Thursday, August 19, 2010

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation Review

I'm not a foundation fan.

Even though i am a make-up lover, 1 thing that i usually skip/not crazy about is foundation. To think it is supposed to be the basic one since it will hide away flaws which is 1 of the main reason why we apply make-up, I just tend to not use it if it's possible.


I sweat a lot so i just find it useless. I have a hyperactive sweat glands, thanks to that (-__-"), i can't abide the fact that foundation (especially powder) makes my skin look & feel muddy when i sweat. Yuck!

Plus, im acne-prone so i try to avoid irritating my skin further by any face product that might clog my pores.
So i just not use foundation at all if possible. But that doesn't mean i don't wear any especially during the time that i need to put my best face forward. Now in scenarios like this, i reach for Revlon Colorstay Make-up with SoftFlex

The name Colorstay fits this one because it does stay on your face for a long time ^_~

I don't really know what SoftFlex is though. What chemical component does this SoftFlex has that "provides all day comfort"?

What i like about this is that it doesn't make me breakout, which is good (provided that i make sure that i take everything off of my face). It doesn't irritate my skin even though im acne-prone.

Another good thing about this is that they have another version which is for normal/dry skin so you could choose something that really fits your need.

 Product Description:

Ingredients list...

One of the things that i don't like about this one is the packaging. It's so hard to get the product out of it because it's just in a bottle like this. It could also make the product dries faster & shorten the shelf life because it is constantly exposed to air each & every time you use it. But hey, the glass is so thick that even if slips in your hand it won't just break, which also makes it sealed air-tight.

My Revlon shade is Buff & it looks like so. For reference, im MAC NC20.

I prefer using a flat top brush rather than a stippling or foundation brush because i find that it gives me a good even finish.

Prepare yourself for you'll see how my 'bare' face looks like..not exactly bare for i have red lipstick, mascara & eyeliner. I used Benefit Dr. Feelgood as a 'primer' just to act as a barrier, but then Dr Feelgood doesn't have any color at all & is just a translucent powder so it won't affect my tone.

I already enumerated everything on the pic itself. I wasn't able to take a full face shot beforehand..but i guess this will do.
  • Uneven skin tone - see how my neck looks different from my chest & face?
  • Redness - i have a couple of red marks on my cheek & nose area
  • Large pores - this is one of my major problem (-__-")
  • Acne marks - im sure everyone know that i suffered from acne a while back..& actually up until now
So now that we got that over with, let's see the difference if i apply it.

Im sure you know what part i applied it only for it's pretty obvious,ne?Poor lighting, i know...But at least you get to see the difference.

You can see how it evened out my skintone, minimizing redness & other blemishes as well. It provides medium to full coverage & also a matte finish.

While it could perfectly give you the coverage that you need, i  would just like to say that since this got a useless SPF 6, it is not good for photo shoot. The SPF will make you look like a cadaver since it will leave a whitish cast. I think this is way better without the SPF at all.

Another thing that i don't like about this product is that it dries so fast that you have to work real fast in blending it, failure to do so could result to streaky-ness & splotches. Hence i prefer to use the ELF Studio flat top brush for it's easier to stipple it because it's bigger compare to any stippling brush.

The major thing that ticks me off about this is that it oxidizes on me!
Well, on the other hand, at least it doesn't make me go 100x darker than my real tone..LOL... just a shade darker. But it's still not good,ne?

As for it having SoftFlex that "provides all-day comfort", im not that sure about it being comfortable because again, im not used to wearing foundation so it didn't really made me feel that comfortable at all because im not used to medium coverage.

Since my skin is acting like a biotch at the time that i decided to take the pic above, i wasn't able to successfully take a good pic of me wearing the foundation on so i just decided to use my older pic. This was actually from my Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner Review.

I used the same product here & this is taken in broad daylight so you'll get to see how it looks like in natural light.

It would definitely give you a nice matte coverage so if you want a softer look make sure that you use a good finishing powder that can make up for it.

This is available at major malls & is priced at Php825 ($18+) each. I know that this is cheaper in the US so if you have any relatives in US its better to just ask them to buy it for you. This makes those regular drugstore make-up brand almost a high-end brand here because it's not as budget-friendly as we want to be.

So, let's do a summary for this product
  • locally available
  • stays on for a long time
  • great coverage
  • doesn't make me break out
  • transfer-resistant once dry (but since i sweat a lot, its not that effective in my case)
  • packaging sucks - i think every liquid foundation needs pump
  • dries fast so you have to work fast in blending
  • it oxidizes on me *sigh*
  • i find it expensive
  • not good for taking pics with the flash on for it will leave a whitish cast
  • useless SPF6 (why only SPF6?! it won't make a difference at all..LOL)
-I'm not really used to medium coverage for i always go for a sheer look so during the time i use this i mix it with a primer just to dilute it.
-If you find a shade too light for you, then you can just mix it with other shades since this is in liquid form so mixing is easy.
-Anything that you apply on your face should also be applied on your neck area. You want everything to look well blended from your face to your decolletage.
-While some people may love that it does stay on the face, cleaning the brush is not. For it does stay on the bristles of your brush like a leech! Removing it is a pain in the bottom!

For the time being, i think this is an ok product. Next one on my list is the VMV liquid foundation... now that one is expensive (-__-").. have to save up for that...

Well, there goes my 2 cents.
How about you, what's your favorite liquid foundation?
Have you tried this?
Lemme know!

Have a great day,hunnies!
Jaa ne~!


Anna said...

hi, thiamere! I'm currently using Revlon Colorstay Shade Nude as my staple foundation. I really like it because it lasts longer even if the weather is hot and humid. My real favorite is Revlon Photofinish but it doesn't last that long compare to Colorstay. Right now I'm eyeing for VOV Cover Foundation and Ellana Mineral Foundation. Have you tried those? I really want to know more about them too. ^__^

Elsa said...

I love this foundation sis... it stayed on me until end of office hours... with no retouch!

I am using the nude tone too! I think I maybe allergic to bb creams too :(

Pammy said...

Great review, dear. I like the half bare face and the other half with the foundation on. Some say this is a dupe of the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. :P

I have a sample of this in Buff too which isn't exactly my shade but eventually blends with my skintone since I am acidic.

Askmewhats said...

It does have a great coverage no? And the same scent talaga as MAC's SF! :)

Sarah said...

Great review lovely :)
I love your reviews, they are always so in depth!!
You don't even need foundation your skin is gorgeous. I agree with you on foundations in bottles, they def need pumps!!


I was thinking of getting this, thanks for your input!

louise said...

sis! happy to see you posting again :), i just did a review of this product and it oxidizes on me aswell hehehe but the coverage is amazing :P

Slowbrogal said...

Oh..I always wanted to get this foundation ages ago..But never seems to get this on hand. But I'm looking forward to get Graftobian foundation. :)

Mui Stylelicious said...

Hi there :)
I like this foundie too... help my face looks flawless and it stays longer on my face (skin type : oily and acne prone skin)...


Shopcoholic said...

i have this in Buff too! Staying power is really good.. but I only use this on special occassions takot ako ma-block pores ko.

Pop Champagne said...

spf 6?! you might as well just not have spf at all lol! and yeah I don't wear foundation most of the time because like you I got oily skin and sweat a lot and break out if I'm not careful!

Kristie said...

Thanks for the review. Looks like a good medium/full coverage foundation.

sssdawna said...

i definitely see a difference, it looks great on you! you have such fair skin : ) i have a couple bottles of this but it didn't give me the coverage i wanted and didn't match my skin tone as well as i wouldve liked : ( i do wish other foundations would be as transfer resistant as this though!

Anonymous said...

Hi! nice review:)) Well, I'm just starting to collect my kikay kit and with that I would just like to ask your view about this item Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i haven't tried the Neutrogena healthy skin liquid foundation yet so i don't know how it works. i have only tried the mineral sheer mineral powder though.. i think it's good for those that got good skin already but for those that have acne marks, i won't recommend it

Yureee12dance said...

Hey! Seems nice product after reading thr your good review! But does the top thing is just that? Like open it and get some on hand the, use a brush or we. Seems a bit hard to use, no?

Thiamere Brea said...

you mean the screwtop?
i do hope that they have it with pump soon. it's a hassle to really pour it on the back of your hands because you can't control the amount.. It tends to be unhygienic & i think it will dry out the product because it is exposed to air every time you open it

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