Saturday, February 25, 2012

Miss Kat AM & PM Face & Body Soap Review

 Did you remember this soap from when i visited the Noel Bazaar late last year?

I guess it's high time for me to make a review about it.

The packaging of the Miss Kat AM/PM soap is gorgeous,huh?
It's really unique by itself... 2 soaps in 1 box! The AM yellow soap is for morning use (obviously!) & the PM blue soap is for evening (of course!).

You can read my initial thoughts on THIS POST for reference.
100% natural! Yay to natural ingredients!

I've talked with Nelly who started these soaps & she said that she had personally tried each & everyone of their products. She herself suffered from acne before & understands how hard it is to deal with acne that's why she formulated her own.

What impressed me the time when we were talking is that she doesn't claim that this one soap will work for everyone.  She knows that every person's skin is different so if something doesn't work for you she could recommend another.

That's why if you are planning to try her soaps i recommend that you buy the trial pack first which consists of 5 mini soaps. It would contain the am & pm soaps, the 3 in 1, 24kgold, & the argan soap.

Anyways, on with the review...

AM Beauty Bar
Soap Idea: Clear it!Our AM beauty bar clears moderate acne and bacne and regulates dull oily skin. It dries out pimples fast that visible result can be seen in just3 days! leaving you a healthy-looking skin!
Direction: Start your day with our AM beauty bar! Lather over  face  in 1 to 2 minutes and you’re done! Visible results can be seen in just two weeks.
For first time users,do patch testing by applying small amount of product for 5-10 minutes. If no irritation occurs, continue to use the product.
Ingredients: glycerin soap base, BHA, Kojic, Calamansi, Borage Oil, Cantalope fragrance oil, black beads

This is how the AM soap looks like...
It smells sweet! What a nice way to start your day!

I feel like you could get a sugar rush just by sniffing this bar...LOL!

PM Beauty Bar
Soap Idea: Heal it! Our PM beauty bar will wash away those ugly acne marks , evens skin tone and tighten those large pores but never over dry leaving you a healthy-looking skin!
Direction:  Use PM beauty bar before bed time. Lather over  face  in 1 to 2 minutes and you’re done! Visible results can be seen in just two weeks.
For first time users,do patch testing by applying small amount of product for 5-10 minutes. If no irritation occurs, continue to use the product.
Ingredients: glycerin soap base, BHA, Kojic, Papaya,Borage Oil, lux fragrance oil, black beads
  • No artificial hardeners
  • No harmful colorants
  • No artificial bubble enhancers
  • No harmful preservatives

The PM soap smells nice too.
The only thing that differs with the scent is that i think this has somewhat a powdery scent compare to the AM.

Now i'll tell you about my experience...

I am sticking with what i said about how my skin can't stand kojic acids, click HERE to know why.
That's why i am most hesitant to try these 2 because it contains kojic, but it didn't sting at all! That's why i'm so glad that i can finally experience the benefit of kojic acid on my face minus the sting.  Of course this doesn't only contain kojic acid but other ingredients as well.

Now, i don't have acne anymore so i can't really attest how this product will fare for those with acne but what i can say is that the claim for 'visible results can be seen in just two weeks' could most probably be true. Why?

3 days after using this combination i felt a small bump on my jaw area. I thought at first that this product is not good because i got a zit but it just so happens that i had my monthly the day after. When i realized that it was because of hormones & not the soap itself i continued using it to see if it could stop my soon-to-be-pimple.

The next day it became a pimple but wonders! it wasn't the kind that is really red & angry-looking. It was actually just a tiny red spot so i surmised that the soap might have done its job because before they will be really red once it's already a full-blown pimple during my post-acne stage. I continued using it for a week & sure enough, it dried up within the week!

So i guess i would agree to what they claim that visible results could be seen as early as 2 weeks (but not for acne, because again, i don't acne anymore).

Now, these are things that i would just like to point out:
  • 2 soaps for a day
Personally, i find it a nuisance. I mean i've gotten used to using just 1 soap for morning,afternoon & evening washes. I wash my face every now & then. Oh please, before you go saying 'That's not how it's done,Thia. You should just wash your face 2x a day.", i'll just tell you that i know what works for my skin & i find out that i was able to stop my acne by that.

So when i have to wash my face in the afternoon i was like, 'uh, do i use the AM or PM?"
LOL! I just used the Am though, but the point is i find it a nuisance to switch soaps every wash time. But this would sit well for those who got separate products for morning & evening!
  • i don't think you can buy a separate soap
Anyway, you're supposed to use both for 1 day,ne? So i guess you'll be able to use them up both at the same time.
  • smells too sweet
At first i find the scent nice but later on i seem to have 'gotten tired' of the scent. I find the too-sweet scent to be somewhat nauseating. I have a sensitive sense of smell & i wash my face every now & then that's why but if you do not wash your face every now & then like how i do & love the scent of this then good for you.
  • doesn't lather that much
Hey, that's good! It means that it doesn't contain harsh ingredients that could strip your skin's natural moisture. But for someone who is used to/loves products that lather you might not like it.
  • this lasts forever! hahaha
These soaps are amazing! I have used it for my body too & it's still whole! Of course i've used much but to think that i started using this december of last year & i still have 1/3 left is just simply amazing! I remember Nelly saying that it could even last for 8 months as long as you just wet your fingers then lathering it on a part of the soap. I agree! this could last for months!

These are just the things that i want you to know so that you could decide if you'll want to try this. You decide for yourself if the things that i wrote at the top would fall on the pros or cons,ok?
Let's summarize,of course:

  • locally made with 100% natural ingredients
  • locally available
  • gorgeous packaging
  • it works!
  • it lasts for a long time (i just have to stress on this!)
  • can only be bought online (i think?)
  • not internationally available
  • could be a bit expensive at first (it's sold for P249 per box of 2 soaps)
Will i buy it?
Nah. Since this lasts for a long time i think these 2 are enough for me.

I stopped using this already just because i am getting nauseous with the scent but it doesn't mean that i didn't like it.

Again, i highly recommend that you buy the trial pack first so you'll know what works for you. they even have argan oil soap! I'm sure most of you know the benefits of argan oil,ne?

Make sure you visit their WEBSITE because you can get a free beauty book! How awesome is that?
You can really tell that they care for you! Kudos to Miss Kat!

Hope you all are having a great evening,hunnies!
Jaa ne~!

Product presented as sample. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. Opinion shared is personal view & is no way influenced by the company. Use at your own discretion.


calinlin said...

hello sis! hmm ang pretty ng package nila ah.. hmm i love scented soaps.. I hope they smell like lush or better.. :) will check this out soon..

new follower! i'd been a reader for like a year na.. ngayon lang ako nagpost kasi nagblog nadin ako.. btw Thanks for this review! :)

please visit mine too! thanks

Hazel said...

Cute packaging! i think if makita ko man to sa bazaar, mcucurios din ako :D Thanks for the review =)

Rae said...

Super cute naman ng packaging. Parang pambatang soap.

Thiamere Brea said...

well, one thing that i'm sure is that they smell better than ordinary soaps pero i don't think i will compare them to Lush already

Thiamere Brea said...

de sho?
their packaging is an eye candy,ne?
cho kawaii!

Thiamere Brea said...

hindi mo iisipin at first glance na it's for acne na pala
girl na girl!

lieanpie said...

good review.. how much is the trial pack po?

Thiamere Brea said...

it was P200 before, i dunno how if they still have it though. do add them up on facebook

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