Thursday, December 01, 2011

Ever Bilena Pro Longwear Lipstick in Polish

It's no secret that i'm a lipstick whore.
If there is one make-up that i can't live without it would, no doubt, be a lipstick.

There's just something about having your lips all dolled up even if the rest of your face is not yet even 'done'. I'm not a brand snob, though i admit that i do love mac lipsticks... actually, only 2 finishes from them, the amplified cremes & satins. But it doesn't mean that i do not check out other lipsticks out there because i do.

This is one lipstick that i am currently loving at the moment. I'm really glad that the color really suits me! I have to thank Maggie because i wouldn't have known that they already have pro longwear lipsticks until she made a post about it.

 Let's get to know my current favorite!

You can just click that to read the description from the packaging.

I can't remember how many shades they have in the pro longwear because i can't find any info on their Facebook page. The only info i can find is about the Mutya ng Pilipinas & other pageants....

Geez! I don't have anything about posting their events but i just hope that they would at least put information about their products/collections at least.

The only album that they have that i think really focused on their product is the EB mousse album!

I remember that they have shimmery ones, this i think is the only one that has the least shimmer so i decided to get it. I'll edit this post once i go back to the mall to ask their sales ladies again.

Then this is the ingredient list....

When they said designed to be worn on it's own, i did try wearing it without any lip balms & i'm happy to report that it didn't gave me that 'numb' feeling, unlike how i felt when i first tried MAC Red. So it already made an impact from there..haha!

Well, the packaging looks nice at least & it's sturdy.
It's light but not too light that it would fly out of your hand by just merely blowing air on it.

I like that it really seals shut when i put the cap. You can hear the "click shut" noise that indicates that the cap would really stay. It would be a pain if the cap would fly out accidentally while inside your purse, drawing half the contents of your bag (& worse your purse too!) with your very own lipstick.

I got the shade in Polish & this is how it looks like in the tube.

Looks gorgeous,huh?!

Here is how it looks like when swatched....

Maybe you'll asked me what is the one on top. It's the same swatch that i applied 24 hours before the newly swatched one (which is the one at the bottom, of course!).

My thoughts on Pro Longwear...

I think it just depends on what activities you really do before you could say that a certain lip product is long lasting. I mean, if you keep on eating & licking your lips, then there's no way that a lipstick could last on you even for 2 hours. If you don't do a lot of 'lip action' then it would last long on you. That's it.

There are some tricks that you can do to make a lipstick last so if you will be able to really take your time in applying your lipstick, i think anything could last (except sheer & glossy finishes) for a while. Drier lipsticks would tend to last longer than creamier/wet ones so i can understand why the consistency of this lipstick is somewhat thin.

But you will just ask me if this lasts longer than others, yes, it does.
One thing, it's really pigmented.

The swatched that i did was just swiped once. See how gorgeous it already looks like with just one swatch, to think that this is not really a frost finish but i like how "buildable" the color is. The more you pack it in, the more likely it will stay on your lips.

It has shimmers but not too shimmery, at least it doesn't really feel too chunky on the lips though which is good. I guess im just used to Mac lipsticks because mac has that creamy-feel to it every time i use it, which i like because it feels like it's locking in the moisture on my lips. While this one, is not really waxy but it just feels flat on my lips. But it doesn't look flat, ok? The hint of shimmers that it has gives the lips a dimension.

Forgive me, ladies, i just can't quite describe the texture. It's a bit thin & waxy but not the bad type of waxy feeling, because if this is waxy there's no way i would be using this no matter how beautiful the color is.

Anyway, that is when worn alone. But i guess that you will not really wear this alone,ne?
It's still preferable to prep your lips by moisturizing it before hand. Apply lip balms before anything else.

That's the only 'con' for me, but, again, i can easily solve it by just simply applying a lip balm before application.

I love how this color lights up my face without even putting any foundation on. I just have to fix my brows & im ready to go!

Let's summarize it

  • locally available
  • very affordable - Php 155 each
  • different shades to choose from
  • very pigmented
  • nice packaging - looks very professional
  • feels waxy when worn alone
  • not available internationally

Will i buy it?
Yes, of course!
Im not a fan of shimmers so if they have shades that are not too shimmery, i will definitely buy it!

So, have you tried the Pro Longwear line of Ever Bilena?

Hope you all are enjoying your thursday!
Jaa ne~!


donnarence masilungan said...

it looks so nice jem.. i might check this out.. :D

Ida said...

pretty shade sis!

Charlene B. said...

i have the Retro one, it's an orange shade. i like it! polish is such a nice shade. :)

saccharine0158 said...

it looks good on you! :) thanks for the review. ;)

allaboutjyl said...

sorry a bit off topic...just can't help but notice you have FLAWLESS skin now!!!! so happy that you've finally achieved your perfect skin...But for me not quite as the orange peel doesn't quite work for me...have to try and try other products again...That's a lovely shade of lipstick pala...loving it!! =)

Ahleessa said...

Never heard of this brand, but the the color is gorgeous. It looks great on you! :)

Lol~ I'm sure you will get the tokidoki brushes one day. :)

Tamondongrachel said...

where can i buy the terra cotta lipstick?

Iheartandrockit said...

im surprised that its pigmented din pla! i thought yung matte lipsticks lang nila. makabili nga! :)

Thiamere Brea said...

oo nga e
nakakatuwa at local lipsticks have a great shade selection

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