Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dr Jart+ BB Cream Silver label review

For those who don't know what is a BB Cream, you can just click HERE to have an idea.
What doesn't work for me might actually for you, so i suggest you do more research & not based your opinion just because of this post,ok?

I have said before that i won't be trying BB Cream for the time being because i'm afraid that it might aggravate my acne (which thank God is controllable now). But i can't help myself since i was given a full set of the Dr. Jart+ BB Creams when i attended the product launching. My blog is dedicated to let everyone know what my thoughts are about a certain product, to express what i honestly feel & all the blah blahs. So, i'm telling you in advanced that i got this for free, but it doesn't mean that i'll be singing praises even if it didn't do a fig on me,ok?

I have tried it for a couple of months & my verdict is "IT MAKES ME BREAK OUT" (yeah! in caps!) I have made a little note about the effect of BB Creams on me HERE. Sadly, i would have to add this BB Cream in that list.

Let's get to know the product first.

The Rejuvenating BB Cream (Silver label) perfectly conceals blemishes with a matte finish. It has a sebum controlling function that addresses excessive oil production & albutin that also gives the skin a brighter skin tone.

I would love to be able to let you read the box but Charlie ravished it days ago..hehe

This is how it looks like
(wow!i can't get over how i can now take close-up pics like this when i upgraded my cam! i can even see my fingerprints)

If it's blended....

Now, let's have a bigger 'canvas' so you would have an idea how it looked like when applied. I applied a generous amount even though you really just need a pea-size when you are actually using it.

Upon blending it on the skin...

BB Creams would adjust to your skin tone, you just have to wait it out...

See how good it looked afterward?
Need a close-up?

It's good that you almost can't see where it starts & where it ends for it just naturally blends to your own tone.

Time for you to hear my story why i don't like it. This is one post that would make you see how stupid i can be. But i think this is going to make you laugh...

I misplaced my Revlon Colorstay foundation when i saw the box of Dr Jart+s at the side of my table. I thought that since i am not breaking out as much as i do before, then maybe i can go back to using BB Creams & even hoping that it would be beneficial to my skin already... 

So i happily looked for the Silver Label since it is meant for oily skinned individual like me. I slather it on my face all the while thinking something like...
"i want BB Creams to be my skins' friend" or
"this time it IS going to work" or
"i want to be in the percentage of the girls who swears that BB Cream is THE solution"
I had it for the whole day & was actually quite happy for it really gives me a great finish.

A great dewy look minus the oil, plus it really made my face naturally pretty.

I feel like i was Cinderella, with a simple tap of magical wand transformed from the dowdy girl to a beautiful princess, little did i know that i was really Cinderella on that day!

As what the saying goes, what comes up must come down for after being a princess for a couple of hours i was turned back to the ugly old me when the clock ticked 12 ... because after a day with it making me look like an angel it made me a she-devil look-alike the next day (exaggeration of course!).

The next day, i had 2 huge zits on my temples that it's so big i feel like i'm going to grow horns any moment! hahaha! LOL

Click the pic for a close-up inspection.. XD
oh! & this was taken with my bare skin..as you can see, i have somewhat recovered from my acne,ne?

Kimochi Warui!

Here I was telling everyone how i broke the breakout cycle..tsk tsk tsk... bad product for me! As you can see my right temple got a whole load of zit army preparing to shoot canons, whereas my left temple got one saying hello for everyone to see...

I have never broke out like this for a while now that it shocked me knowing how easily my skin reacts to BB Creams. What is it really about BB Creams that made my skin go berserk?!

But then again, me being a bit of adventurous & never wanting to waste products until i have fully tested it, just waited until my skin is better then i tried it again. Yes, i can be stupid at times! But hey, i won't be posting reviews on my blog until i have really tested a product,ne?

It was Sunday & since Sunday is BF day for me, i was thinking that maybe in a way if im happy then my skin would react differently.. happy hormones it's time to shine! I was so desperately trying to find a way to make it work. You have to applaud my foolishness, ladies. hehehe

Well, after a couple of hours i removed it because i don't want it to stay in my skin for too long & i noticed little red bumps at the upper part of my jaw line. *sigh*

Oh well, at least it didn't really develop as zits... just in time!

So from that time on, i just wore BB Cream when i would have to have a cover up for my skin for a short period of time... like a quick stop at the grocery, or making make-up looks & the likes. I don't let it sit in my skin for too long because it would really make me break out!

The last time i used it was when i made an entry for Nicole's contest. I don't see myself reaching for it for the time being.

Oh, & i forgot to add, another thing why i don't like this is because it makes my face sweaty upon application. It seems like seconds after application, the top of my nose & upper lip would have a fine mist of sweat. I do sweat a lot, but with this on is ridiculous! It's like it envelops my face in a plastic that my skin can't breath!

I tried putting it on an oil film to see how much oil there is... So, i did...

Hmmm..compare to the The Face Shop's Quick & Clean BB Cream , this has less oil.

I still have a couple of the Dr. Jart+ BB Creams with me & seeing that i won't be using it i'll just be including it in my giveaway. I gave the Gold Label to my mom.. I'll interview her sometime to ask about her experience with it. Maybe my mum have better luck with BB Creams that i do..who knows?

  • great finish
  • locally available
  • have different variants for different needs
  • economical
  • spf 35/pa++
  • has whitening & moisturizing abilities
  • makes me break out
  • makes my face sweat more
  • expensive ( i know BB Creams are expensive & this one is no exception..it's Php 1,780)
Suffice to say, I will not be trying out BB Creams anymore. That's final. I have tried my very best to make it work for me, but to no avail. Once is enough, twice is too much.

Now you know my story.
Have you tried this one? Let me know if you had a good experience or not..

Hope you all have a great day!
Jaa ne~!

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sugar sugar said...

Hmmmm... :/

Actually I only used BB creams twice and both brands have also broke me out so I promised myself not to try BB creams again even if the whole world is raving about its wonders. I couldn't remember what the first brand was but the 2nd one I tried was Liole. :/
Also, it kind of feels heavy on the face as if there's a mask that's plastered there.. >o<" But that's just me. I do know that there are tons of girls who swear by BB cream.

Beverly/bibay said...

nice review! btw sis available pa yung BRTC bb cream sa blog sale mo? i emailed you earlier pala :)

Askmewhats said...

BB cream just does not work for you!! Sorry to read that it broke you out!

The Beautifier said...

I have not yet tried any BB creams, thanks for sharing your honest opinion about them xoxo

Golden said...

I haven't tried BB creams yet. A Filipina blogger who is now staying in Korea gave me samples of BB creams a few months back and up until now, I haven't tried them yet. I am so afraid of trying BB cream because like you, I also easily break out. Liquid foundation, on the other hand, is my skin's worst enemy.

Lots of love,

Khymm (Shopcoholic) said...

i have this BB cream and I really love it! The coverage is much better than Skinfood IMO..

Blovet Beauty said...

I seriously do not like bb creams because they left me with cystic acne and i'll never forget it cause I have a scar from it! Love ur honest and in depth review babes

Sherry said...

but sigh.. still see like side got small pimples. PMS finished.. so.. pimple not so serious but when I eat nuts.. then it come again!!

Sherry said...

hi sis my acne is lesser now its old pic you looking . its taken 5 months ago.

Sheila said...

Love the Silver Label! Greater for fair-skinned Asian women

rhaindropz said...

Hi thia!

i want you to try this organic BB cream from liezl's page,


i wanna give it a try too (^_^)

hugs and kisses

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