Saturday, March 27, 2010

~project 10 pan update~

Project 10 Pan all done!
(uh..not exactly, but im declaring it officially over!)

I started out the Project 10 pan last month, feb 3.

2 months have already passed & im almost done with it. I'm only having trouble with the Stila Solid Perfume since i use a different perfume every time i go out. So i haven't actually used it that much since it's summer & i prefer to use Benefit B-Spot for it compliments me better than other perfumes.

I made some past reviews or some of the products that i have here, i you want to back-read then just click the names.

Well then..i'll start it..

Etude House Cleansing Water - FINISHI thought that this is the last product that i'll be finishing on my list but im mistaken. I ind this product as a staple since this is a nice cleansing product that won't leave you with a heavy feeling. I have to buy myself another one!

The Face Shop Polish Remover - FINISH
I love this polish remover. Compare to the brands that i have tried this one really leaves my nail clean without drying it. You will know that the remover is drying your nails once you see a whitish mark on your nails. Although this product has acetone on it, but it doesn't dry my nails as it was with other brands.

Bench Pure Mist Facial Spray - FINISH
It's easy to finish this since it's summer & to battle the constant humid, i keep this in handy. It gives me skin that fresh-look without redoing everything.

Nivea Lip Care - FINISH
Woot woot!
Now i can finally say to myself that i was able to finish a lip product.

Nivea Q10 Eye Cream - FINISH

I stopped using this because i got lazy & began the habit again when i started project pan. I'm sticking to my initial review that this indeed work,if you religiously put it. This is a great and cheap product that work for me.

Neutrogena Fine Fairness UV Compact - HIT PAN
Love this too!
I think i have found my HG compact powder. This doesn't break me out, stays on & blends well. I perspire a lot & that's 1 o the reason why i don't use foundation. I look & feel muddy when i put foundation then perspire later. It does wear out because i frequently wipe my ace, but unlike other foundation that tends to sorta mix with your sweat (i's gross!) this 1 really stays on your skin & will only be removed if you wipe frequently.

 I will be trying out liquid foundations, but this 1 is my favorite when it comes to compact powder...Now, i only Neutrogena got liquid foundations available here...

Clean & Clear Oil Film - 5 pcs pleft
I accidentally threw the packaging away, but i was able to finish it. This is also a staple for me. As what i said before, i always keep 3 of this. 1 on my work table, another on my wallet & another on my make-up case.

Elf Eyebrow Kit - HIT PAN

This little buddy has kept my brows looking fine & mighty. This had become a product-that-i-need since i have been going for a clean, no make-up look & brows is an important part of it. I think this is available here in the Philippines already. 

Placenta Cream - FINISH
This was included on my local obagi kit. I actually love this, but purchasing just this is not an option since this came from the set (which didn't work for me). What i like about this is that it's a heavy formula without that heavy feeling. The product actually looks like a dark rose& when i put it on, it can somewhat conceal my blemishes & give me that slight flushed look.

I tried buying other placenta creams available, but nothing beats this no-name cream. Too bad that i won't be able to grab this 1 product or myself..

Stila Jade Blossom - Utter Failure - 55% left T_T
I have finished more products during the time that i was on project pan so i feel that even if i can't finish the solid perfume it's not a big deal because i compensated for it by using other products as well. My Beneit B-Spot is already half-way done. Woot woot! I love it...I prefer it over my Britney Spears curious, which doesn't suit me at all..

I was able to finish/hit pan on:
-Eskinol DermaClear C (the big one)
-Elf concealer palette (the lightest shade)
-Kiss Xtreme Growth

With that said, i therefore declare the Project 10 pan a success!
I'll be doing a shopping spree with a friend later since i'm done with my project 10 pan. Whoopee!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Why is it that some posts on my dashboard doesn't have pics on them. I mean, like a picture icon. Before posts always have this picture icon next to the title, but now it doesn't have. Any idea why?


Golden said...

Wow! Congratulations on your project 10 pan. Woot woot!

Lots of love,

Abby said...

Congrats sis! I wasnted to buy that neutrogena compact. only that, i'm skeptical if the light shade would be light enough for my ghost-like complexion =p

Askmewhats said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Wowowee sounding) hehehe I am so proud of you for finishing up a lot of products! And go go go on the next Project 10 pan!!

Stephanie said...

congrats on finishing! I felt like it was so quick! also your pic did show up in my feed this time! i think it's just random

Anonymous said...

wow! congrats sis thia!=)

enjoy your shopping spree girl=)

Elsa said...


Hope I could do that project too, Im kinda not spending too much on make up because of the economic trend har har!

but I am so proud you did it sis!!!!

God bless you always!!!

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Wow! Thats a lot of finished products! You have an excuse for shopping now :P

Sarah said...

Whit woo!! Go you!!!! :)
That is fantastic! I really need to do this project I think.. you have inspired me! x

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