Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Faceshop's Eyelash Adhesive Review

I said before that i was really pinning on eyelash glue, which of course is in GLUE form, compare to eyelash adhesive which is mostly in liquid form. I was thinking that the glue ones are really sticky & will probably last for hours & hours.

When i saw this at The Faceshop i thought that this is actually a glue. I immediately bought it without even checking the content for i was fooled into thinking that if the container looks like this it would automatically be in glue form.


I was disappointed that it's in liquid form. I thought that it was a complete waste since i hate liquids in adhesive for it is messy! Since i am loving my current mascaras together, which are Fiberwig & Majolica Majorca , i never had the need to use false lashes anymore. But one day i decided to wear falsies because i can't find them. One try & i said to myself never to judge a product until you really get to try it!

This is the bomb!!

Let's get to product description...

Package looks like lash glue..but again, THIS IS NOT GLUE-LIKE, BUT LIQUID FORM.

Nail Tutorial for this nail design over HERE

You have to believe that this got super staying power!

Back Carton.... Feel free to read..

Since this is liquid, it's hard to clean the tip since it's hard to control the amount of the product that comes out every time you use it. Just squeeze the product our carefully, you don't want a big amount for a little goes a long way.

My advice is to put it in a piece of paper first compare to applying directly to your lashes for if it spills on your lashes, your lashes would be ruined for this is really sticky!

What i like about this too is that it indicates when it's already tacky. It tells you when it's ready...perfect for dummies like me! hehe

I mean we have to wait until the glue becomes tacky before we apply the falsies,right? Sometimes it's hard to know when it does become tacky, the only perfect way to tell it is if we touch it. But then if you do touch it, the oils on your fingers will transfer to the glue, making the glue not as durable as we want them to be. Especially the edges, since that is where we most likely touch it,ne?

Am i right or correct?

So going back, this has a way of knowing when is the right time to apply your falsies because it will change the color when it becomes tacky!

Let's take a look...

This is how it looks like when you squeeze it out of the tube... Sorry i wasn't able to find something cleaner at the moment, but this would do for the time being. I just found this cube lying somewhere...

It has this whitish-blue color... but as time goes by, it dries & become tackier, it will...

...turn to bluish-green color. I wasn't able to capture the green color.. But just trust me on this, ok? It will change the color. Smart,eh?

This is not really super tacky yet, but since i don't have the time to wait for it & i applied it thick, mind you, so it might take a few more minutes.. but you get the idea,right?

Again, this is a cube..a dirty one. There would be dirt underneath the glue, which could actually affect the tackiness of it (main reason why i didn't clean it). It might dislodge because of that, plus the fact that i keep on lightly touching the glue as it dries, but nope, this stayed on like its life depended on it!


After much shaking, wiggling & stretching of my skin, it stood the test of the cube!

The cube didn't budge... How much more for just mere falsies? This cube is like 50x heavier than falsies.

This is actually just an illustration, when i used it, it really didn't budge. I wore the false lashes for like a whole day &the ends are still intact! Now this is a real eyelash adhesive!!!

The problem is, i can't remember the exact price. (-__-")
I think this is priced at Php 150 more or less ($4 more or less). I'll just edit this when i get to visit the shop again & is sure of the price, but this is way cheaper than Ardell or Andrea's Eyelash Glue.

Ok, let's get to the summary

  • cheap
  • it really makes the falsies adhere to the root of your lash line FOREVER
  • readily available (TFS is available in major malls)
  • 1 tube will go a long way!
  • you have to be extra careful when you apply this directly to your lashes for it could ruin your lashes if you put too much
if you are having a hard time removing the falsies then apply an oil-based make-up remove on a cotton pad & let it sit on your lashes first to loosen it.

I love this one!
I don't see myself thinking of trying out lash glues..not even Duo, for this one works like a charm for me!

Have you tried this?
I suggest you do so especially if you are looking for an adhesive that can make your falsies stay like a good girl.

Hope you all have a great week ahead
Jaa ne~!


Elsa said...

great review... i love what you did with the cube so cute!!! :P

Anastacia said...

Awe! I didn't know TFS sale eylash glue :) I have to try it too :)

AskMeWhats said...

this is a wonderful experiment! glad you gave it a test before you even throw it out :)

sushiflower said...

ooh love this review :)

MilknCookiie said...

The random cube was really funny, but it indeed looks very good. Definately super staying power!

♥ Milk

Anonymous said...

great information you write it very clean. I am very lucky to get this tips from you.

Anonymous said...

J'ai appris des choses interessantes grace a vous, et vous m'avez aide a resoudre un probleme, merci.

- Daniel

guest said...

I went trough entire tube of this.. This by far has the longest staying power... but then the con also is that it's hard to remove it.

Thiamere Brea said...

i agree!
this is the only one that i have tried that doesn't splay the edges of the lashes once you put it...

lemor said...

where can i buy this?

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