Thursday, October 06, 2011

Upcoming posts....

Some of the things that i have here are what i bought & what i received that i will be making a post about one of these days.

Let's start with the Ever Bilena Pro longwear lipstick....

Ever Bilena Pro longwear lipstick - Php 155 each

I never knew that Ever Bilena had already upped their lippies. They released their Pro lipsticks. I think they have 10 shades..based on what i remember. I only saw the pro longwear but Maggie made a post about the pro lipstick with shimmer HERE.

I'm not a fan of shimmers so i just choose something that has the least bit shimmer but would still be flattering. I got the Polish shade. I have only tried it once & it's ok. I even tried applying it on my lips without any lip balm & it didn't give me that tingly feel unlike the first time i tried applying MAC's mac red on my bare lips.

Review to be posted after a couple more tries...

Then when i went to SM Manila, for the sole intention of buying Etude House' Bubble Hair Color (which unfortunately is out of always!) i also dropped by the department store & saw these premium brushes by Marionnaud.

angled/brow brush - Php 119
concealer brush - Php 99

I bought the concealer brush (though i still have their regular concealer brush) & angled brush. I just needed an angled brush but i couldn't resist buying the concealer brush as well. I am liking the premium version of their brushes. The handle is quite sleek because it has that velvety feel!

Me likey a lot~!

Next is the Eyeko Line & Shine Duo Color Pencil for Eyes in Electric Purple & Plum

It's so cute~!
Again, review to be posted after a couple of tries.

Then BornPretty sent me a couple of stuff to try again...

Their nail care kit. I have been using this ever since i got them & i have to saa that i am liking it so far...especially the strengthener!

Then a brush set...

I have promised before that i will be doing a post about how to use the brushes. It's just that i can't decided how i will do my post. If i will put them all in one post or i'll make a separate post per brush.. but that will take a long time. I have to decide first..hehe

They even included some Hello Kitty nail decal!


Arigatou, Jayce!

Last but not the least, just a little while ago i received the package from Milk & Cookie because i won their giveaway!


It really made me smile when it was even delivered straight to my house.. haha!
This is the 2nd time that package was delivered straight here...

I know i'm lagging behind in posts again,girls. Please bear with me because i have a lot of things on my plate & it's hard to juggle my time. I'll try to update my blog every now & then. You can keep in touch with me on my FB if you just want to drop a message.

I thank you all for showing support & love. I am really happy that i have loyal readers like you. It makes me feel cherishes every time i receive love messages whether it's on my email or on facebook.
You, ladies, are the only reason why i keep on blogging. Thank you so much for the love!

Minna-san, honto ni arogatou gozaimasu!

2 posts in one day...haha!

Hope you all will have a great day!
Jaa ne~!


Lalaine Mateo said...

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Julie Lan said...

cool that you got more nail candy, the little stickers are cute, and 2 posts in 1 day! congrats ;)

Thiamere Brea said...

but then my schedule is so hectic that i can't even visit other blogs...same with yours.
im so sorry,sweetie

Iya0716 said...

I just purchased a set of brush from Fab ur nails. I'm excited to use them! Hope you'd make a post on how to use nail art brushes soon! It would be a great help! :))

Thiamere Brea said...

i'll try to post it within this week,sis

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