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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

ardell stuff and mac victorian lipstick alternative

Im trying to get back to blogging through the help of my "anonymous" friend. You'll get to see random messages on my cbox 'encouraging' me to update my blog.

Arigato, anonymous-san!

I got these 2 weeks ago, i think...I did not buy these for myself, but bf did...even if im done with the Project pan, i said to myself that i will not be buying as much cosmetics since i don't get to use it that much. But bf insisted that i get something that i wanted as a reward for being a good girl.

Since i haven't bought anything from Ardell so i decided to get something from it.
On to my reward...
I got the Ardell Brow & Lash Growth Stimulator & 110 faux lashes.

I love the false lashes.
It compliments the shape of my eyes & really gives me that open-eyed, wide-awake look.
Ardell 110 lashes looks a lot like the Revlon faux lashes in Intensifying. It's such a relief since i wanted to be able to continue using this type of lashes, but i can't find something exactly the same as it. I'm glad i was able to find an alternative...

Now as for the Lash Growth, i'll just do another post for it after a month of using it.

I met a friend last week & went to Rustans since i am looking for a lipstick shade close to the crossover of Viva Glams Cyndi & Gaga.

Too bad that there isn't a shade that i can find that is close to that shade... i was able to take a look at the Spring Forecast Collection since it has MAC Victorian. It is a nice pink lipstick but it has shimmers & im horrible at them. I was surprised that it reminded me of the local lipstick that i have.

I took the pic without flash

You might not believe it but Fanny Serrano Moisturific Gold in Strawberry Sparkle is a great alternative for it. I'm using the word alternative compare to the word 'dupe' since everybody uses that word. I think every lipstick has their own characteristic & is not made to be exactly like one. That's why i used the word 'reminded' a while ago. Strawberry Sparkle is more shimmery than Victorian but the base color is almost the same.

I wasn't able to do justice on the color, but it really looks nice

You can take a look at the pics over at Temptalia's site if you want to get a better pic of MAC Victorian.

Well, there ya go
Hope you'll have a great day.

For those who observe holy week, may you have a blessed & peaceful holy days.

Jaa ne~!


Crystal said...

thanks for the great suggestion!

Ida said...

Hehe katuwa yung mga anonymous messages sa cbox :D The falsies look nice. Very shimmery and especially frosty lipsticks don't look good on me either, so I wasn't interested in Victorian. That looks like a good dupe though :)

Askmewhats said...

yay for being a good girl and for getting those stuffs, such sweet bf :) Wonderful lipstick suggestion too :)

maki said...

is fanny serrano moisturific really moisturizing?

Y said...

Please do tell how the Ardell works! I've been meaning to try it out, but i don't want to get some weird gimmicky thing, even though it's like 5 dollars in the USA

Golden said...

OMG, I have to check that lipstick line. Thanks for the tip sis.

Lots of love,

Sush said...

ooohh i actually do like fs lipstics, ill def check that one next time i hit the mall! thanks :)


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