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Friday, June 25, 2010

too poor to buy brush guards for all your brushes?

Well, i am!

I understand the need to use Brush Guards especially for brushes that have natural bristles for those are usually the one that doesn't retain it's shape whenever your drying them, but i think it's not practical to actually buy Brush Guards for all of your brushes especially if you have a lot of brushes,ne?

I got this tip from one of my favorite Youtube guru Dustyohunter. He made a video about this trick. And it dawned on me.... 'why did i not think of that before?'...well, considering that we get hyped up whenever we see/hear new products, it's not a surprise that i never did that before.

So, what can we use instead of brush guards? Look on...

A simple wad of tissue will do the trick. Another reason to love Charmin,eh?

It's actually just pretty easy..just wrap the tissue on the brush to absorb the water at the same time retaining it's shape. However, same with brush guards, it will take a while for it to dry compare to just laying it on a towel, that's why i only do this with brushes that has natural bristles (for the reason that i said above).

So, let's try it...
I have here a couple of brushes that i cleaned... all dried & ready for drying.

Laying the brushes on a towel can indeed dry them but it would lead to the bristles flying away in the opposite direction where it's supposed to be. Add the fact that dense brushes, like kabukis tend to be flat on the part where you laid them on to dry, which distorts the shape of the head. We don't want that,right?

Here's how i do mine...
Pardon the nails. I forgot to take it off for i was doing some random nail designs before i washed my brushes.

Once done, just put it in a container where it can stand upside down so that the water will go down to the tissue...

 Then this is what i do for my kabukis...

Feel free to use the tube of the napkin or anything as long as it can support the shape of the kabuki while it dries.

There ya go~
All done!

Of course i transferred the rest of the brushes on a different container  for keeping it in a cramped container will make the drying time longer since air can't circulate around the container.

Hope this post is somewhat helpful!

Enjoy your day,hunnies!
Jaa ne~!

Sorry if im lagging with my posts. It's just that i am just getting used to Windows Vista plus the fact that cropping & watermarking pics takes a lot of time which i don't have the time to do so... But one day, i'll find time to do everything so that i can have 2 posts up every week...

On the other hand, Charlie hates Mitchie-chan, but he can't do anything about it so it's constantly noisy here in our house... *sigh*
Anyway, my brother was playing with my camera the other day & was surprised when i saw these pictures...thought i'd share them to you to make you smile.

I think this is a nice picture for it seems like Mitchie-chan is smiling,ne?

Ok, another sleepy Charlie picture..
All he do is lay around here looking like he is always tired. Look how cozy he is here with the blanket all over him... He is alwayyyyyyyyyssssssssss sleeping! A sleepyhead!


maki said...

i never really cared about brush guards either. great demo.

Bea said...

wow. this is a great tip. thank you for sharing thia! :)

Askmewhats said...

wonderful tip! :) It does work!

Pammy said...

That's a good tip. At least we can save on brush guards. :P

Your pets are cute. :P

xoladiihoneyxo said...

That's a very interesting idea; same results as the brush guards I suppose. hehe.

Your pets are adorable! I love dogs =]

Abby said...

this post is so timely. minutes ago, i just finished watchiung one of michelle phan's (yt guru) viseo about brush cleaning. she advised using brush guards, which i know are hella expensive. so i am absolutely thankful that i ran over your post. very clever =)

Fifi said...

Neat idea! I'm too cheap to buy brush guards. Hahaha
Thanks for sharing hun :)


Thanks for that!

Khymm (Shopcoholic) said...

wow thanks for sharing sis! i dont own a single brush guard LOL

sugar sugar said...

This is a very useful tip. Thanks for sharing. :)

Nicole said...

AWESOME tip! =) Thanks for sharing!

Sherry said...

good tips save up money too!

tricia torralba said...

This is great, can't wait to try it!:)


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