Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Body Recipe Face Cleansing Cream Review + update on the body recipe hair remover...

I hate cleansing creams!
The only ones i can use to remove make-up are cleansing water & oils, lip & eye make-up remover & cold cream. I'm glad that i can use cold cream, anyway, when you think about it cold cream is so thick it doesn't get easily absorbed to your skin as easily as other cleansing creams that has thin consistency.

My skin reacts horribly to cleansing creams. It makes my skin go all red & dry afterwards, leaving me with a painful, burning sensation.
My mates during my make-up workshop can attest to how red my skin can be when i used cleansing creams.

So maybe you're wondering, why the heck did i ever get myself a cleansing cream to think that i have a sensitive skin?!
Wala lang! Feel ko lang! hahaha (No reason at all! I just feel like it!)

Seriously, i used the Body Recipe Milk+ with goat's milk facial mask (when it was still available) way back in college. I like how it can easily get my blackheads out & as far as i remember i didn't suffer from any bad effects so i just decided to leave it to fate. hehe

But i'm actually glad that i have tried this because i think of all the cleansing creams that i have tried this is the only one that i had the least reaction with. That is a good thing, mind you, because i have tried a lot of cleansing creams already, even the ones that are marketed as organic & all-natural. I just have the same reaction to each & every one of them.

What makes this cleansing cream different is that i did not suffer suffer from adverse skin reaction (though there is still some redness here & there but the after-effect of this is smooth & soft skin. I can't believe it! My face just seems soft afterward.

Enough with that & let's go to the product...

with Goat's Milk!

I'm sure you all know the benefits of milk on the skin. But how is goat's milk different from cow's milk?
I'll let you know!

Did you see how small the ingredients list is?
Let's talk about goat's milk a bit.

Goat's milk is best suited for sensitive-skin. In fact, it even soothes eczema! Why?
Goat's milk particles are smaller than cow's milk which makes absorption a lot easier (whether topically or orally), because of this, you get the benefits faster. Goat's milk also contains AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid), which exfoliates the skin.

Widely known for its moisturizing ability and gentleness, goat milk products owe their natural ability to gently cleanse, soften and heal skin to several chemical properties of goat milk. - excerpt taken from everything goat milk.com

With that said, i guess you already have an idea how beneficial goat's milk is to sensitive individuals, im not just talking about those that got sensitive skin but those who are lactose intolerant as well since goat's milk can  be a good alternative for you!

On to the product once more...
I like how this has a double lid.

Just to make sure that the product is kept fresh & for hygienic purpose too!

Here is how it look like...

It looks thinner than the traditional cold cream. It's this consistency that makes me go "uh-oh" because it means that it is easily absorbed by the skin.

It's easy to remove face make-up with removers, ne? The real test is in the eye make-up!
Can this withstand the test of waterproof liquid liners & mascaras?
Just take a look at the picture....

I'm happy to say that it was able to remove stubborn liners & mascara. yay!
You just need to massage it for quite a while.. it will do the job.
Then wipe it off with wet tissue.

I said that it was able to make my skin soft & smooth after use,ne?
I am really surprised that it did! That was the least result that i was expecting. I'm just after removing my make-up but the added benefits are well appreciated! Well, it has lactic acid (also AHA) so it exfoliates the skin... goodbye, dead skin cells, hello new skin!

It was able to do the job of cold creams (& more) in just a fraction of the price!
This is only Php 46 for 25g.

I don't know if there was just an error before when i bought the small tub of cold cream on the drugstore because i paid Php 179 for it. I didn't even notice it because it doesn't have a price tag. I just knew it when i looked at the receipt. Oh,well! a little goes a long way for cold creams anyway,ne?

I said that i still had a bit of skin reaction,right?
It's not bad...really!

Only a bit of redness on the nose area & also the left cheekbone but that's it. When i use cleansing creams, my whole face would turn all red. Just like a bad case of sunburn!

This is the first cleansing cream that i have used that i could actually abide with. I will not say that i did not suffer from the burning/tingling sensation but since this is somewhat cool/refreshing i don't mind using it.


  • locally available/made
  • cheap
  • removed my make-up completely
  • made my skin feel soft & smooth afterward
  • great packaging
  • not greasy
  • i suffered from redness
  • burning/tingling sensation
  • has a strong scent (but disappears later on)
Will i buy it?
I would definitely buy it if it didn't make my skin red, but the benefits is something that i haven't experienced with other removers so i'm still undecided.

Well then, if you're not like me & likes cleansing creams as make-up remover then this is a nice product to try!

Now, on with the update of the Body Recipe Hair Remover Cream.
I used it August 17, now it's October 11 already. I haven't shaved/waxed my legs ever since so you have to expect that i have a man-leg already. haha!

I can't believe that i went for 2 months without removing my hair!

Anyway, this is almost the same with shaving with a little bit of difference.
When i shave my leg hair, i can already feel the stubble after a day or two. After a week, it will have visible stubble. After two weeks, it will grow longer & let me tell you, that prickly feel from the hairs that were cut by the razor is annoying as hell! This is how shaved hair looks like when it grows under microscope.

That's what makes the hair remover cream different from shaving. Since this will completely dissolve the hair, it won't give you that straight cut on the hair. It would somehow make the ends softer, though not as fine as waxing. Hey, this is painless unlike waxing! haha!

Another good thing is that this would give you less ingrown hair!
How's that?!
Main reason why i quit shaving is because of ingrown hairs.... tsk tsk tsk!

I still prefer waxing though!

Well, with that, hope i'm able to answer your questions about it.

Have a great week,ladies!
Jaa ne~!

Products presented as samples. I did not receive any monetary compensations. Opinions posted are mine alone & not influenced by the company.


Cristina BiqueCalvo said...

The ingredients are indeed healthy - caprylic is one which comes from coconut and is said to fight infections.

photoescape said...

totally got freaked out about the shaved hair picture haha! I haven't dropped by HBC these days...maybe will drop by soon..great post! ^^,

Thiamere Brea said...

yay for goat's milk!

Thiamere Brea said...

sorry about that,sweetie
i can't even wear shorts even when buying things on the neighborhood store kasi it's so hairy...
the things you do for blogging

im glad na that i was able to get rid of my hairs na once & for all!

amera said...

naloka ako dun sa shaved hair! hehe.. wanna try that body recipe! nice review!


Thiamere Brea said...

oo nga e
shocked din ako nung nakita ko yung pic na yan...

do tell me about it once you've tried it. i hope that it'll work out for you too!

April Hollie said...

ohayo! really want to try the hair remover now...hehe

quinkitty said...

Thanks for the review! you make me want to test that out now ^_^ and I don't like the picture of the zoomed in on hair it looks kinda groce :(

Thiamere Brea said...

im sure that you'll like it too!

Thiamere Brea said...

i was really shocked to know that shaved hair actually look like that..

Clair said...

I actually got tired of shaving leg hair that's why I tried waxing. Some locally available waxing kits are quite cheap. I tried only one (Nanny Rose's Sticks and Pulls) and it was alright. :) May konting leg hair na nag-grow back agad. Or baka kasi first time ko kaya may ibang hair na lumabas agad (maybe based from the time I shaved etc).

Thiamere Brea said...

i haven't tried that one yet because i prefer wax strips kasi it's more convenient.
Waxing is better though because later on the hair will really grow finer.. that's true!

nicole said...

hi thiamere! Ive been a follower ever since I started to make my own blog, but I've been an avid reader since last year! anyways hun I'd just like to ask if the hair remover cream is safe for UA and well... below there? ;) thanks a lot for all the tips and info you have been giving us girls. :)

Thiamere Brea said...

thanks for the support
i really appreciate it. i think you can use this for underarms but not for the bikini area. i think i would be wary too of using this on the bikini area especially since this is a DIY kit. so when you rinse it off, any remaining chemicals might be washed down below too.

Just use it for legs, arms & underams since it is formulated to be used in such areas

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