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Monday, May 31, 2010

Dr Jart+ Philippine Launching Event

Last Saturday, i went to the launching of Dr.Jart+ BB Cream in the Ayala Museum. For those who doesn't know what is a BB Cream, i made an introduction of it HERE, feel free to read it. This is the first event that i was able to attend & it was a fun experience.

Dr. Jart+ BB Cream is what i wanted to try before when i first learned about BB Cream because i heard a lot of good feedback about it saying that it is really addressed for acne-prone. Even Sis Gracie told me to give it a try seeing as how other BB Creams didn't work for me. But since i wasn't willing to spend so much on the shipping fee, aside from the fact that it's expensive, i have never tried it. So even though im not really fond of going out & said to myself that i won't try BB Cream for the time being, but the lure of Dr.Jart+ is too great that i said to myself that i would really attend come what may. 

I asked a friend to come with me since i was reluctant to be there alone since i don't know what to expect... When we were at the registration i was given a warm welcome by the event coordinator, Edwin Torres. I was actually thankful that he was there to assist us since i don't have the faintest idea about what to do & to expect.

We arrived on time, but it looks like we are too early, so my friend & i just strolled along the mall. We went back after an hour but it still hasn't started so we just took some pictures while waiting...

Then finally it started...

It was hosted by the lovely Isabel Roces, who i have always thought as a filipina version of Angelina Jolie.

Here is the Bellemaru Corporation President's Joel Lozada giving us a welcome & telling us how proud they are in introducing Dr. Jart+ to the Filipinos.

Did you know that Dr. Jart's name is actually derived from the initial of the medical specialist Dr. Sung-jae Jung & the word 'art' which connotes the brand's core value of healing & nourishing the skin? I think that is actually a good name!

And what's more is their availability...
You can purchase it at selected Mercury drug outlets! That's great news,isn't it? One of the most sought-after BB Cream is already available here in the Philippines & you can purchase it at Mercury drug?! Shut up!

Let's start with their best-selling BB Cream, the Dr. Jart+ Detox Healing BB Cream Black Label...

It has spf 25 for sun protection, chamomile extract to soothe blemished skin, allantoin that adds life to the skin by providing moisture all the while evening out the skin tone. This is specially made for those that got dry skin though...

SRP: 50 ml - P1,940; 15 ml - P 845

As for the other variants, they have the:

 from right to left: Water Fuse BB Cream (Green label), Rejuvenating BB Cream (Silver label)
& the Premium BB Cream (Gold label)

The Water Fuse BB Cream (Green label) provides rich moisture to the skin while providing a clean, natural finish. It has a groundbreaking water holding system that maintains healthy moisture level for the dewy look. It also controls sebum production. I think this is suited for those that got normal skin.

SRP: 50 ml - P1,975

The Rejuvenating BB Cream (Silver label) perfectly conceals blemishes with a matte finish. It has a sebum controlling function that addresses excessive oil production & albutin that also gives the skin a brighter skin tone. Now this one is good for oily skin like mine...

SRP: 50 ml  - P1,780 / 15 ml - P740

Then the Premium BB Cream (Gold label) that contains antioxidants to enhance skin's elasticity & improve skin texture. It got a whopping spf45 that isolates both UVA & UVB for better protection. This is suited for mature skin types.

SRP: 40 ml - P3,160

Those are the different variants of BB Cream that they offer.

Now on to the event....

Together with Miss Isabel Roces is the the brand manager Miss Marah Benin. There was a demonstration of how it is applied & how it looked like afterward with their lovely model.

The model looks real pretty,ne? This is after the application of the product. No whitish cast in the pic, right? Hmmm...this BB Cream really do sound so promising!

Then a program followed giving us an overview of each BB Creams. Some models even hit the runway donning Jun Escario's ensemble. 

After the program, we sought out Edwin to thank him for the accommodating us.I would also like to thank Miss Camille Chee for inviting me. It was a great event & i thoroughly enjoy myself!

Thanks again Miss Camille & Edwin!

Have you tried this BB Cream yet?
Let us know!

Hope y'all have a great start for your week,lovelies!
Jaa ne~!

I'm not sure when i'll be using the BB Cream though. Maybe once my skin has stabilized & is not overly oily anymore, i'll try using it. Of course, i'll you all know how it works on me.. if it will actually work for me.

I'm about to have a giveaway & im very excited. I'll let you all know about it after a couple of days.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner Review

As i've been loving the "no make-up" make-up look on which the main point is to define the eye, a good eyeliner is a must. Since i mostly use liquid liner for the lining the top part of my eye there's no problem with it, but then i have a little trouble looking for a good eye pencil that i can use for tight-lining.

I used to love Lancome's khol eyeliner for it can really give that intense black, but i lost it & i was able to find a good substitute for it which is the Ever Bilena Eyeliner Pencil. The EB eyeliner pencil is also smoldering black & it's great to wear especially if you are going for a dark smokey eye make-up. The only problem that i encounter is that lately,my skin went from oily-to-extremely oily because of the super hot climate that we have here. On which, when i wore eyeliner & it smudges, i mostly end up with a raccoon eye.

When i bought the Revlon Colorstay foundation, i also bought the Colorstay eyeliner since the SA said that it stays really long & won't smudge on you. I let her sales-talked me on which i ended up buying it too. I have been using it for quite sometime so i think it's time that i give a feedback about it.

Revlon® Colorstay™ Eyeliner glides on adding drama and definition to your eyes. Waterproof formula won’t smear, smudge or fade for up to 16 hours.
Available in 8 shades.

Won't smear,eh?

Won't smudge,eh?

Won't fade,eh?

It's an automatic pencil & what's great about it is that it got a sharpener at the end so you can sharpen it when you need to. I'm terrible in using it though for i always end up breaking the liner instead of sharpening... but after chopping half of it off from too much clumsiness, i was able to finally sharpen it.

I purchased this mostly because i need a good liner for tightlining & waterlining.

Let's let the pictures do the talking from now...

I tightlined my eye, making it sure that i only apply it at the top since i want to see if it will really stay on. Sorry about the brow..wasn't able to pluck prior to this.

I left my lower lash line bare so to know if it will smudge later on...

Again, i only apply it at the upper waterline. I did not apply any liner at the top, so it's only mascara.

I went out shopping... after 4 hours of grueling torture because of the heat & pollution, this is how it looked like afterward.

So, what do you think?
Did it stay true to its promise?

Let's take a closer look..

Ok, i'll let you be the judge of that. Tell me what you think about it..did it stand to its claims?

But take into consideration this information before you decide for yourself:

  • I have a very oily skin
  • It was super HOT during the time that i tested this (like it was 35 degrees)
  • I teared a bit because someone accidentally blew cigarette smoke on my eyes (then the next day, i develop a sore throat already -__-")
I prefer pencils due to hygienic purpose. I feel like i can really get rid of dirt & whatever it is i need to remove by disinfecting & sharpening it. It's super easy sharpening a pencil liner & won't require you to be extra careful (unlike with this one), just a few twist & you're done.

It's just that with automatic liners, it seems harder to disinfect it. Call me OC, but isn't it when we twist it so much & expose it to air, we risk it? So how the hell can we easily clean it? What if you didn't know that it got germs that can lead to eye infection & since we don't know how to fully disinfect it we got some of it on our eyes?

When i disinfect pencil liners, i dip the tip in the alcohol, wait for it to dry then i sharpen it. Then i dip the tip again, wait for it to dry then put the lid on. I'm only this clean freak on my liners since they are the ones that i use near my eyes. It's better to be safe than sorry,ne?

Since i want to hear what you think, i'll skip the usual pros & cons.
Colorstay liners are priced at Php 475 (approx $10) each at leading malls.

Wanna know what i think about it?
Maybe my picture will tell you what i think about it..

Don't forget to tell me what your verdict are,hunnies

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Jaa ne~!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Etude House VIP Girl Lipstick Base Review

This is the first lipstick base that i have tried and since i know how a face & eye primer works, i have a high expectation for this product. Thinking that this would actually make the colors appear brighter, lipstick stays longer & so on...but much to my disappointment, it didn't...

If you wanna know the details, then read on..if you don't & just want to know my verdict..well, i'll tell you...

This is a waste of money,hunnies...

Why so?
Let's get to the itty gritty details of how i came to hate this product.

This was included in the Peach Spring Collection last year on which they include items with hot pink packaging.

This is how it looks like...

Im not exactly a fan of hot pink though...

I hate the packaging.

It's in a squeeze tube...
Instead of a screw-type lid, it's a pull-off type where it has the tendency to spill if you're clumsy like me, which it definitely did on me.

You apply it like so:


Now that we got that out of the way, let's talk about the product.

It's creamy pink fluid with a mild scent. It's suppose to lighten the lips so that when you apply the lipstick the color would be more bright & can last longer...or so they say.

The scent is not bad, i think it's actually nice. I just can't exactly describe it because it's not flowery nor fruity. It smells good though, not overpowering that when you apply it the scent won't linger & would actually disappear afterward.

When applied on the skin it would have that subtle hint of what you see on the pic...

Let's do some swatches to see if it makes a difference. I picked different formulas of lipstick for this purpose.

1. MAC Ultra Elegant - Slimshine
2. MAC Viva Glam Gaga - Lustre
3. MAC Mac Red - Satin
4. MAC Blankety - Amplified Creme

I swatched it on the part where i applied it, the top part doesn't have the base & the bottom part has the lipstick... Do you notice any difference?

I don't!

Well, considering that this is a lip base, i should be applying it on my lips instead.
So let's try it...

I put it at my lower lip & left the upper lip bare so that we get to see if it makes a difference on the lip color.

Let's start it first with my favorite nude lipstick, Blankety. It is an Amplified Creme which means that it's rather opaque but still creamy in texture.

I think there is a slight difference, though not something that is really very obvious.

This time let's try it with a red lip color with Satin formula (semi-matte) & see if it would still make a difference.

Sorry if it looks uneven since i just swiped it without even bothering to look at the mirror...let's just focus on the color,shall we?

Any difference?
Maybe a little..but in reality there's not much difference between the with & without. They just look the same.

I have been using this as much as i can & lately i notice that my lips are chapping. I thought that it's just because of the humid climate that we have here. So i applied Nivea nightly to bring back the moisture. But i still notice that my lips are getting drier & drier until such time that my lips just cracked & bled.

This is the first time that that happened to me! I had never had my lips cracked open & bled before. That's the time when i decided to not put anything on my lips & wait until it gets all better. Everything is going on fine until last saturday when i met with Lea that i used this again & notice that my lips starts to chap think that i used a lip balm underneath! This is one nasty monster!


I'd rather use the lip concealer compare to this one.

The lip concealer is creamy so even if it's a concealer it won't dry out your lips as much as the lip base does. I was thinking that since the base is fluid, the moisture from the lips are being sucked dry by the formula itself, 'prepping' the lips so that the lipstick would stay longer.

When we think about it, if you apply a foundation on your lips it would make the surface dry so that the lipstick would be able to cling to it.

But in my case, since i have the type of lips that chaps a lot, this won't do. I have a habit of licking my lips whenever i feel that it's drying therefore i ended up eating the lipstick instead. I'd rather use a lip balm as my base since it doesn't make much of a difference, plus the fact that it doesn't make my lips feel dry.

As for this making the lipstick last longer, i don't really know for sure because just like what i said it kept me licking my lips so i ended up eating my lipstick & reapplying it every now & then. One thing is for sure, if i want to consume my lipstick faster than any i have tried, this is the perfect product to use.

Am i impressed?
Hell no!

  • cheap
  • has a mild scent
  • packaging sucks
  • formula sucks
  • application of lip balm prior to using IS A MUST
It's priced at Php 298 ($6.50 approx) each.

Now if you have the sort of lips that doesn't dry & chaps as much as i do then feel free to give this a try, but if you suffer from dry lips, i suggest that you just skip this & buy a lip treatment instead.

Have you've ever used any lipstick base?
Care to share?

Hope you find this useful!
Have a great day,y'all!

Jaa ne~!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

~hanging out with anonymouse & ranting~

As im sure most of you, who frequently visits my blog, know the 'anonymous' commenter on my cbox. She, who shifted from being anonymous to anonymouse, have shown support on my blog from the moment that she knew i started blogging.

Though she leaves 'criticisms' (i'll get you for this, girl! there will be payback time...hehe), but i know that deep in her heart she just looks forward to more meaningful post that she, as a reader, & most of you really wanted to read.She is actually my college buddy & we've been together ever since the first day of school until we started the first leg of job hunting, that i remember our professors before used to call us as twins since we are stuck with each

Now, i present you my dear friend.... Lea Dynah Hanopol aka Anonymouse!

We have been in touch with each other as much as we can & try to meet but due to conflicting schedules we are not able to do so. But last friday, since it was Korean Holiday & we teach koreans, we were able to arrange a meeting at SM Mall of Asia.. She was slim the (during college years) & i can't freakin' believe that she is still slim up to now...whereas in my case, i doubled in weight! gaaahhhh!!! (-__-")

And since i feel like sharing my college pics before, i'll give you a peak of my scrapbook.
*thinking of the payback time*

I made it into a collage & added some decorations to make it cuter. These are some of my most cherished memories during college years & my closest friends back then...


Yep, that's me in the middle. This was taken as part of our graduation pictures...
I have been big even is still now... & had lost hope of ever losing weight..hehe..

Now, back to what i was rambling about. We just spent the time talking, talking & more talking...aside from eating, walking, taking pictures & playing at the arcade. It was sweltering hot that i fear that by the time that i meet with her i would already look a mess & smell awful...which i think i did, thanks to our climate (-__-")

First stop, i told her that im famished so we went to Tokyo Cafe to talk and eat at the same time...

Now you all know that i don't usually post food pics, but for the sake of fun, i decided to take a pic of what we ate.

Now let me tell you, it took a long time before the food finally arrived. To think that it wasn't lunch time or even dinner time. I was disappointed with how slow they serve the food that time, but since we were catching up on old times, so at least we were distracted from the fact that we waited forever for our food to arrive.

Finally, after 48 years, our food arrived. I can't exactly remember the names of the food though...

1. Fried Seafood Salad with Japanese dressing
2. Corn Soup
3. Hot Royal Milk Tea
4. Mango Jelly
5. Chicken Hamburger

I ordered the foods at the bottom & she got the foods at top

The salad is ok..i will not exactly say that it's excellent. The fried seafood are too oily though..but the dressing is pretty nice.

I should have just ordered the same with what she ordered because it tastes good.

Then, after spending an hour chatting along & filling our stomach, we decided to walk off & head on straight to the breakwater to take a pic of the sunset.

Though i wasn't able to do justice on this pic because it was a lot better with the sun looking like a big ball of fire beneath the dusky sky...

It was nice because it was windy & not so hot anymore. We even saw some guys putting what-looks-like firecrackers, which i assumed would be for a fireworks show later on in the evening.

We just decided to head on over to Timezone to pass the time & play some arcade games. We haven't actually played any arcade games when we were in college so we tried to experience it together.

It was pretty fun though, being able to play together with her.

Then as for our last activity, we decided to try the photo booth...

on which i feel like i was cheated Php160 since i was not satisfied with it...but hell, it was a nice souvenir as is..

Then it was time to go home... It was pretty nice being able to hang out with a friend that i haven't seen for a while.

Now, on the side note. I did not buy any beauty-related stuff. I was eye-ing the Marionnaud brushes over at Watsons & was thinking of buying all of them since they are so cheap, but i decided to just wait for my payday. It will also give me some time to think about whether i really need to buy it ot not..but most likely i won't be buying it already..haha!
I had a great time hanging out with a gf that i know that there will be a catch later on...& i was right indeed!

On to the ranting part

I think i was scammed at facebook because i 'bought' a mickey player. I paid for it & i did not receive it, which i was supposed to last may 20 but i wasn't able to...i am waiting for it since he said that he would be having the next batch of players available this may 28....but he already deleted his facebook i think there's a high chance that i won't be getting my money back or ever hearing from him again because i was trying to call his phone & he is not answering...


I sure wish that tomorrow..or maybe even later, he would trip on the floor with broken glasses on it. Then when he tries standing up, he will hit his head on the sharp corner of a table where he'll sustain deep wounds. then afterwards he'll go to sleep & have a nightmare where there would be giant mickey players running after him threatening to crush him.

I won't post his name, though i still have his information. I think this is already enough for him. I believe that he will get what he sow. And since he planted rotten seeds, he'll get rotten little monsters roaming around his room for the time being...

I'm such a scary little bitch,aren't i?

Anyway, i'll still try to give him the benefit of the doubt..He promised May 28 & there are still a few days until the deadline so i think there's still a chance that i would still receive it (though highly likely). I'll let you know if i was able to receive it...

So, there you go. A little lesson for everybody. Not because you have done a lot of online shopping means that you won't be duped by any seller. After all there's a first time to everything,ne? For those who are thinking of buying a mickey player & wanted to make sure that the seller that i encountered is not the same with your seller, then feel free to ping me to ask for the details if this seller & i'll GLADLY give you the details to make sure that you won't be duped.

That's my adventure for the past few days...
How about you?

Hope y'all have a great evening!
Jaa ne~!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Etude House haul

I went to the mall a couple of weeks ago to buy some necessities for my vacation and was glad that Etude House had opened a branch in SM Manila. I wasn't really planning to buy a lot of stuff since i decided to stop myself from hauling but the fact that Etude House is just near me now and i can visit it whenever i want to got me so giddy that i ended up buying a couple of stuff.

I was looking for a good sunblock and i saw that their Perfect Proof Sun Guard has spf50+ PA+++. I seriously don't have an idea what is the meaning behind that PA+++ thing, but the fact that it is spf50 is already enough for me to buy it. They actually have 2 variants of this sunblock, the other is a pink one & it got whitening properties whereas this blue one is water/sweat proof. Since i'm gonna go swimming so i just have to grab the blue one.

I am about to ran out of my favorite make-up remover so i thought about trying out their lip and eye make-up remover. I have the mascara remover which i don't like, that's why i put it up on my blogsale, but i would still like to try this. Then i grabbed the Baking Powder Facial foam just because i like the scent. It has that clean, citrus-y (like pomelo) scent that i like so much so i added it on my cart.

Then i saw that they have a lipstick base. I have never tried a lipstick base yet, except for my lip concealer so i added it too same with the eyebrow kit. Then as i'm about to pay for it, i saw the super cute nail buffer & nail shiner that they had and i knew that i should have it because it's so girly! It makes me wanna feel like grabbing it every now and then just because of how cute they are...hehe

They gave me a free sample BB Cream, which i would never use since im scared of BB Creams and a folder with  Lee Min Ho as the model... not exactly into Korean hotties because im more into Japanese Ikemens..hehe

Reviews are soon to follow for some of the products that i have bought. For those who are near SM Manila, feel free to drop by at their store. it's a lot bigger than the main branch, which is in SM Megamall. A lot more space to move around!

Do you have a favorite Etude House product?
Care to share?

Have a great day!

Jaa ne~!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Weekend nails: zebra nails with a twist

Another nail design post..

i'm trying to catch up with my posts even though i know that half of my readers are not even aware that i have began blogging again because im having some issues about posting. I can't use easily. There are some times when i can't upload pics...

i think i have to revert back to the old dashboard

But you know im beginning to get annoyed because of the problems that im encountering in blogger.

Ok, on to the nail design

I sported this look when i took a vacation last weekend. I just decided to have a different nail design & was doing some random nail designs when i experimented on this one. I think it looks pretty nice..

Things needed:
  • base color of your choice
  • brush with thin bristles/nail art pen (i used an artist brush 3/0)
  • black nail polish (for making stripes)
  • glitter polish
  • base & top coat

Let's start:
  • As usual, start with a base coat. Let it dry then apply your base color. I chose silver base color this time.

  • As soon as the base color is dry, apply a strip of glitter polish like so...

  • Once is enough, it will serve as a guide on making stripes so you know where to stop. you can just reapply later on if you want it more glittery.

  • Take the brush then dip it into a black nail polish (or just a black nail art pen if desired)

  • Then make small random lines. Take your time, it doesn't have to be perfect, that's the key in doing a zebra print design. The more random it is the better.

Then if you want to add more glitters then do so! Don't forget to use a top coat to make your art last longer.

And with that, you can flaunt your new nail design. I can assure you that this is a very fun nail design & it will make you stare at your nails for sometime.

I made a video for those who want to see how i paint the stripes on

Hope that you'll try this design!
Have a great friday, mina-san!

Jaa ne~!


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