Monday, August 30, 2010

Press Release: Sunsilk Co-Creations

The TV Commercial for Sunsilk Co-Creations shampoo has been going on & on for quite sometime.

While i am not really a Sunsilk user, i always have great respect for local products that are really designed & created for Filipina-use. For it goes to show how dedicated the companies are in bringing out the best in every Filipinas without paying exorbitant price to achieve it.

Now here is what Sunsik has to say:

Everyone deserves beautiful hair. Sunsilk believes that the secrets to beautiful hair shouldn’t be locked behind the salon door. That's why Sunsilk has worked with internationally renowned hair experts to create salon-quality products for every girl, whoever she is, wherever she lives, whatever her hair type.

For over half a century, Sunsilk has relentlessly sought to bring brilliant hair products to millions of women across the world to care for hair and keep it at its best. In a quest to unlock the secrets to specific hair types, Sunsilk began a search for these specialist hair experts: the world’s best at what they do, be it straight, sleekness, hairfall or damage control. Experts who are not only superlative hair professionals, hairdressers or clinicians, but obsessive industry pioneers who don’t sleep until their clients have perfect hair. They are dedicated to the creation of the world’s best hair care products; they love, live and feel for that particular hair type; the kind of perfectionism you want to bottle. They’ve turned obsession into a life ambition.

So has Sunsilk, making it the perfect reason to work together; not as a one-off, but in a long-term partnership where their shared vision creates something new, different better.

Now, Sunsilk is co-creating product ranges with some of the world’s best hair experts. Their role – to “steer” and “stir”: providing valuable insight and knowledge to help create brilliant new products, working alongside the brand’s technical teams to produce brilliant new formulations for all hair types.

These are their shampoos which are addressed to different needs:


Enriched with Olive Serum Nutri Complex, it gently cleanses and gives care to the most damaged hair, while reconstructing beneath the hair surface and filling damaged cracks deep inside – layer by layer, strand by strand. Sunsilk teamed up with Bobsoho Salon of London, founded by Thomas Taw, famous for resuscitating damaged hair, to co-create Sunsilk’s most advanced Damage Repair formulation to give back extreme smoothness and health to your damaged hair.

SRP: P89.00/200mL bottle


Enriched ZPT Citrus Complex, it thoroughly cleanses and refreshes while purifying your scalp to start elimination dandruff** from the first wash and protect the hair’s natural condition from dryness. Sunsilk teamed up with Dr. Francesca Fusco from NYC, world-class dermatologist and expert at understanding skin and scalp care, to co-create Sunsilk’s most advanced Anti-Dandruff formulation for a restored dandruff-free** scalp and beautiful hair.

SRP: P89.00/200mL bottle


Enriched with Soya Vitamin Complex, it gently cleanses weakened, easily-broken hair, while reinforcing hair from roots to tips. Sunsilk teamed up with Dr. Francesca Fusco from NYC, world-class dermatologist and expert at understanding skin and scalp care, to co-create Sunsilk’s most advanced Hair Fall* Solution formulation for visibly less hair fall.

SRP: P89.00/200mL bottle


Enriched with Keratin Yogurt Nutri-Complex, it gently cleanses and coats hair strands to smoothen fluffy hair. Sunsilk teamed up with Yuko Yamashita from Japan, creator of YUKO Hair Straightening, turning hair from unruly to manageable, to co-create Sunsilk’s most advanced Smooth and Manageable formulation for extraordinarily smoother++ hair that stays beautifully in place all day long.

SRP: P89.00/200mL bottle


Enriched with Ceramide Macadamia Complex, it gently cleanses and conditions even the driest and roughest hair, while acting as a softening agent to rebalance hair condition. Sunsilk teamed up with Bobsoho Salon, founded by Thomas Taw, famous for resuscitating dry hair, to co-create Sunsilk’s most advanced Soft&Smooth formulation for hair that is silky soft to the touch.

SRP: P89.00/200mL bottle


Enriched with Amino Collagen Complex, it cleanses your straight hair and gently relaxes your hair bonds, providing softness and suppleness to give natural movement ++ to your artificially straightened hair. Sunsilk teamed up with Paris-born Teddy Charles, creator of the world’s latest runway and premier fashion magazine looks, to co-create Sunsilk’s most advanced Straight and Flowing formulation for ideally straighter hair full of natural movement.

SRP: P89.00/200mL bottle

Enriched with Active Fruitamin Complex, its rich moisture formula gently cleanses and refreshes your hair, while penetrating it and fortifying hair fibers so it becomes up to 10x stronger*+ and 3x smoother+ with boosted shine. Sunsilk teamed up with Paris-born Teddy Charles, creator of some of the world’s latest runway and premier fashion magazine looks, to co-create Sunsilk’s most advanced Strong & Long formulation for strong* and smoother hair.

SRP: P89.00/200mL bottle

*    Against hair breakage & split ends due to combing
+    Based on lab tests vs non-conditioning shampoo with regular use of Sunsilk shampoo &
With use of Sunsilk Damage Repair System
**  No visible flakes with regular use
++  Based on lab tests vs non-conditioning shampoo

After that, let's get to know the brilliant people behind these creations:

 Yuko Yamashita

 Yuko Yamashita, a hair stylist, salon owner, and entrepreneur wanted to make people's lives easier when it came to hair care. As a young Japanese stylist, Yuko met countless women who were unhappy with their hair. The most common complaint was unruly hair that had to be constantly styled every morning and the mere suggestion of rain would make it frizzy and uncontrollable. Yuko wanted her customers including many celebrities to have beautiful, straight and healthy hair without spending hours getting it that way, so she created Yuko Hair Straightening, which has been taking the world by storm for over 10 years.

 Teddy Charles

 Teddy Charles has been creating fabulous looks since he was a teenager in France and has a world-class range of high profile partnerships. He has worked with photographers such as Mario Testino, Patrick Demarchelier, Glen Luchford, Mikael Jansson and Karl Lagerfield. Magazines such as French, Italian, American and Teen Vogue, i-D, V, Numero, and Vogue Nippon have all picked up on his inspirational range of work helping to raise his profile amongst the world’s fashionistas. His work combines a flare for contemporary femininity and glamour with an edgy bohemian sensibility. All these attributes have made him an obvious choice for brands as diverse as Calvin Klein and GAP. Teddy’s creations come to life on the catwalk and his hair styles have been seen at Luca and Luca, Marchesa, Rag & Bone and Sari Gueron shows. A-list celebrities have been equally quick to recognize his talents, as illustrated by his impressive clientele including Sarah Jessica Parker, Blake Lively and Hayden Panettiere.

 Tom Taw
Tom Taw is in an entrepreneurial hair stylist from London. His career began when, aged fifteen and working in his local salon, he realized that hairdressing was his calling, and has since learnt from some major hair figures, as well as high-profile Italian hairdressers. After a stint as Senior Creative Director at Aveda, Tom is no stranger to creating impressive and inspirational looks. He not only designs for fashion shows, but also speaks at educational seminars. He opened his Soho salon - ‘BOBSOHO’ – in 2007 where he concentrates on enhancing the natural beauty of hair. The work of his creative team regularly appears in the pages of fashion Bibles Vogue and Elle and he is fast becoming a hit with the stars.
 Francesca Fusco, MD

Francesca Fusco, MD is a world-leading expert in dermatology and scalp care. Dr. Fusco graduated from New York Medical College in 1985 and she has been practicing since 1989. Her approach is based on the philosophy that with early intervention, patients can avoid invasive treatments. Francesca urges people to recognise the delicate nature of scalp; as an extension of the skin on your face. Dr. Fusco is an expert dermatology resource for the television media community and has appeared on CNN, CBS News, and Inside Edition. Alongside TV, her medical advice appears regularly in magazines and newspapers such as NY Times, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Shape, InStyle, Allure, Glamour, The New York Times Sunday Magazine, Chicago Tribune and the New York Daily News. For her, a woman’s hair is her ‘crowning glory’, and is dedicated to giving every girl the best head start possible to getting glorious hair through care for the scalp.

For Sunsilk fans, this would truly be a good thing. I, personally, am not a Sunsilk fan, but then let's see if this new formula would actually work for me.
I'll let you know about my thoughts after testing it out.

So, have you road tested Sunsilk already?

Hope y'all have a great week ahead!



Pop Champagne said...

I'm not a sunsilk fan either... well, never tried their stuff, but I stick strictly with salon brands that can only be found in salons lol

slowbrogal said...

OMG!! I love Sunsilk!!I've been on my 3rd bottle of the pink one from Yuko Yamashita. It makes my hair so smooth and soft..


maki said...

the hairfall variant made my scalp dry and itchy :( however, seems like all commercial anti-hairfall shampoos do that to me, even pantene or rejoice(was it)

Anastacia said...

I wish we have Sunsilk over here, really wanna try it. But I can get it in my mom's place, yay! can't wait!

sssdawna said...

i love sunsilk because i love thermasilk. yup, if you remember the thermasilk products, sunsilk is the same renovated product!! yay cuz i was so sad when i couldn't find thermasilk anymore haha

Anonymous said...

Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!

Anonymous said...

THX for sharing said...

beautiful post,i love it very much and i like tom taw

Thiamere Brea said...

i hope you'll be able to find the variant that suits you

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