Wednesday, February 22, 2012

another franken polishes + my failed valentines nail design

 I've been so into frankening polishes lately. I guess it's because of the influence of our nail art group but it's just so fun to do it~! hahaha!

Anyway, here are 2 glitter polishes that i've made. I included the blurry photo so that you can see how the effect of the glitter is, since i found that it's easier to show the blingy effect blurred. I don't have any names for them yet.
Can you help me name them?

Please excuse the chip at the edge of the nail because i swatched this last night & wasn't able to take picture until this morning.

I used a green flaky polish together with a few drops of holo polish & also an iridescent shimmer! This is under a black base.

This one just have a hint of holo base effect together with a holo glitter polish!
Yay! I love holographics!

Since this is all nail talk, i would also like to share the first nail design that i did for this month. I find it messy & the shape of my hearts are not really equal i just didn't feel like making a tutorial but i guess i could still share it because it took me a while doing this. I just wasn't satisfied with how i traced the heart though...

If you still want me to post the tutorial for this one just tell me though i have to say that i am not comfortable with you seeing how messy the process is..

So, give me some suggestions for my glitter polishes,ok?
have a great day!
Jaa ne~!


Clair said...

These are sooo pretty :3 I love the glittery one so much haha. Small glitters are so nice. I used to think that glittery/shimmery nail polish isn't my thing but apparently I was wrong! The nail polishes that I love are usually glittery/shimmery. The small glitters are oh so nice.

About the Valentine design: It must be hard to make those. :(But I think those look pretty <3

Clair said...

btw, i saw this!

안젤린 said...

Pretty black nail polish with colorful glitter..I love it hun..^_^..

Thiamere Brea said...

i know!
that's the same with me then. kala ko i don't like it too but then when i took a real look at my stast saka ko narealize na madami pala ko glitter polishes...


Thiamere Brea said...

i have to get that flaky polish!!!
i hope meron na nyan sa trinoma

Thiamere Brea said...


Chriselle Sy said...

I've never franken'd a polish before. I should! Ang ganda!

DeBi said...

ang ganda ng effect dear! parang gusto ko

Clair said...

hahaha XDDD it drove me nuts when i realized how much i really liked glittery nail polish. admittedly, may maganda talagang shimmery nail polish :)

Clair said...

may china glaze ba sa trinoma? where? haha. i want stone cold and the flaky one too!

Thiamere Brea said...

you have to try!
i can now use the polishes that i do not use before

Thiamere Brea said...


ang cute nya lalo sa ilalim ng araw..super kislap!

Thiamere Brea said...

creme finishes are nice pero i think mas spunky talaga ang glitters e

Thiamere Brea said...

may color club din
sa landmark

Clair said...

Will definitely check out Trinoma one of these days :) I don't hang out there a lot. I think I should! Hahaha XD I think I saw some nail art supplies there too. Yung brushes. Have you tried those? I am thinking if I should get those.

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