Thursday, December 08, 2011

HP Hair Color Touch-Ups Review

Just a short review for today. I still have a lot of things that i need to do today...
isogashii, isogashii! (busy, busy!)

I mentioned to you all how i am sorta worrying about the white hairs peeking out. It is quite annoying when your hair is all dolled up in a chignon then those pesky strands would show up ruining your almost perfect bun. Now i don't have to fret no more about it!

HP Hair Color Touch-Ups to my rescue!

They claim that it is an "instant touch-up to cover your gray hair".
It has 3 shades available... Dark Brown, Medium Brown & Black

 Description at the back...

This is how it looks like...
I have to say that i am liking the packaging. It looks so sleek & let me tell you they are not the cheap & really-light type of tubes. It has a 'solid' weight that won't just slip from your grasp.

I'm sure that you could identify what shades they are just basing on the color of the tubes.

This is the black...

Then the dark brown...

Finally the medium brown...

Now, let's about the application.
My victim was none other but my sleeping mom. haha!
She got a salt & pepper hair so who is better that her to try this out, right? Anyway, th eproduct claims that it covers gray hair instantly. So this is the before picture...

See, i told you my mom was sleeping...
Oh, but i did this with her consent. hehe

I applied the black shade first & you'll get to see how it really did covered up the gray/white hairs. Amazing!!!

This is how all 3 looked like.
Compare it with the 'before' picture, you'll see how it really covered the grays!

About the scent, it actually has a nice scent. I can't quite remember what is the scent like because i gave all 3 tubes to my mom because my grays are not really obvious to begin with. My white hairs can still be hidden when i put my hair in a bun so it's not yet a big deal for me.

It smells nice at least. It won't give you a headache when you pop open the tube, so that's a plus point.

As for removal, you can easily remove this when you shampoo your hair.
Just be a bit careful when you apply it. Make sure you wait until it "dries" before you go gallivanting & rolling in your bed with a crisp white sheet because it would look murderous! haha!

Let's summarize...
  • works instantly
  • can really cover gray hairs
  • affordable
  • sleek packaging
  • smells nice
  • locally available
  • available in 3 different shades
  • can be easily removed by shampooing
  • you have to wait a bit before it completely dries
Will i purchase it?
Nah, i said that i gave it to my mom because my hair is still dark to begin with so i see no reason for me to keep it. But i guess when the time cones that i have really obvious grays then i will not hesitate!

Have you tried any hair touch-ups?

Hope you all are having a great day!
Jaa ne~!

Product given as sample. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. Opinion shared is personal view & is no way influenced by the company. Use at your own discretion.


Aya said...

I should gift this to my mom. Hahaha!

Thanks for the review :D

Ivy Boto said...

baka pwede siya sa brows? i have really dark brows and gusto ko light brown to match my hair.

Thiamere Brea said...

why not?
i remember youtube guru maricarljannah uses the allue hair touch ups for her brows din!
gold pa yun a!

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