Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Casa Ibiza experience~

Don't you like it when you are able to snag a good deal at group buying sites? We were able to get the chance to stay at Casa Ibiza for half the price, that's all thanks to Metrodeal!

We have an overnight accommodation on their deluxe villa. Let me give you a tour of their amenities. I hope that this post would be helpful for those who are thinking of staying here & knowing what & not to expect.

The gate of this place is not easy to miss seeing as how wide it is. You'll easily see how beautiful it looks like!
I like how colorful the villas are. It really stands out amidst the lush greens!

See how bright it is?

We stayed on the yellow villa...

It looks big, but you only get to occupy the 2nd & 3rd floor. I think the 1st floor is like a store room of sorts.. not sure though. You have to climb the 2 set of stairs to get to the "villa". If you are relating the word 'villa' as big & grand then brace yourself because it is more like a small studio unit.

We are 6 in all, my parents, me, my 2 brothers & our grandma. They said that the deluxe villa could accommodate a maximum of 6 persons. Yes, it can accommodate 6 if one of them is just a kid. If so, then the kid would have to sleep with the parents on the masters bedroom, but for all 6 adults, i don't think so. I'll explain later...

You'll be greeted with their really tiny but comfortable living room. Personally, i don't think you can use the word 'room' to describe it because it is really tiny! If you stretch out your arms, you would be able to span the width of it.

The dining room is on the right side...

Cute little note

The dining area..
It has a refrigerator & a sink. I forgot to take a picture of because i am standing on this area when i took this. hehe

That's the first floor...
Let's go up!

Master's Bedroom first...
The roomiest bedroom! It has a dresser & also a tiny balcony... no picture.. i forgot again. tsk! But it's behind the curtain...

Then it got 2 more tiny bedrooms that looks like this.

It's really tiny! See how my brother can span the whole space with his arms outstretch?!

Sorry about my left hand blocking the picture..tsk!
Seriously! Jem, how bad is your picture-taking skills?!

Now that you've seen for yourself, how tiny it is I guess you can understand how hard it is to let all 6 adults sleep comfortably. The sofa on the living room can only accommodate 1 person. Imo, the deluxe villa could only accommodate a maximum of 5 persons. But of course, i know how pinoys could be creative. I'm sure you'll find a way to make it work. We did!

Let's go down & take a tour of the surrounding.
That is their pool bar. The children's pool is on the right side...

They are set for Halloween!

Children's pool...

I must admit that i'm drawn to how cheery it looks like!

Those are the cabanas that are near the sprawling pool. I'm standing on the bridgeway by the way.

This is the cabana...

Then the sprawling pool...
It's not really deep because the deepest is just 5 feet & the shallow part is 4 feet.

It even has a very lush waterfall setting. I like it!

They also have a gazebo at the center for they do accommodations for pre-nuptial photo shoots too!

They call this as Haven, which is a big function hall for any special events.

They also have a horse stable, his name is Tigershark (based on the website).

We took a dip later on... spent some time on the pool taking underwater pictures & doing some antics. I like how the water is just right. It doesn't contain high amount of chlorine that could dry out your hair in an instant.

The place looks great during evening time too!

We just ordered from them for our dinner. They have a nice selection of food. Just click THIS LINK to see their menu.

They would have complimentary breakfast for each guest. You can either choose from these 3 choices..

Garlic rice with ham & eggs

Garlic rice with corned beef & eggs

Garlic rice with longganisa (traditional filipino sausage) & eggs

served with either hot coffee...

or ice-cold orange juice!

The breakfast is simple yet scrumptious!
With how beautiful the surrounding is, you'll have a grand time taking pictures! We did! haha!

The staff are very accommodating but i have to say that they don't have a lot of staff though. I can understand how some people say that there are not enough people to accommodate your needs but it could also be a positive thing because you don't have a lot of people there ensuring you of privacy & quality relaxation time.

Luckily, there are no other guests staying the time we were there so we have the whole resort all to ourselves! ahahaha! How great is that?!

Now, some points to remember.
- You have to give a refundable security deposit of Php 2000 upon check-in (again,it's refundable) for any expenses that you might incur during your stay.
-Excess rate for every person would be Php 500/adult & Php 300/kids
-You have to register the foods that you will be bringing in the resort. I'm not sure though if that also counts any packed lunch because all we have are just tons of chips! haha!
-No pets allowed
-They don't have any lifeguards, but then i guess you won't really need to since the pool is not deep to start with. Just make sure that kids must be under adult supervision when playing on the pool.
-They also have some spa services! We just didn't avail of it anymore.

We enjoyed our stay & i can see that we will be staying here again in the future!

Lola, where are you looking at? LOL!
I like how everything is just so beautiful!

You can see more pictures on their website.
Hope you find this post helpful!

Jaa ne~!


MereMakeupManiac said...

wow the place IS bright - looks very cheerful!

they could've offered to give you the option of an additional mattress if y'all can't fit in the provided beds noh? but it looks clean and nice naman in fairness. :D

the pool looks clean, surround with luscious greenery pa!

the breakfast menu looks limited, hope they tasted great naman to compensate. :)

wow, sulit ha -- you had the place to yourselves, winner!

aww, heartwarming family picture! two thumbs up!!

herroyalbleakness said...

Great job at making the room work for the gang! :) Proudly Pinoy, Jem :) I'm happy you're able to spend a great time with the family. The place looks serene. I'm just a bit worried about TigerShark, hehe, parang nagjejeta siya.

MariaKristela said...

I saw this deal too but wasn't able to purchase. In fairness, the rooms look pretty decent. I love the cheery and bright colors of the facade!

Julie Lan said...

this place looks nice, the rooms are a bit small but in places like that you ususally spend most of the time on the pool and in the hotel lounge no? haha I don't mind if the rooms are small and it's cheaper to stay when I travel cuz I'm never in the hotel

aiMee Bunbun said...

hayss i so want to Getaway somewhere with beyaf hehehe

pamgotcrazy said...

Hello.. I'm a new follower. I am here because I was looking online about Bobbie. I really like that post.. Then it urged me to read some more of your posts. I'm also happy to learn that most of my friends in a nail related group on fb likes your page and followed this blog. I 'liked" the page too. :) Hehe, I hope you could visit my blog and join too. Thank you so much! More power to your blog! :D

Martdauplo said...

i love casa ibiza

Thiamere Brea said...

thanks for following,sweetie!
Bobbie is my favorite local nail polish!

Thiamere Brea said...

de sho?
i like how peaceful & calming it is!

Thiamere Brea said...

yes,it is!
we will definitely be coming back, that's for sure

Thiamere Brea said...

in born ang pagiging resourceful

Thiamere Brea said...

at first we were hesitant din but im glad that my mom asked me to purchase it because it is such a nice place

Thiamere Brea said...

it's always the pool
my mom will always ask me if there are pools in places that we will be spending the night to

Arianna Angeline Rodriguez said...

Beautiful! I wanna go!!!

Thiamere Brea said...

im sure that you'll have fun as well

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