Thursday, March 25, 2010

~thoughts on Viva Glams Gaga & Cyndi~

Sorry for the lack of posts,hunnies. I thank everybody who continuously support my blog even while im on hiatus. Arigato, mina-san.

I've had the MAC Viva Glams Gaga & Cyndi for quite sometime now & i think i can now share my thoughts on them. So yeah, for this pic, i used them (yep! them!)

Do i like them? Is it a must-buy product?
Read on...

The time that i heard that Lady Gaga is about to have her very own viva glam i got excited. I have been checking for swatches every now & then that in the end, i was caught up on the hype of it. I even asked Steph to get one for me. She's so nice to actually do me a favor.

Thank you,Steph. I really appreciate it.

I'm not a fan of Lustre finishes. The reason is that i have a pretty pigmented lips so the colors doesn't show up on me that much, especially nude colors. For light colors, it will leave me with a weird-looking lips so i pretty much prefer Amplified Cremes, Satins & Mattes that provide more pigments & won't matter if you have pigmented lips. For darker shades of lustres, i can rock it but i have to really swipe it a couple of times before i achieve the color that i want to.

One good point in using lustre finish is that it's build-able. If you want a very sheer look then just swipe it can build the intensity of the color by swiping it again & again until you achieve the desired look. It won't give you that 'really wet' look, but instead a juicy-looking lips but still pigmented.

Whenever i use these, i have to use a lip concealer to make the pretty color on the tube appear on my lips. This is when the Etude House Lip Concealer comes in handy.

With that said, i find it quite tiresome to use 3 products on my lips each time i decide to wear it. This is especially for VG Gaga...Why 3?
First - it's a must to moisturize the lips first. Not just because i'm using a lip concealer, but it's a great way to keep your lips looking great. You don't want a dry-looking lips,ne?
Second - Lip concealer - i made a review of the Etude House lip concealer HERE.
Finally - the lipstick...

It sure sound a lot,huh?This is why i'm not that satisfied with it. While others are going crazy over how nice it looks, sadly, in my case it's not the same. This would really be good for those that don't have pigmented lips & can rock nude lustres alone.

Again, while most have provided swatches & lip shots, i think you won't be able to really see how 'nice' it looks like unless you see a full face pic. I'll not do the usual product shots since i know that there are a lot out there & im sure you're tired of them by now. So, i just decided to play a bit with my toys to take a pic.

Sorry, i did not bother to do a heavy coverage so you would see some blemishes since i only do make-up for my blog during the evening when i'm free.

I think my shade went a bit darker since lately i'm not able to wear sunscreens as much as before. So from NC20, i guess im now down to NC 25-30 (this is just a rough estimate), so that you would know how it would look like on a certain shade.

Let's start with the Viva Glam Gaga:

To show the true color of it, i have to use a lip concealer underneath. If i use it without concealer, it would go from a nice bubblegum-y pink to a light mauve-y pink. Personally,i can't rock this color alone....such a shame. It's such a pretty color on the tube. (-___-") I look horrible with this color on, seriously...I think it made my teeth yellow-er...accckkk!!!!

Would you believe that i took like 30 pics with Gaga on & everything looks horrible. I think this is the only pic that looks better than the rest, but mind you, i'm still not satisfied with it. It just dawned on me that no matter how many pics i took, Gaga won't be my best bud...*sigh*

Sugi, Viva Glam Cyndi:

Underneath a lip concealer, i don't need to build the color by swiping it over & over. I think i swiped it on my lips or like 3x to get this color. I like Cyndi better than Gaga obviously.

Surprisingly, when you mix Gaga & Cyndi, you'll get this pretty color:

A rose colored look that is perfect for daytime & even evening look. I actually like this color a lot. This is the color that i have on my 1st pic on this post. Do any of you know what MAC lipstick is close to this shade? I would love to be able to get myself one.

So, i might not rock Gaga alone, but when i pair it with other colors, it would give a nice subtle look to any dark color that i am going to pair it with. Cyndi is great by itself, but paired with Gaga, you can have an awesome color!

I'm not sure if this is a limited edition though...but if you are looking for a nice pink & red lipstick, this pair is worth checking out. Not only do you get to contribute in the MAC Aids Fund, but you get to have a cool-looking packaging since the box & the tube got their signature on.

Great packaging!
Next lemming - MAC Liberty of London ^_~

So, have you tried these 2?
What are your thoughts?

Until my next post..
Hope y'all have a great day!
I'm going back to watching Buzzer Beat.

Jaa ne!


Bea said...

I love viva glam cyndi on you sis. :)
very pretty. If im not mistaken victorian ata yung shade na malapit pag yung 2 VG yung mi-nix mo. hehehe.
I agree also with the viva glam gaga, it makes teeth yellowish, but still i want to try gaga for myself.. hehe. but as of now, im inlove more with cyndi and would want to try it as well. :)

Y said...

ughh, i hated viva gaga as well. I felt like it looked garish on my lips and slightly ostentatious. maybe if we were all pale like gaga, then it'd be better

Anonymous said...

I prefer the mixes that you made for the two lippie sis, it looks gorgeous on you, =)

Jing said...


they both look pretty!
i personally like the gaga on you!

youve been absent in the blogosphere for long period of time already...
dami mo na absent ha.
whats keeping you busy? whats wrong?
are you ok now?

i was about to message you ayan naman may blog post ka pala! haha!

Jess said...

You look super fresh and pretty with bright pink on your lips!

superchuboink said...

wow, the lady gaga version is pretty :)

Askmewhats said...

Cyndi on you is pretty! You're right! But the Gaga lippie looks nice pa din, couldn't imagine you took more than 30pix for it! :) Mixing and matching looks great too! at least you've got options!

locke said...

Hi Ms. Thia^^ ooh, love the combination of both lipsticks on your lips.your gorgeous as always :) xoxo

Khymm said...

both colors look pretty on you sis! very lovely.. =) im eyeing on Cyndi hehe

xxNikkiDooxx said...

Yaaay! You're back to your lemming. :D

Kakatuwa nman tong Anonymous mo sa cbox. :))

Stephanie said...

I pretty much thought the same thing. That's why I didn't buy gaga for myself yet. I really wish it would work for me. When I saw that first pic I thought "wow it looks soooo good on her." Then you said it was a mix of the two, lol. you look super duper cute with both girl! :)

Sarah said...

Ohh they are sooo pretty mixed together!! I Love the look of Cyndi on you it looks just gorgeous!!!!

Pammy said...

You look gorgeous with both lippies, dear Thiamere. :P

CHARRY said...

Thanks for the review sis. I want to get gaga too but I'm afraid it might be too light for my taste.

Crystal said...

i think both shades are pretty :) i didn't buy them though.

lindah said...

I love the new viva glams :) gaga is more of my style, but cyndi makes me want to wear more bold lip colors ^_^ The lippies are sorta limited edition, they will go away next year but they give you a whole year to decide if you want tons of back ups of it :D lol.. and how come they don't have MYTH over there? ahhh, I still gotta try out myth but I know that's too light also LOL.. I'll try this one out at the counter this time :D

Golden said...

Cyndi looks prettier indeed but Gaga isn't really that bad.

Lots of love,

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