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Monday, December 12, 2011

HBC Giveaway Week 6:If you got it,flaunt it! (CLOSED)

The holiday season is almost here... just a couple more days. I can already feel the excitement in the air!
Have you done your shopping?

To be able to achieve a perfect look, foundation is really the key. Even if i don't really use foundation that much i know how important it is & why it is a must to have foundation on your kit.

I just said that i don't really apply foundation every time i go out but it doesn't mean i don't keep foundations on my kit. It's really a must to achieve a good flawless finish. So even if you don't have the perfect skin, you would still be able to flaunt it as long as you got the perfect shade for you.

This week's giveaway will give you a chance to be able to try out their mousse foundations. I haven't tried their mousse ones yet, but let me tell you that i like their liquid foundations. I bought 2 shades last weekend & i am liking it so far!

I'll do a review after a couple more weeks. But if i like their liquid ones, then most likely this would also be a good foundation!

Flawless skin that’s soft to the touch. A week of timeless beauty unfolds.
Cindy Crawford once said, “foundation is the most individualized makeup you wear.” Aside from foundation being your face’s BFF, it also adds color to your skin and shields it from the drying sun, wind and air conditioning.
Determine your foundation shade in natural light by sampling a swatch along your jawline. If it blends in perfectly without any strange-looking streaks, you’ve found your match. Make sure that your face and neck appear the same in color and the foundation has been well blended near the hairline and the jaw line.
Other options than liquid or powder forms? Try San San Mousse Foundation in Olive, Natural or Beige. Each pot is enriched with Vitamins A, C, and E for healthy skin and has an air whipped formula that provides long lasting color. Experience a different kind of mousse and stand up to the challenge by simply answering this week’s question:
When do you feel most flawless and why? Happy Beautiful Christmas!

Same rules apply: (numbers 5-8 are just for additional entry but it's not required)
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  2. Follow my blog. (required)
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Win the set of products on the poster. One winner will be chosen as best answer & the other will be drawn randomly. Giveaway is open only for Philippine-based residents only.

Can't wait to read your answers!
Jaa ne~!


bachuchay said...

I feel flawless whenever a guy tells me that they love my natural look..I guess that's the advantage of having a fair skin..=)

Marinette Nama
Liked your FB page
Twitter post :!/iambachuchay/status/146271167945248768

ReikaAmakura said...

I feel flawless after I finish my facial routine at night. You know that I love your blog coz we have the same skin problems. I dislike the heat from the sun. It makes my pores go overdrive in producing oil. At night, it feels cool and I feel flawless after I clean my face.

gfc: dark_oracle21 or amakura_reika
name: Thea Plete
email: dark_oracle21(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)ph
Liked HBC and your page. FB name is Thea Plete
FB post:

Apple Mercado said...

Answer: I feel most flawless in less make up! :) As mush as possible I really want my face to be clean all the time to make it breathe.. less make up for me means simplicity :) but as a student, a hectic schedules and lack of sleep and rest makes my pimples appear! so i'm just using a natural light foundation to hide it and to make it less visible.. because I believe Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication =) I ♥ hbc! :)

Gfc: apple mercado
*share on fb:
*like you Fb page! :)
*name: Apple Rozeanne Mercado

Thanks.God Bless! =)

AppleMercado said...

Answer: I feel most flawless in less make up! :) As mush as possible I really want my face to be clean all the time to make it breathe.. less make up for me means simplicity :) but as a student, a hectic schedules and lack of sleep and rest makes my pimples appear! so i'm just using a natural light foundation to hide it and to make it less visible.. because I believe Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication =) I ♥ hbc! :)

*share on fb:
*Like your FB page! :
*Gcf: apple mercado
*Name: Apple Rozeanne Mercado

Thanks :)

Shaz Gepana said...

answer- I feel most flawless when other people admire and love my beautiful and natural look. It’s overwhelming because I didn't even have any make-up on my face! they keep on asking about my secret beauty essentials. another was when my special someone told me that i am the most beautiful woman in his eyes. i was flattered but felt kilig so much. i felt like a goddess! Their compliments really made my confidence boost. I value and appreciate it whether it’s negative or positive comment. The more they remind me that I am beautiful, the more I am confident with how I look but my feet is always planted firmly on the ground.

name- charmaigne grace gepana

email address-

Liked ur Facebook page

Tweet the giveaway -!/charmaignegrace/status/146829342079582208

Blog about it-

AddED U on MY blogroll- /

Joy V. Merced said...


I feel most flawless whenever i wake up in the morning or right after taking a bath, minus the make up, whenever i stare at myself in the mirror during those times i can't help but to fall in love with myself ha ha! I also feel flawless whenever my husband stares at me during those times. :)

Name: Lovely Joy Merced



Joining! Did steps 1~6!

Elinor Semira said...

Answer: I feel most flawless after I had my hilod or body scrub session because it helps to wipe off the dead skin cells. It also supports in removing dirt, extra oil from the body. The small beads of the scrub contribute in exfoliating the skin, it also helps in unclogging the pores. Once you exfoliate the skin, it shines with glow and the entire body gets a youthful appearance. And one last tip... Enjoy life! Flawless skin is only attractive if it homes a radiating personality to go with it. :)

gfc: Elinor Semira
fb: Elinor Semira
fb post:
Blog post:
Added on my blogroll:

Elinor Semira

Ricalyn Sicad said...

Answer: I feel flawless when i have a very smooth and glowing skin and i dont wear any make ups because I am confident to show my natural looks.(--,)
name: RiCalyn Sicad
facebook link:
twitter link:!/rsicad/status/147252016173957120

Riza J. Llarena said...

I feel flawless whenever I Exfoliate my skin because it removes the dead skin cells that can make my skin appear dull and without glow. I use a scrub designed for exfoliation, once or twice a week then after exfoliating I apply moisturizer.Another thing is I’m not going to sleep with my makeup on. Lastly,I feel most flawless when I drink plenty of water.I try to drink at least eight glasses of fluids every day because water hydrates my skin and keeps it free of toxin and improves the elasticity of my skin, making it glow and flawless. I also avoid stress because it will not help me achieve a flawless skin. It can only make my skin appear dull.Getting enough sleep is next to water, probably the best thing I can do for my skin!

Name: Riza Llarena
GFC: rizel430

Facebook name: Riza J. Llarena
Fb Link:
Twitter: azleko

Thank You! :)

arra morta said...

I believe that I'm the most flawless when I've just eaten a nutritious foods(fruits and veggies mostly),take my vitamin supplements(vit c. and e.),do my exercize(atleast 15 minutes),drink 8 glasses of water(to stay hydrated thus keeping my skin moisturized from within),used products designed for my skin needs(cleanse,tones and moisturizes),use my sunblock everyday(atleast spf 15 to avoid spots),(slept atleast 6 hours),always think positive and did a good deed!I noticed that when I completed this steps people ask if wats my beauty secrets and they were shocked to learned that im 25,they assuming that im only 18!I believe we shoud take care of our skin as a whole!As I've read in many beauty blogs,Love your skin and they difinitely love you back!!!:)

fb post:
twitter post:!/NakedArra/status/148038507506577408

Arra Morta

gfc: arra
facebook: Arra Morta
twitter: NakedArra

Camille said...

I feel flawless when I

H-have San San Mousse Foundation on my face because it hides my acne scars, and shields my skin from the drying sun, wind and air conditioning
B-bake my mom's favorite strawberry cheesecake perfectly because it makes me feel confident of my culinary skills
C-create nicely-made visual aids for my preschool students because I hear lots of compliments from my co-teachers and from the kids themselves

-Followed via GFC (username is notyourordinaryteacher)
-LIKED HBC's facebook page (username is vintagekawaii onlineshop)
-facebook post
-Tweet link!/quiam/status/148412614815399936

Camille Quiambao

Momee Gee said...

I feel flawless every after I take a bath. :) hahaha yeah, especially after i put on the lotion on my skin. ;)

shared this in fb:

tweet this:!/kenge19/status/148421375592366081

followed all the pages. :)

Gessa Marie C

Kim said...

i feel flawless after putting on lotion to make it silky soft.

GFC: Kim

shared and tagged.
FB: Kimberly Camille Tiu

Kimberly Camille Tiu

Liked your page.
Twitted about the giveaway
Twitter post:!/kimtiu37/status/149892698923479041


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