Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas haul~

Can you believe that it's only a couple more hours before Christmas?!
Time flies...  really flies!

I just want to post my Christmas gifts that i got for myself.
Why did i buy gifts for myself?

It's because these would be the last items that i'll be getting for myself. I promised myself that unless i completed my Make-up Artist kit, i will not buy anything for myself that's why i went all out & gave in to the items that i have been dying to get.

So my "project mua kit" will start next year... actually, that's also saying that it will start now, except for the things that i really do need i won't be buying any personal make-up items for the time being. I would have to get all the Graftobian palettes if i want to have good quality cosmetics & they are not cheap. haha!

Anyway, on we go with my small haul. You all know that i try to only buy & use products that are budget-friendly but since this is going to be my last purchase for the meantime so i decided to splurge a little. hehe

A very handy yet captivating eyeshadow palette & my most coveted finishing powder!

I have always wanted to try the MAC cool liquid powder ever since it was first released in the Venomous Villain Collection but i wasn't able to buy it back then & i really really regret not getting it because i love anything that has cooling sensation!

I'm so glad that due to public demand MAC made it as a part of their permanent line! w00t w00t!
Sugoi!!! Awesome!!!

I had to ask a friend to buy this for me in Singapore because it's quite expensive here in the Philippines. Hey, it's the most expensive time of the year & i have to save up every centavo. haha!

She even gave me some MAC pamphlets!
I love that it has pro tips written on it.

I always love MAC's packaging.
It's so simple yet sleek!

Thanks so much, hun!
You made my christmas a really enjoyable one. I shrieked when i opened the package! Thanks for the glue remover too!

I have been searching high & low for this Daiso glue remover here & it's so dang difficult to find!
Love you, sweetie!
Thanks again!

Then the Sun Palette Horizon by YSL is THE palette that i have wanted ever since just because i love bright shadows (though i don't do eye make-up tut nowadays) & this palette just screams color!!!!!

Housed in a really cute brown velvet pouch with the sponge applicator nestled in the tiny pocket, it is just so luxurious!

Don't you think the colors are just dee-vine?!
My heart skipped a bit when i swatched it.

It looks so pretty i'm really so hesitant on swatching it for fear of destroying the pattern.. haha!
But my fingers are too big for this adorable palette, i ended up messing a stripe on the teal shadow. It's ok because if i didn't i might end up not using it.

I was lucky enough to order this palette at since this was a limited edition so when i saw that it was available i didn't hesitate clicking the buy now button because it screamed at me to take it home!

This has been sitting on my "kikay kit" ever since i got it & i L-O-V-E it!
I'm so happy that i was able to snag it!

I think i still have a couple of things that i haven't shared with you guys but that'll keep until the next posts... nothing major though. hehe. Wish me luck on the "personal make-up ban" that i have promised myself. I know that mostly when you make a promise that's when temptations really sets in,right?

I'll be very busy tomorrow because it's Christmas Eve already. I figure so you'll be,right?
I just hope that you'll have a very happy Christmas celebration!

Have a happy holidays, peeps!
Jaa ne~!

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Jennifer Huang said...

Yay! Glad you managed to splurge and get a few super desired items :D Would love to see the swatches from the YSL palette!

marshy mallows said...

Graftobian is a sure shot awesome brand of makeup, definitely for muas. I can't wait to see your works soon as a mua sis! I saw a review by Rachel Talbott on the MAC cooling powder, she says that it keeps the oil at bay but at the same time, hydrates the skin too but she uses it more of a highlighter.

I'm eyeing on this product! :)

Can't wait to read your take on it!

Merry Christmas doll!



DeBi said...

woot!!! even I will not touch the palette! review for the powder...happy holidays!!

Eve Shum said...

It looks so nice!!

Noniek said...

Very nice haul! The YSL palette so prettyyy!

Marge said...

i love the ysl!

chrisellesymua said...

Sis wow the YSL palette looks amazing... Sana ako din meron nyan. Kaso di ko magagamit kasi manghihinayang ako! Haha..

Happy holidays! At eto na...naguumpisa na din ako sa project mua ko. XD Kaya natin 'to!

Thiamere Brea said...

yeah, it has that nice glowing sheen though it's not too obvious. i'm not sure about it controlling oil because i don't think it contains kaolin or anything of the sort.. but who knows.. hehe

Thiamere Brea said...

well, i have been using the palette ever since i got it because the colors are amazing!
though everytime i dip my brush my minds screams at me to not apply force..haha!

Thiamere Brea said...

it does!
i can just stare at the shadows for a day!

Thiamere Brea said...

Happy holidays,din!
mega busy the past couple of days... kaloka!

Marge said...

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Thiamere Brea said...

haha..ginamit ko talaga sya kasi naisip ko what's the point of keeping it since i don't really want to start collecting make-up. i want to use it & i feel like once i start collecting mamumulubi talaga ko.. haha!

good luck satin,sis!

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