weakens or break the nails.

7. To get glossy and gleaming shine, rub olive oil over nails.

8. Ensure while cleaning the nails, you remove all traces of nail polish.

That's it! You will have a fab looking nail especially this Christmas.

Thanks for all the wonderful tips,hun.
I hope that it will help you all.

When you file & buff your nails (especially buffing!) do it in one directions, don't go back & forth because that it is one of the cause why nails become brittle. I have had lots of girls ask me why their nails break easily & when i ask them if they buff their nails, they will say yes. Try to buff your nails only when necessary. Buffing could weaken your nails especially if you do it back & forth,ok?

Moisturizing your cuticles/nail bed will prevent hang nails so make sure you moisturize it by using oil. I like using cuticle oils but feel free to use your preferred oil. Almond oil is good, so is olive & vitamin e!

Though i just have to say that there is one tip here that i personally don't advise... that is in putting your polish on the fridge :(

I'll make a separate post on this 'tip' one time but i really will not suggest anyone to store their polish on the fridge. Just keep it in a cool, dry place, making sure that you turn the bottle on different sides every once in a while.

Winner 2: Donna Jane Ramos Marcuap

‎I know I don't need to make my comment long , just simple :)

S-assy NAILS ! 

1) You don't have to be an expert to give your nails that eye catching definition that makes a difference, all you need is a little bit of skill, time and practice, and soon you'll definitely be able to achieve a salon-style manicure that will receive admiration from all of your friends .
2) Nail polish has become a must have of the season, but if your nail polish gets chipped, your manicure will look disastrous. Carry your nail polish with you and repair any nail polish chips in time so that you always have lovely and flawless looking nails.

~to get rid of #2 better have hbc nail polish products! :D

Thanks for that fab answer,sweetie!
I have to say that i was drawn to your creativeness so i am doubly glad that when i clicked randomizer you were picked!

Congrats to the winners!
Please wait for the email on how to claim your prizes.

Thanks for joining!
Jaa ne~!

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