Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lunar New Year nail decals + The New You~

Just a couple more days & it's going to be the start of another lunar new year~
I'm going to have a long weekend because my students won't be having a class this monday & tuesday! Yatta~

Anyway, continuing with the topic, KKCenterhk was kind enough to provide me with water decals that i could use for my nail arts.

I browsed their extensive list of products & saw this cute decal that would be perfect for my new year nail art! You can see it HERE.

Kawaii de sho?
I love water decals! You can have a beautiful & quick nail art just by sticking it on.

Since my nails are not long enough to put some intricate designs on so i just put it on top of China Glaze Gr8.

I just love holo polishes!
Who doesn't?!

Very easy but still very festive especially when the sun hits my nails... the play of colors is just simple breath-taking!

On to the other news, there's a new magazine in town called The New You.

THE NEW YOU MAGAZINE is a quarterly publication on personal reinvention. Their almost 200 page magazine has various sections on Wellness, Health and Beauty, including Plastic Surgery (invasive and non-invasive). They features clinics, spas, physical therapist, surgeons, dermatologist, and dentists who are involved in physical transformation.

Don't they all look so ravishing!
It's amazing how it's now possible to almost defy your age,ne?
Anyway, as what i said before, age is just a number! If i'll look half as beautiful as Eula Valdez when i reach her age then i would gladly wait for that time!

I'm actually a late bloomer & i'm sure you all know that i haven't tried a lot of aesthetic procedure. I'm not against it or anything. I would be trying them all in due time but for now i think this magazine would be a great source of information not just for those who have tried such procedures but for those who wanted to know more about it. I have to get myself a copy of this when i go to the bookstore nga.

You might wanna check out their site too for any additional info & notes. Click HERE to visit their page.

I hope that your weekend will be a relaxing one!
Have a happy day!
Jaa ne~!


aiMee Bunbun said...

really nice nails :D

the doll princess said...

The New You looks very promising! :D Thanks for sharing it ♥

Pinoy Foodies by Tessa said...

i like the nail art chinese thing!

LEEtwentysix said...

nice nail art and the new you magazine sounds interesting, would def check that out. thanks for the info! :)

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