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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

nail polishes again?!

I am really so into nail polishes & nail art these days.
I guess it's good because i am not able to do much nail art posts last year,ne? I have been into frankening polishes & let me tell you that it is so fun to come up with your very own unique shades!

I spent the whole morning yesterday making these...

This looks a bit like Color Club's Worth the Risque on the bottle but when swatched it looks a bit like OPI DS Shimmer. I'll be providing separate swatches for everything.

Kirei desho?
I so love holographic polishes! I'm sure you are too,ne?

Next is my Galaxy Glam...

A holographic flaky franken. This is swatched over a black base.

I have received tons of name suggestions but the name Galaxy Glam somehow fits this,don't you think?

Then next is just a simple flaky franken i call Flakystein!
It still looks amazing when swatched over black...

I'll make a post about how i made this one. I just used local polishes in making this.

Then last but not the least would be my Party Party franken.

Again, i will make a separate swatch posts for all the polishes that i made.

Speaking of polishes, I went to SM Fairview last sunday & i found out that 24k got duochromes...
This one is named Crazy Green...

While this is Indian Bronze...

I know that i still have 2 more 24k duochromes on my stash but i can't seem to find them. haha.
I'll try looking for it again so that i can post about this. I have been loving duo/multichromes, flaky & holo polishes lately that i seem to have put them all around the house. LOL!

Then last but not the least...
I have been eyeing the glitter holo polish that i saw from Wet N Wild when i passed by the department store. I'm just so lucky that i was able to buy one from our Fab Ur Nails Shop for half the mall price. Whoopee!

Though i have to say that i'm not enamored with the shade because it's sheer & the holo glitters doesn't really show unless you are under the sun or on a dim room. But this is still pretty nonetheless!

I also bought Milani 3d in Hi-Res & i have it on my toenails but i don't want to show a pic of my ugly toenails..hahaha!

Expect more nail polishes & nail art posts for the next days to come!

Hope you all are having a great day!
Jaa ne~!


Ida said...

nice work sis! :) they look so nice. i've never tried frankening before, it seems pretty fun. i'm excited to see your post on flakeystein!

Jade said...

I love the 24k polish i has a gradient effect

Thiamere Brea said...

you have to try it!
it's so addicting!

Thiamere Brea said...

im really glad that a local polish carried duochrome polishes...
they also have flakies & it's so hard to find them ha

April Hollie said...

nice finds... and they're affordable! and yes you're right, almost everybody loves holographoic polishes, I'm guilty...hehe


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