Wednesday, February 01, 2012

How to grow strong nails the BornPretty way~

This is one post that really took me months to decide on how i'll go with it. I have to make sure that i cover any grounds because i don't want to mislead people with my post.

My readers would often think that i always shave long beautifully-manicured nails when they see me. I remember someone greeted me while i was browsing the mall & when she asked if i am 'thiamere' & i said yes, she said she's not too sure because i have short & bare nails. hahaha!

Well, i do love donning on nail art but it doesn't mean that i always have long nails. I guess that maybe you'll be surprised when i tell you that i suffered from weak nails too. Well, it wasn't as weak as how it was before but i had my time. Then there was also a time when they would just chip very easily... grrrr!!!!

So, i know,ladies, how it feels when you want to grow long nails but it just won't cooperate. But don't fret! You can do something about it. I had it before (& sometimes i still do) & i was still able to grow my nails long,ne?

This is the only 3-care-system that i have ever used because i'm not a fan of those. I have been using this for more than 3 months, though not regularly.

Presenting the 3 system manicure-pedicure kit! This is available at
According to the website:

3 pcs Nail Art manicure kit
White-soften tool- It soften the dead skin and make the dead skin throw away easily.
Pink-under-oil added caluium-it is used to smoothen brighten and preserve nail, adding ca. on the nail lustering the nail.
Yellow- Nourishement oil- unique essential oil, irrigate nail and the skin around it. Make skin more greasy and much brighter.
All these 3 bottles will make your nail much more healthy and beautiful.
net weight: 114g
Perfect for both professional and home use!

Let's start with the Cuticle Softener:

I don't really push my cuticles. But when there would be times when i have dry cuticles, i would sometimes trim it using a nipper but i don't cut it too short. I have read that cutting it short (almost to nonexistent!) could possibly make dirt/germs enter the layers. I buff my nails to smoothen the nail plate to make polish application easier but i don't do that often.

When my cuticles needed grooming/trimming that's the time when i would just use this. Can you see how little product i have just used? It's because i don't often do it. You only need a little product because it is easily absorbed. It would dry faster than any ordinary liquid cuticle remover but this is way better because it makes the cuticles really soft in just a matter of minutes!

Then the Cuticle Oil!

I prefer to apply cuticle oil/cream after cleaning my nails & before the strengthener.

Now, i have to admit i don't use this cuticle oil very often just because i have a cuticle oil that i really like but it doesn't mean that this is bad. It works just the same but i, just not a fan of oil-products on a bottle packaging because i'm clumsy. I always end up tipping the bottle when i'm applying it. I prefer those squeeze bottle that has a long tip for easily dispersal.

Cuticle Oil/Cream provides moisture that your nail needs to prevent it from breaking. You will know & see the difference of nails that has been using cuticle oil as to nails that doesn't use any at all. I only apply polish every weekend (sometimes i don't even do my nails at all!) but i make sure that i apply cuticle oil everyday. Actually, make that every night. I massage the oil on my nails in a circular motion so that it would be easily absorbed.

Last would be the Calcium-based Nail Strengthener

This is the one that i have been using a lot ever since i received this.

Now, let me say a little bit about calcium-based strengtheners. I'm not an expert when it comes to ingredients like this so i'm just basing my opinion based on what i've read,ok?

A lot of people said that calcium is the main component of nails & bones. So when you think about it, to have strong bones & nails you need to intake calcium. I guess that's also the reason behind calcium-based strengtheners. I have tried them & let me just say that i don't think it makes a difference from non-calcium-based ones. I read this article before that said about a study conducted from women who took in calcium but doesn't have any changes at all. Again, i don't think it makes a difference whether a strengthener is calcium-based or not.

Nails, in fact, are made of keratin strands. I'll just ask you to click that article to take a quick look about nail strengtheners.

If your problem is weak nails, then nail strengtheners are your best friend. I have pretty weak nails before. I can't grow them as beautiful as i do now because i can easily bend it from the edge of the plate. Constant application of nail strengtheners made my nails a lot stronger.

I'll honestly tell you, i don't think that this product made a big difference on my nails because i have been a user of nail strengtheners ever since. I just continued my routine but just a different brand so i can't really say that this worked for me.

If you suffer from week nails like i did before, you have to get a nail strengthener. What i like about this is that it dries really fast! It could dry in a matter of 15 seconds (with a really thin application!), how cool is that?!

Now, let's do a little summary of this system...

  • affordable (the whole set is only $6.55!)
  • smells good (only the cuticle oil & softener, you know how strengthers smells like..)
  • can be bought easily with free shipping worldwide! Click HERE
  • the bottles are big!
  • not available locally

With everything that i have said, do i recommend it?
I guess yes. It's pretty affordable & they have free shipping. You can also use the code that you see at the left sidebar for 10% discount!

Did they work?
Of course, they did! But just like what i said, i have been using cuticle oils & strengtheners even before i got this so i didn't notice any change. On the other hand, if i didn't notice any change it means that this is good because it was able to maintain my nails like before... to think that i was using LUSH Lemony Flutter as my cuticle cream! I like the softener, it's my favorite among the lot!

I still think that you get your money's worth for this provided that you will stick to the regimen. As what i said before, there is a difference to nails cared for with cuticle creams/oils & strengthener compare to ones that wasn't even cared for.

So, tell me, what are the products that you use for your nails?
How do you take care of them?

Hope you all are having a great day!
Jaa ne~!

Product sent as sample. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. Opinion shared is personal view & is no way influenced by the company. Use at your own discretion.


Louise Cachuela said...

I'm so lazy I usually put polish on and remove it with acetone and pile a different shade on without cleaning I think I might try caring for them more...thanks for this post sis

Thiamere Brea said...

i used to do that too!
haha..guilty ako!
but i learned that it's the culprit of my brittle nails e

chrisellesymua said...

I have been neglecting and practically ignoring my nails lately. Hay nako! Ano recommendations mo ng local strenghteners na effective at walang harsh chemicals? :)


My Makeup Blog | YouTube

Thiamere Brea said...

local strengthener... go for Bobbie na lang.
I have to say that Caronia is effective but i think it contains toulene ata e. hindi pa kasi ko aware before sa toxic chemicals e.but now that i know i crossed caronia off of my list na.

DeBi said...

isang homemade strengthener ang bawang and super effective sya. hindi ko lang nagawa kasi hindi naman ako mahilig magpahaba ng nails. :)

Thiamere Brea said...

one friend had tried making a garlic strengthener din unfortunately it stains really bad daw. it did made her nails strong pero muka daw may hepa..LOL!
but i said it doesn't matter naman kasi she would be applying polish e..haha!

chrisellesymua said...

Yuck, sayang naman Caronia. Ok, sige. Ill try Bobbie. WHat about sally hansen etc, ever used any from em? :)

Ida said...

Mura naman $6.55 lang for the set. :) I need this- polish lang ako ng polish di ko na naalagaan kuko ko.

Thiamere Brea said...

kaya nga e
plus free shipping pa!

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