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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dr Jart+ BB Cream Silver label review

For those who don't know what is a BB Cream, you can just click HERE to have an idea.
What doesn't work for me might actually for you, so i suggest you do more research & not based your opinion just because of this post,ok?

I have said before that i won't be trying BB Cream for the time being because i'm afraid that it might aggravate my acne (which thank God is controllable now). But i can't help myself since i was given a full set of the Dr. Jart+ BB Creams when i attended the product launching. My blog is dedicated to let everyone know what my thoughts are about a certain product, to express what i honestly feel & all the blah blahs. So, i'm telling you in advanced that i got this for free, but it doesn't mean that i'll be singing praises even if it didn't do a fig on me,ok?

I have tried it for a couple of months & my verdict is "IT MAKES ME BREAK OUT" (yeah! in caps!) I have made a little note about the effect of BB Creams on me HERE. Sadly, i would have to add this BB Cream in that list.

Let's get to know the product first.

The Rejuvenating BB Cream (Silver label) perfectly conceals blemishes with a matte finish. It has a sebum controlling function that addresses excessive oil production & albutin that also gives the skin a brighter skin tone.

I would love to be able to let you read the box but Charlie ravished it days ago..hehe

This is how it looks like
(wow!i can't get over how i can now take close-up pics like this when i upgraded my cam! i can even see my fingerprints)

If it's blended....

Now, let's have a bigger 'canvas' so you would have an idea how it looked like when applied. I applied a generous amount even though you really just need a pea-size when you are actually using it.

Upon blending it on the skin...

BB Creams would adjust to your skin tone, you just have to wait it out...

See how good it looked afterward?
Need a close-up?

It's good that you almost can't see where it starts & where it ends for it just naturally blends to your own tone.

Time for you to hear my story why i don't like it. This is one post that would make you see how stupid i can be. But i think this is going to make you laugh...

I misplaced my Revlon Colorstay foundation when i saw the box of Dr Jart+s at the side of my table. I thought that since i am not breaking out as much as i do before, then maybe i can go back to using BB Creams & even hoping that it would be beneficial to my skin already... 

So i happily looked for the Silver Label since it is meant for oily skinned individual like me. I slather it on my face all the while thinking something like...
"i want BB Creams to be my skins' friend" or
"this time it IS going to work" or
"i want to be in the percentage of the girls who swears that BB Cream is THE solution"
I had it for the whole day & was actually quite happy for it really gives me a great finish.

A great dewy look minus the oil, plus it really made my face naturally pretty.

I feel like i was Cinderella, with a simple tap of magical wand transformed from the dowdy girl to a beautiful princess, little did i know that i was really Cinderella on that day!

As what the saying goes, what comes up must come down for after being a princess for a couple of hours i was turned back to the ugly old me when the clock ticked 12 ... because after a day with it making me look like an angel it made me a she-devil look-alike the next day (exaggeration of course!).

The next day, i had 2 huge zits on my temples that it's so big i feel like i'm going to grow horns any moment! hahaha! LOL

Click the pic for a close-up inspection.. XD
oh! & this was taken with my bare you can see, i have somewhat recovered from my acne,ne?

Kimochi Warui!

Here I was telling everyone how i broke the breakout cycle..tsk tsk tsk... bad product for me! As you can see my right temple got a whole load of zit army preparing to shoot canons, whereas my left temple got one saying hello for everyone to see...

I have never broke out like this for a while now that it shocked me knowing how easily my skin reacts to BB Creams. What is it really about BB Creams that made my skin go berserk?!

But then again, me being a bit of adventurous & never wanting to waste products until i have fully tested it, just waited until my skin is better then i tried it again. Yes, i can be stupid at times! But hey, i won't be posting reviews on my blog until i have really tested a product,ne?

It was Sunday & since Sunday is BF day for me, i was thinking that maybe in a way if im happy then my skin would react differently.. happy hormones it's time to shine! I was so desperately trying to find a way to make it work. You have to applaud my foolishness, ladies. hehehe

Well, after a couple of hours i removed it because i don't want it to stay in my skin for too long & i noticed little red bumps at the upper part of my jaw line. *sigh*

Oh well, at least it didn't really develop as zits... just in time!

So from that time on, i just wore BB Cream when i would have to have a cover up for my skin for a short period of time... like a quick stop at the grocery, or making make-up looks & the likes. I don't let it sit in my skin for too long because it would really make me break out!

The last time i used it was when i made an entry for Nicole's contest. I don't see myself reaching for it for the time being.

Oh, & i forgot to add, another thing why i don't like this is because it makes my face sweaty upon application. It seems like seconds after application, the top of my nose & upper lip would have a fine mist of sweat. I do sweat a lot, but with this on is ridiculous! It's like it envelops my face in a plastic that my skin can't breath!

I tried putting it on an oil film to see how much oil there is... So, i did... to the The Face Shop's Quick & Clean BB Cream , this has less oil.

I still have a couple of the Dr. Jart+ BB Creams with me & seeing that i won't be using it i'll just be including it in my giveaway. I gave the Gold Label to my mom.. I'll interview her sometime to ask about her experience with it. Maybe my mum have better luck with BB Creams that i do..who knows?

  • great finish
  • locally available
  • have different variants for different needs
  • economical
  • spf 35/pa++
  • has whitening & moisturizing abilities
  • makes me break out
  • makes my face sweat more
  • expensive ( i know BB Creams are expensive & this one is no's Php 1,780)
Suffice to say, I will not be trying out BB Creams anymore. That's final. I have tried my very best to make it work for me, but to no avail. Once is enough, twice is too much.

Now you know my story.
Have you tried this one? Let me know if you had a good experience or not..

Hope you all have a great day!
Jaa ne~!

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Monday, June 28, 2010


I want to thank YOU for being a part of my blog & i hope that you could join my giveaway. Nothing special with the prize though. Just click the 'giveaway' page at the top to join. I'm doing a giveaway just because..

No need to make a blog post
No need to follow
No need to be nice (LOL)

All you need to do is BE YOU!

Will be waiting....

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sedona Lace your Face with NV Beauty Contest Entry

I haven't joined a make-up contest for a long time & i thought to myself that i probably won't be since i don't seem to have the passion for make-up like before. But when i read about Nicole's contest & saw all the lovely pictures to be used as inspiration, the artist in me awakened.

Isn't this just a very inspiring picture?
Mother Nature is still the best painter ever for this sunset is really exquisite!

I originally wanted to paint it, but then i remember that i ran out of my supplies like the brushes & turpentine so i can't, but the longing to paint it is still with me. I will paint this is time, but for the meantime using make-up would do.

This is what i came up with

BB Cream is really great in giving that dewy finish! Too bad i can't let it stay in my skin for long....

The look is wearable..well the eye make-up that is...
A burst of color in the beautiful sunset with pink, magenta, blue, purple & lots more!  Sorry about the other eye, i guess i wasn't able to fully blend the light yellow together with the highlighter when i added more... But it wasn't that obvious in real life i guess it's because the quick frost pigment is not really that visible unless light would be reflected on it.

I just added the decoration to add more colors & i actually like the combination...
Pastel colors against the dark patch from the mountains below... The combination of purples & pinks gave that nice warm feeling as the bids goodbye to the sun. The hint of blue gives the feeling of calmness as dusk slowly engulfs the bright sky.

Not as good as the pic though..but still..hehe

If you notice, my cheeks look different with each other. I applied blush on the other half of my face without the decoration, whereas i left the other side bare.

I left my lips bare so as not to overpower the colors that i have on my eyes.

It was fun being able to open my palette again, seeing all the colors in it because it has been a long time. I felt like a kid swatching colors on my arm looking for the perfect color to be used for this look. It was then i realized that the passion that i had before was still there. I guess work & other things just took most of my time so i wasn't able to give as much time as i do before to play with my palettes.

But i think now, i'll be doing more looks as much as my schedule would allow me.

I was outside holding the clothesline when i took the pic, hence my hands are raised.hehe
I had a great time doing the look. If you want me to do a tutorial just tell me.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
88 eyeshadow palette
MAC Quick Frost pigment
MAC Woodwinked
Fashion 21 liquid eyeliner
Fiberwig Mascara
Ardell False Lashes 110
VMV Hypoallergenic Monolaurin Gel
Dr Jart+ BB Cream Silver Label
Maybelline Pressed Powder in Honey
Maybelline Mineral Power Blush in Soft Mauve II 

Etude House Lip Concealer
MAC Blankety

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Jaa ne~!

Friday, June 25, 2010

too poor to buy brush guards for all your brushes?

Well, i am!

I understand the need to use Brush Guards especially for brushes that have natural bristles for those are usually the one that doesn't retain it's shape whenever your drying them, but i think it's not practical to actually buy Brush Guards for all of your brushes especially if you have a lot of brushes,ne?

I got this tip from one of my favorite Youtube guru Dustyohunter. He made a video about this trick. And it dawned on me.... 'why did i not think of that before?'...well, considering that we get hyped up whenever we see/hear new products, it's not a surprise that i never did that before.

So, what can we use instead of brush guards? Look on...

A simple wad of tissue will do the trick. Another reason to love Charmin,eh?

It's actually just pretty easy..just wrap the tissue on the brush to absorb the water at the same time retaining it's shape. However, same with brush guards, it will take a while for it to dry compare to just laying it on a towel, that's why i only do this with brushes that has natural bristles (for the reason that i said above).

So, let's try it...
I have here a couple of brushes that i cleaned... all dried & ready for drying.

Laying the brushes on a towel can indeed dry them but it would lead to the bristles flying away in the opposite direction where it's supposed to be. Add the fact that dense brushes, like kabukis tend to be flat on the part where you laid them on to dry, which distorts the shape of the head. We don't want that,right?

Here's how i do mine...
Pardon the nails. I forgot to take it off for i was doing some random nail designs before i washed my brushes.

Once done, just put it in a container where it can stand upside down so that the water will go down to the tissue...

 Then this is what i do for my kabukis...

Feel free to use the tube of the napkin or anything as long as it can support the shape of the kabuki while it dries.

There ya go~
All done!

Of course i transferred the rest of the brushes on a different container  for keeping it in a cramped container will make the drying time longer since air can't circulate around the container.

Hope this post is somewhat helpful!

Enjoy your day,hunnies!
Jaa ne~!

Sorry if im lagging with my posts. It's just that i am just getting used to Windows Vista plus the fact that cropping & watermarking pics takes a lot of time which i don't have the time to do so... But one day, i'll find time to do everything so that i can have 2 posts up every week...

On the other hand, Charlie hates Mitchie-chan, but he can't do anything about it so it's constantly noisy here in our house... *sigh*
Anyway, my brother was playing with my camera the other day & was surprised when i saw these pictures...thought i'd share them to you to make you smile.

I think this is a nice picture for it seems like Mitchie-chan is smiling,ne?

Ok, another sleepy Charlie picture..
All he do is lay around here looking like he is always tired. Look how cozy he is here with the blanket all over him... He is alwayyyyyyyyyssssssssss sleeping! A sleepyhead!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

who's the lucky lady?

Sorry if it took me a long time in announcing the winner. I was tied up with a couple of things... the one that really took most of my time is getting my pc settled for i have a lot of programs to install since i switch from Windows XP to Vista. I hate it at first because i seem to have a hard time with it, but now im getting used to it & am actually beginning to like it especially the Windows sidebar!

Ok, enough about the Windows Vista blah blah... I have already choose the winner.. uhhh...actually, it wasn't me who chose the winner but i let 'someone' to do it for me.

I decided to have the classic way of picking out the's more fun this way,ne?

have to cut up the pieces...

snip... snip.... snip....

have to put everything on the small wooden bucket... classic,eh?

Ta dah!
Meet the newest member of our family... It's Mitchie-chan!
So she will be the one who will help me in choosing the winner...


Hmmm.... she had to play with the bucket for the meantime for she just woke up..

Then i had to just nudge her from her position & let her take a look at all the entries inside.

After much of clawing the entries, she came up with 1 paper...

Still playing with it..i just hope that she won't eat the paper...
Yamete kudasai, mitchie-chan!

I'm pretty sure that she can turn the paper up so that we can get to see it, but to make sure that she won't chew it off before we see who she picked, i had to turn the paper for her...

We have a winner already!

Congratulations to~


Mike of SkinCareRX will get in touch with you & you have to respond to his mail within 48 hours else, we will have to draw another winner.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest. If you did not win, don't worry for i will have another giveaway coming very soon. Just make sure that you read my blog regularly for often times i don't announce my giveaways.

Hope y'all have a great day,hunnies!

Jaa ne~!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Giveaway CLOSED

Thanks to everyone who had joined my giveaway. Any entries that are posted now will be disqualified. I'll be announcing the winner next week since i'll be busy tomorrow for it's BF's birthday celebration then i'll be reformatting my pc too. I shall be quite busy later & maybe even the day after.

A big thanks to Mike for giving me a chance to be able to host this giveaway for my followers. Thanks,Mike!

Hope you all have a great Sunday!

Jaa mata~!

Again, make sure that as soon as Mike contacted you, you have to reply back asap.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Last call for my contest!

Today is the last day for my contest.

Tomorrow will be the day when the winner will be chosen so make sure that you get your entries in today. I'll be following MY TIME so for those in other countries that are behind my time, make sure you get yours in NOW.

Click the pic for more info.

Good luck,hunnies!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

on brushes & cleansers....

Last friday i went on the hunt for the elusive Neutrogena Facial Bar, but it was a total failure! I went to 3 malls but i wasn't able to find it. *sniff* So, as my search goes on, my eyes wandered too which is bad for it made me buy some things that wasn't in my plans at all....

When i dropped by at the department store, i saw the Marionnaud brushes.

I have seen it before in Watsons but i didn't buy it. I was actually surprised by these brushes because they are really soft! The brushed that i bought are foundation brush, concealer & a pencil brush.. They are synthetic, but they are softer than the ones that i have like the Ecotools & Elianto. Remember my Ecotools foundation brush? This one is waaaayyyyyyyyyy better & cheaper than that!

Foundation brush - Php 139.75 - (approx $3)
Concealer brush - Php 69.75 - (approx $1.50)
Pencil brush - Php 89.75 - (approx $2)

I dropped by at Etude House because i was looking the Cleansing Water but they don't have it on stock. I saw this Sun Guard & tested it, it was better than the blue sun guard so i decided to buy it together with the Teatime Cleansing Wipes.

As i can't go back empty handed, i decided to buy the Acne-aid cleansing bar to see if it could be a good alternative for my favorite soap. I'll let you know after a couple of weeks what i think about this soap.

There you go...
I decided to not haul as much as i did before & i have actually just set a specific amount for spending on beauty 'wants'.

More posts will come as i try to complete my list of products to review.
Hope y'all have a great day/evening!

Jaa ne~!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Giveaway update

 I would like to thank everyone who had already joined my giveaway. I think this is a really good giveaway hence i keep on promoting this on & on in almost all of my post.

If you haven't joined my giveaway please do so for it would be a great chance to win yourself a GC to buy products that you would want to try for yourself. Contest will end this 19th of June (my time), so keep the entries coming.

Click the pic to be diverted to my giveaway.

Hope to see your entry!

Good luck!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Little Tokyo 1st stop - Choto Stop + a little help

Everyone loves good food & i'm no exception to that... but for those who have seen me will know how much i love it. Here in the Philippines, we always have an infamous line that is always said to big people which is "napabayaan sa kusina" (left unattended in the kitchen)... and i have always been called that, on which later on i just got used to the joke.

I'm a bit hard to please when it comes to dining out. I mean, i know if it's good or bad, but it's quite rare that a meal leaves an impression on me. I have never used the word "excellent" yet... The only restaurant that i really look forward to going back to is Luk Foo because all the dishes that i have eaten there are really good. You could really taste the exquisite flavors of all the ingredients that they used. Ok, back to what i was telling i think it would be nice to introduce this place to my readers if you really want to experience a different dining experience.

I know that a lot of bloggers have featured foods on their posts, i don't usually do so, but this time, i will because i have talked on & on to my friends about going to Little Tokyo.

Little Tokyo is located in Pasong Tamo, which is just a small place with a roster of japanese restaurant that was said to have real authentic japanese foods. I, being a japanophile, will not miss it for the world!

Yesterday, i went there with bf to see for myself what is this Little Tokyo all about. I was so happy for at last i was able to! I will definitely be going back there to dine in all the restaurants there that's why i put '1st stop' because there will definitely be a 2nd, 3rd, etc.

 The Torii gate greeted us..

You'll be walking on this pathway to be able to get there. I think it's actually pretty nice as it feels like you are transported to a different place..far away from the noisy city.

You will be greeted with this sight as soon as you enter..sorry for the blurry pic, i didn't notice that the setting of my camera was different when i took it. There are lots of tables, with overturned chairs on them, which im pretty sure would be used during the later part of the day.

We ate lunch at Choto Stop (which is also a mini japanese grocery) since they have bento boxes. It was lunch time so bento is the best way to go.

No picture of Choto Stop grocery though...but it was just a small store where you can buy japan-made products...especially foods. I'll take a pic the next time. Let's focus first on the food.

Again, it's a grocery but there's a tiny room in it where you can eat. It's so tiny that it only have 4 tables with 4 chairs each. The room is packed with magazines & manga for you to read while waiting for your order to arrive. Feel free to browse around & read..if you can read Japanese.

Let's take a look at the menu..

I did not notice that the light was reflecting the menu though...

But as you can see, the bento meals are priced for Php 220 (approx $5) each with rice & soup. The Special Bento which includes Beef Yakiniku and the Beef Cube Steak are priced for Php 280 each.

We kept on asking the really friendly waitress about each meal & in the end, we just decided to eat the Beef Cube Steak, Yaki Saba Bento, & Yaki Gyouza.

As we waited for our order, bf & i were just talking about random things but you can really smell the dishes being cooked wafting in the air. The table has a complete array of condiments to choose from.

 It did not take long before our order finally arrived. It started with the Gzoya. It tastes pretty nice since the filling is really soft unlike other gyozas in fastfood restaurants. The wrapper is rather chewy. Overall, it was pretty decent.

 This is what i got for myself... Yaki Saba Bento which is consists of grilled mackerel laid on a bed of shredded cabbage, different assortments of side dishes & miso soup.

It tastes pretty nice. It has more of a smoky flavor than it being grilled though, but still it was satisfying. The dumpling that was included is really soft, comparing it with the ordinary dumplings that you can buy at food stalls this dumpling is really different.

Then for BF, he ordered the Beef Cube Steak. Originally, he wanted the Beef Yakiniku, but the waitress recommended this instead of the Yakiniku because she said that the yakiniku beef is hard to chew (which she then added that its prepared that way because japanese prefer it to be so).

I took a bite of the Beef Cubes & they are really soft too. I was surprised..i was expecting it to be a bit chewy, but it is almost like a pork! It IS beef but it's softer than the usual beef..

Oh, i forgot... the miso soup... I was surprised because it doesn't have tofu on it. Well, i think it taste the same with others that i have tried though.

The food is ok... Not that great, but not so bad either. Well, considering that it's not very expensive i think it is already pretty decent. Here's a pic of me with bf when we ate at Choto Stop. Messy Hair + no make-up = horrible ME! (-__-")

Then when we went out of it, we saw that Takoyaki is being sold beside Hana Restaurant. I bought takoyaki even though we're full, he just said that we ought to have it wrapped & eat it at the cinema since we plan to watch Prince of Persia. I watched how the girl formed the takoyaki balls. I just wasn't able to take a picture of it afterward... Gomen nasai...

It was pretty nice. Of course, it's way different from the usual takoyaki that you could buy in stalls in malls here in the Philippines. The octopus pieces are big that you would enjoy chewing it. You'll get to really taste all the ingredients in it especially the beni shoga. I actually hate ginger, but i don't mind it in takoyaki because it gives it a certain edge. It's Php 120 (approx $2.50) for 6 pcs.

Then we went to Waltermart to watch Prince of Persia... then played at Timezone to let the time pass & afterward we ate at Mr Choi Kitchen before going home. Bf said that he's hungry & he wanted a rice meal so i said that we ought to try this one since we haven't eaten there.

 We just ordered Beef Brisket Noodle

Yang Chow Fried Rice

 Braised Pata Tim with Black Pepper

I'll not go into details... but i wasn't satisfied.

I have tried a couple of restaurants that offer Hong Kong cuisine & sad to say, i don't think i'll ever be coming back. They have different dishes to offer, but when the waitress said that the Braised Pata Tim is one of the chef's recommended dishes i thought that it would, if not great, at least taste decent. I would rather have my dad's pata tim which tastes 100x better than this one.

Oh well, if im going to compare it with the price, it's not really bad. Considering that we just paid less than Php 600 ( approx $13) together with 1 bottomless iced tea, it's really not a bad deal.

Now on with the help that i needed. I have been searching high & low for Neutrogena Facial Bar (acne-prone) for weeks now but to no avail. I have been to lots of malls & drugstore but i can't find one! I have been to countless Watsons & beauty stores but i can't seem to find it. I asked several SAs from different malls about it & some said that it might have been already discontinued.

I hope for the love of God that this is still available. This is the only soap that ever worked for my acne. I have just found the solution for my skin & i hope that i won't have to go search for another one because I LOVE NEUTROGENA! Please, Neutrogena Philippines, tell me that you are still manufacturing this soap!

I'd hate you forever if you discontinue this amazing product!

So, have you ever seen this bar in a store near you? If so, where?! I have to buy a lot of it! I have to hoard to make sure that i have enough (but how much is enough?) supply.

Hope that there is an angel out there willing to give me a lending hand.

Well, i had a pretty good weekend...aside from my hunt for Neutrogena though.
Hope you all have a great week!

Jaa mata~!


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